Health, Fitness & Wellness Testimonials

“Michelle’s energy was inspiring and uplifting.  The structure of the program is great.  We received the pieces of the puzzle and then it all came together.  I’m leaving with the tools I need to write and present amazing presentations.  It’s not easy to learn to present and rattles the cage inside – the team energy and Michelle made you feel it’s a safe place to be yourself.”

Brad Goodchild, Studio Owner, Bikram Yoga Five Dock


“OMG! I have just finished the best presentation skills two-day workshop I have ever done – and I have done 5! Michelle Bowden is simply a star maker! She can turn coal into a diamond and I am so impressed. Her masterclass is an awesome mix of theory and practical. The 13 steps she goes through are logical and powerful. The subject matter is outstanding and information is presented in a logical and structured manner for ease in understanding. The real impact is her teaching style. She is an outstanding speaker/facilitator/coach who instilled trust and honesty. She had a beautiful manner and keeps everything light, up beat and full of energy. You never look at your watch and you never feel self-conscious. If you have to do any type of presentation, this course is a dead set must! I highly recommend this program. Best course I’ve ever done.”

Justin Tamsett, Managing Director, Active Management


“I love that the masterclass covered so much diverse content and that I got to practice the techniques in a non–threatening way. I learnt different techniques without realising I was learning. Michelle is so engaging, captivating and I hung onto every word. Simply amazing!”

Sam Ursino, Performance Coach, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I was delighted to see my colleagues present and learn from them. I learnt so much that I can apply to not only my daily job but life in general. This program was entertaining, engaging, fun and exciting. I would strongly recommend to any and all.”

Zoe Brown, National Educator, Orangetheory Fitness


“Loved everything about it. Very tangible tools from day 1 to implement straight away. Day 2 was a great chance to have a go and get some credible feedback from Michelle and peers. Energetic, informative, great takeaways. My brain is full! This will definitely improve my presentations. Thank you Michelle!” 

Kate Allott, Head of Fitness, Anytime Fitness Australia


“Thank you for teaching me a fantastic formula to public speaking success.  I am so excited to use this template in upcoming presentations and know it will help my confidence and delivery.  Blown away with how well you know your course.  Incredible energy, honest and valuable feedback.  Fantastic engagement – you make everyone believe they can do this from the minute they walk in the door.  Loved it!”

Amy Johnson, Founder, TriChicks


“It was an excellent program. The masterclass was energetic, dynamic, informative, practical and challenging. I was not bored for one single moment. It was a memorable two days.”

Alisa Lollback, Psychologist / Body Psychotherapist, Alisa Lollback


“I loved the learning style and advanced techniques presented and the way we embedded or practiced in a safe environment. It was judgement-free. This will help me in my role. Best practice delivery from Michelle. I loved Michelle’s commitment, passion, and genuine desire to personalise and elevate each person’s ability regardless of their role, starting point or experiences.”

Rob Hale, General Manager, Orangetheory Fitness


“I loved Michelle’s passion.  I felt like she really cared and created a positive environment that helped me feel more comfortable and get more out of the session. I loved it!”

Alex Parker, Co-Founder, The Biting Truth


“I honestly loved everything! The techniques were explained fabulously and I feel it can truly be applied. Michelle you’re AMAZEBALLS!”

Rachel Kalwy, Performance Coach, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I loved all of it! I loved the resources and techniques, the enthusiasm and the opportunity to learn and improve along the way. I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn and improve my presentation skills. I am excited to continue to develop in this area.”

Brooke Daubney, Xtend Barre Performance Coach, Xtend Barre Australia


“This program is intensive! Great expertise from Michelle and great energy over the whole 2 days! Nice amount of personalisation and SO many takeaways. Thank you! Your energy and passion have our whole team walking away inspired and excited to implement.”

Fiona Tzanis, People & Culture Manager, Collective Wellness Group


“I loved Michelle. She was entertaining, engaging and had heaps of energy. So much content was covered in a short space of time it was worth the time out, every second of it. Great mix of theory, practice and personal feedback to put into practice. I love, love, loved it!”

Emily Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, Collective Wellness Group


“I loved that the tools to build a persuasive and energetic presentation were broken down into easy to learn and understandable components. The program had a lot of valuable information presented in a really engaging format.”

Ben Hemphill, Head of Commercial Development, Collective Wellness Group


“I loved that it was a spectacular course and I was very impressed by your knowledge of the content.”

Daniel Thexton, Business Analyst, Collective Wellness Australia


“I loved that the content was broken down into easy-to-understand concepts. Michelle is a fabulous and knowledgeable person. Great energy throughout the entire workshop. Fantastic development for career and everyday life.”

