Government Testimonials

“Michelle is the most inspiring trainer/presenter I have had the pleasure to be involved with.  Her skills and teaching abilities are amazing.  I loved everything; the course, format and especially the wonderful presenter.”

Mark Williams, Environment Officer, Delta Electricity


“Michelle was a great educator, full of energy and enthusiasm. Her course on presentations was very professionally delivered, and kept interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

Jason Abraham, Senior Project Manager, Department of Justice NSW


“Michelle is an outstanding professional. I have no hesitation in recommending her to all my business colleagues; I already have many times. Michelle’s presentations and influencing skills workshop is challenging, fun, logical and totally engaging. The outcome is an easy to follow; easy to remember guide for any presentation or important meeting. It provides a model for enhancing your communications skills to influence at any level. Michelle’s generous with her knowledge, thoughtful with her feedback and able to adapt for individual development needs. As a manager, I found this course to be a fabulous team building opportunity too.  Whether you are a teenager, manager or CEO your presenting, communicating and influencing will be enhanced by attending Michelle’s courses.”

Jacqueline (Jackie) Giles, Commercial Director, NSW Telco Authority


“If you are looking for someone to help sharpen up your presentation and influencing skills Michelle is the person for you.”

Paul Stathers, Director – Work Health & Safety (WHS), Roads and Maritime Services


“I attended Michelle’s class on presentation skills and, to put it simply, Wow! Michelle makes the logical tenable in a way that seems so obvious yet is difficult to grasp until you have attended one of her classes. I work in Social policy, supporting people with a disability through campaigning and presenting social arguments. With Michelle’s support and guidance I feel that my papers and submissions are better framed and that all physical presentations I give are of a higher quality than before. I have little hesitation in stating that the work I do and the people I work for have benefited from my attending Michelle’s class. I urge any who work in Social policy and indeed any field to seek out Michelle and attend one of her classes.” 

Sean Lomas, Implementation Manager Leading Better Value Care, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation


“I loved the passion and energy, supportive environment. It addressed the various learning levels in the room. It was fun and logical at the same time. The masterclass is practical, with useful info delivered in an engaging way. Focused, helpful and inspiring.”

Gidjin Martinez, Organisational Coach – Learning and Development


“Michelle, you have helped me focus on the important aspects of communication and to overcome my self doubt and self-consciousness about public speaking (I’m still scared of heights but have one less fear now!) Many thanks, cheers.”

Kevin de Witte, Chief Veterinary Officer, Northern Territory Government


“Michelle is passionate and expert in her methods on helping in delivering our message. We had plenty of fun, laughs and learnt so much along the way, but the great thing was Michelle let us put that knowledge into practice in a safe environment so we got the most out of our time with her. Thanks Michelle.”

Pamela Dickerson, Manager Human Resources, Kimberley Land Council


“I have worked with Michelle as a volunteer in a sporting association. I haven’t attended any of Michelle’s presentation courses but I know people who have and I have been very impressed with the results. Michelle is a lovely person and I’d recommend people to go to her for training in presentation skills.”

Jeanne Young, Geomagnetic Services Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology


“Michelle is a true professional and highly recommended to any organisation looking to improve the presentation skills of their employees.”

Vince Kelly, Senior Adviser, Australian Trade Commission


“Michelle’s energy and passion to deliver presentation skills in a short time was engaging for our team and gave us food for thought afterwards. I’d recommend her for presentation and influencing skills work.”

Mary Wayumba, Program Specialist, Learning and Development, NSW Ambulance


“Michelle, trained us in Optus on how to prepare, and action presentations, but it was much more than that. She showed us how to be confident in our delivery, tips on making an effective presentation that delivers your views and points, clearly and directly, while enjoying the moment. I recommend her highly, she was very bright, bubbly, fun, and her classes were very enjoyable and educational. She is very creative, confident and knowledgeable in her area.”

Jason Abraham, Senior Project Manager, Department of Justice NSW


“Michelle’s presentation skills course is an excellent opportunity for those interested in furthering their ability to present effectively to different audiences, the course is enjoyable and easy to follow, with plenty of practical tips to take your presenting skills to the next level.”

Helen Thurley, Systems and Reporting Team Leader, Australian Trade Commission


“I loved Michelle, her expertise, the opportunities for pushing the skills into practice and the format being logical and simple to implement.”

Chrissy Flanagan, Senior Manager, Engagement and Partnerships, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the strategies and framework taught; the linguistic skills and the stage movement.  All of these techniques have made the art of presenting seem so much clearer and valuable.  What an amazing course!  Thank you so much Michelle – in two days you have transformed me from a nervous, inexperienced presenter to someone who is so much more confident and capable in my abilities.”

Karina Braithwaite, HR Officer, Delta Electricity


“I love how interactive and engaging the program is. I also loved how well planned the two days are. You cover a lot of content and it flows very well! Michelle is a fabulous captivating presenter. The steps are essential to becoming a persuasive presenter.”

Adele Offley, Contractor, Young Farmer Business Program


“It adds value to presentation skills. I loved the practical ideas with structure to implement.”

Tom Larkin, Contractor, Young Farmer Business Program


“Thank you for the excellent course! I found the course to be full of genuinely practical tools that I can employ everyday both at work and at home.  I will be using the lessons immediately in an external presentation on Monday.”