Jason Au, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Collective Wellness Group


“I loved the program so much. I learnt so much coming into a corporate role from my instructor/physio/performer background that will benefit my new role. The program was well delivered and always interesting. I never felt boring or dull.”

Adelaide Coghlan, Instructor Support & Development Manager, Xtend Barre


“I loved that it was extremely engaging. It showed me skills I did not know. I especially love everything about movitivating the audience. It was fantastic!”

Sarah Kharoufeh, Legal Counsel


“I loved that I learnt different formulas in communicating and extending myself. I loved the pace and WIIFM.”

Martin Edmilao, Procurement Administration Assistant, Collective Wellness Group


“I loved that it had so many takeaways! New coping mechanisms and an easy to follow template for writing presentations. Michelle is amazing! The course was brilliant, so pleased that I had the opportunity to come.”

Maddie Cummings, Recruitment, Collective Wellness


“I loved that the content is so easy to put into practice and Michelle kept us engaged all day! Thank you again.”

Brooke Mulholland, Head of Franchise Support, Orange Theory Fitness


“I loved that it was so interactive and fun. My role does not involve formal presentation but after completing this course, I wish it did. Michelle made me laugh. Very enjoyable day!”

Jessica Gill, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I loved that I learnt how to effectively communicate and engage with the people I am presenting to. I loved the engagement from Michelle.”

Calum Grierson, Compliance Coordinator, Collective Wellness Group


“It was an awesome course. I learned heaps, despite years of presenting and leading workshops. I wish I had this training before I’d presented.”

Tom Eastham, Performance Coach, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I loved that I learnt new skills I had not come across before. Perfect balance of engagement. Michelle is great! Keep it up.”

Jasmine Kench, Paralegal, Collective Wellness Group


“Michelle is amazing – so many takeaways even for someone who only presents generally. I’d love to do the two-day course.”

Helen Thackwray, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Collective Wellness Australia


“I loved that it was engaging and easy to understand while not being awkward and uncomfortable. I would recommend to anyone who wants to be a more confident speaker.”

Becky Johnson-Hoole, Head of Procurement, Collective Wellness Group


“I loved that it was thorough, engaging, and well crafted. Great linguistic patterns. There was loads of information. I loved the ongoing interaction opportunities.”

Martin de Jager, Town and Regional Planner, Collective Wellness Group


“I loved that it was fun, engaging, interactive and practical.  I really enjoyed the program – lots of useful info and I learnt how to apply it.  Michelle, you were hilarious, fun and very engaging.”

Anna Debenham, Directing Co-Founder, The Biting Truth


“I loved the personality, care and interactions with Michelle; the simplified structure & method of the 13 steps; small group presenting and the rapport between participants. It is an extremely positive and rewarding experience. Now to fly! Haven’t learnt this much since uni.”

Ed Ferguson, Community Football Manager, NSFA


“I loved that it was highly engaging, informative and so, so relevant. The structure, templates, content, activites and presents were all fantastic. This program is awesome! Michelle, you are incredible.”

Jolene Holten, Chief People Officer, Collective Wellness Group


“The program was really worthwhile. I loved that it was so entertaining and also so informative. The 13 steps are amazing and make so much sense – can’t believe I was doing presentations without them. It was great to include everyone in the feedback process.”

Imogen Johnson, Legal Counsel, Collective Wellness Group


“Loved every second of it! Michelle – an enthusiastic, caring and insightful facilitator. I walked away with the knowledge and tools I wanted and more! Rapport between other attendees – great environment. Would highly recommend to anyone. Very useful and valuable masterclass for people in any walk of life.”

Nick Marr, Football Operations Manager, NSFA


“Best training course I have done. I loved that it delivered above expectations that were promised. I walk away a better person than yesterday. I have improved my skills, and I ave learnt replicatable processes, skills and more confidence. Fantastic.”

Simon Thompson, COO, Collective Wellness Group


“Practical, informative techniques that genuinely prepare you as a persuasive presenter. Safe, engaging learning environment.  A very knowledgeable, experienced and engaging presenter.”

Eilidh Mackay, Representative and XLR8 Programs Manager, NSFA


“I loved that it was well structured and practical. Great content. I especailly loved the AH – HA moment when all the steps came together. You can use it almost immediately. It is a fantastic program that smashed the MBA courses out of the park. I loved the music, it’s super smooth.”

Kevin Huang, CFO, Collective Wellness Group


“Great 2 days! I love the easy to follow structure, it was logical and there was no bullshit. Thanks.”

Dan Buckley, Talent Acquisition Manager, NRL


“This Masterclass had lots of tangible content, no ‘fluff’ and great activities. Great course, only feedback would be a little more opportunity to provide feedback to each other throughout.”

Chris Reid, Head of Fitness and Member Experience, Orangetheory Fitness


“Michelle worked with Weight Watchers to provide our Coaches with stronger presentation and influencing skills, allowing them to better engage with, motivate and inspire our members to succeed on their weight loss journey.   Working with Michelle to create a bespoke presentation, concentrating on the most valuable skills was as easy as it was a joy. Both Michelle and her presentation were well received and the skills implemented immediately by many, which positively impacted the member experience.   I’ve since used Michelle’s book “Don’t Picture Me Naked” as a source for my own development and a reference material for many university assignments while completing my Media Communications degree.  Given the opportunity I would work with Michelle over and over again.”

Craig Mack, Weight Watchers


“I was delighted by the thoroughness and simplicity all in one and the many takeaways from the program. This program was enjoyable, fun and motivating. Thank you Michelle!”

Helen Souvlis, Franchise Recruitment, Xtend Barre Australia


“Michelle takes all the fear out of public speaking. She is an outstanding teacher and she is very generous with her time and knowledge. There is no one better!”

Ange Sinclair, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Digestive Detective


“The visuals were great although subjects a little rushed for me at times. Food & facilities A+. Group size was great and good mix of departments. Struggled to connect in first day but made a lot more sense in day 2.”

Mark Merchant, Orangetheory Fitness


“I loved the 4Mat of the two days! I loved feeling comfortable – I felt open to ask questions. The program was really valulable. Michelle is an effective educator – friendly, passionate, and inspiring.”

Kelly Rollo, Brand Manager, Orangetheory Fitness


“I loved that it was interactive. Michelle is engaging, knowledgeable, and likeable. You can see how she puts what she teaches into practice. There is a lot to learn but the handouts and gifts make it seem less daunting to remember. Michelle is personable, generous, really informative, and interesting.”

Josie Wallace, Brand Marketing Manager, Xtend Barre Australia


“The program was fabulous!  I loved that it was absolutely engaging and insightful. Everything learnt can be applied to real life and everyday situations and not necessarily just for presentations. I really enjoyed myself and learnt so many ‘pracctical’ techniques.”

Priscilla Tran, Marketing Manager, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I loved that it was informative, fun, and has a lot of information. Well, worth it. I learnt a lot. Michelle is an amazing presenter. I feel more confident already.”

Nick Cowpar, Group Design and Fitout Manager, Collective Wellness Group


“This Masterclass is very fun, structured and has a lot of takeaways. I loved it! Will load these strategies straight into my every day.”

Mitch Hardy, Performance Coach, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I loved everything!  Understanding the preparation through the 5 Step Analysis is going to save me time.  I love knowing that I can now structure all my presentations/pitches I deliver.  Delivery of the content was so engaging. Learnt so much.  Techniques were easy to follow. Absolutely fantastic!”

Jonnah Ortega, Communications Coordinator, Lifeline


“This was one of the best presentation courses I’ve done. I loved Michelle and how interactive, engaging and educational this program is.”

Adriana Kalidis, National Fitness Coordinator, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I loved the 4Mat structure and the tips on individual performance and learning from other tips you gave.  Great content – covered all I needed to improve on.  Thank you.”

Nicole Keegan, Chiropractor


“I loved the structure, format, system of composition, engagement of participants, colleagues (we were part of a lovely group of people).  Thank you to my fellow course participants.  Timing, intensity, content and value were all great.  Thanks for your care and support Michelle.”

Stuart Newland, Surgeon


“I loved that Michelle has created a simple and effective structure that we could learn and also take away and use in the days, weeks and years ahead. I also loved that we covered so many topics with practical tips to improve. This program is fantastic, I learnt so much.”

Gordon Martin, General Manager, Anytime Fitness Australia


“I loved everything! Michelle has the right balance of entertainment, encouragement and accountability that makes the 2 days extremely engaging. The model is amazing, well thought out and life changing when you action it.”

Andrew Gow, Performance Coach Team Leader, Anytime Fitness Australia


“This program is fun, engaging, educational and practical. It is useful for all areas of your life.”

Justin McDonell, Co-Founder/Chair, Collective Wellness Group​


“Gave me structure and direction, and confidence to structure keynotes.  Great!  Thanks for 2 intense days.”

Aaron Smith, Founder & CEO, KX Group


“I loved the energy, content, delivery, pace and presents. This program is fast paced, almost too much for 2 days.”

Kevin Mott, General Manager, Xtend Barre Australia


“Well structured with logical steps, lots of additional learning points beyond public speaking. Easy to apply everyday. Wonderful delivery, loved the gifts.”

Arthur McColl, CEO, Collective Wellness Group​


“I loved Michelle’s dynamic presentation and the immediately applicable content and all the valuable gifts.”

Ralph Griffiths, Performance Coach, Anytime Fitness Australia