Leon Chanter, Business Development & Transactions, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“I loved the 4MAT framework, the fast-paced nature of the training and the constant reinforcement throughout the four sessions.  I’ll definitely use the 4MAT structure to ensure I am covering all the important aspects of presentations or at least making conscious choices where I can’t do it all. I’ll also be more thoughtful about the slides I use and think about how they reinforce the message I am trying to convey. I also look forward to taking 3rd position and using the right language to captivate and inspire my audience. Thank you so much!”

Darren Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“I loved your personal energy and unrelenting enthusiasm, and the set of practical structures and methods to efficiently develop and present a persuasive presentation.  I will use Storyboarding, 4Mat (my mousepad), gestures – and if we return to live presentations, I’m committed to trying movement around the stage! I really think this will be transformative for the way I present.”

Rachele Williams, GM Project Delivery, Project Delivery, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“Michelle is an incredibly enthusiastic and energetic trainer. She uses her presentation techniques and intelligence to pace the content, engage the audience, and bring us rapidly along the learning journey. I felt confident in what she was teaching us, could see how to apply it in my work, and felt that I left the class with the skills to execute on this. She also developed good connections with the audience, and was able to pace the training, and keep us engaged throughout – no small feat for an online course delivered to very busy senior execs. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint for developing and presenting to external audiences. I will apply bits of the Blueprint as needed to increase the efficiency and engagement of my everyday work, including the meetings I run.”

Chris Faris, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“I loved that we actually prepared and did a presentation. It helped put all the techniques into practice. I found it really valuable to learn from watching other colleagues. I also loved the feedback on my presentation style. I will use the speech writing structure, Storyboarding and 4Mat.”

Alexandra McIntosh, Director, Business Development & Transactions, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“Michelle – thank you for the class it was:  Ambitious: the claims were bold – that the aim of a presentation is always to convince the audience, that this blueprint is global best practice, that we could sketch out a presentation in only 15 minutes. A high bar to achieve and subsequently demonstrated. It was practical: we were continually asked to test the new techniques, at first in isolation and in private, then in the group, then multiple steps at once – I found this very helpful at recalling the structures in sessions spanning multiple weeks, as well as getting over the discomfort of testing in front of peers. It was engaging: Michelle delivered a masterclass in demanding audience attention – calling out names to participate, expressive communication, threats of screenshots when distracted by emails. This meant that my focus was on the content and participation was extremely active – I am glad that I kept getting pulled in. And I really enjoyed seeing how colleagues addressed each challenge, particularly experienced presenters. I will use the 4MAT structure, it is excellent. I will also use Storyboarding, and I will take the opportunity to implement across the board – e.g., internal meetings, emails. I am feeling much more confident about presentations today than I was before session 1.”

Alex Grant, Director, Business Development & Transactions, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“It was upbeat – Michelle was positive, enthusiastic, and held my attention fully. Going over key concepts several times in different ways really helped with retention and recall. What will I use? I’ll think about purpose and audience and what I’m trying to achieve well before any scripting or slides. I’ll practice out loud more. And I will generally think more about how I can cater to my audience better.  Thank you so much Michelle!”

Katherine O’Callaghan, Director, Knowledge Sharing, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“It was fun, engaging and well structured. Easy to remember (most of) the key points. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and the golden rule – don’t bore the audience to death with PowerPoint.”

Dan Sturrock, Director, Business Development & Transactions, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“Thanks for taking us through the course – I definitely learnt a lot! I loved that this masterclass gave me a range of practical techniques that I will be able to use every day to improve how I structure presentations and meetings. The techniques are memorable and logical. I’ll use Storyboarding and the Persuasion Blueprint when preparing for a big presentation. I will use the ‘pacing out objections’ technique when dealing with difficult conversations, and I intend to use the ‘pacing and leading’ and ‘framing’ techniques in meetings. I’ll also use the language tips.”

 Zoe von Batenburg, Business Development & Transactions, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“I loved Michelle’s energy, enthusiasm, capacity for calling out destructive (and long-held!) habits and her ability to uniquely communicate! Bravo! Without a doubt I will use Storyboarding and the Persuasion Blueprint for ‘turning on its head’ how I prepare for a presentation. Fabulous job Michelle!”

 Dr Cameron Kelly, General Counsel, Legal and Governance, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“I loved the solid structure – 13 steps, that it was fun and the great group that were genuinely interested and engaged.”

Alex Hicks, Senior Project Manager, Young Farmer Business Program


“The program gave me a complete lesson to prepare and deliver my presentation. It really gave answers to my questions. Great program, a bit overwhelming for 2 days but lots of follow-up tools to reinforce the learning.”

Tim Flynn, Program Coordinator, Young Farmer Business Program


“I loved that the program uncovered shortcomings in my presentation skills that have been soved by Michelle’s simple solutions. It was amazing to see the transformation in those people who thought they couldn’t speak, let alone my own improvement.”

Brad Sewell, Contractor, Young Farmer Business Program


“This program fantastic and I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity. I loved Michelle’s presenting style and the enthusiasm she had for my development.”

Sophie Howard, Contractor, Young Farmer Business Program


“I loved the 13 steps, the structure of learning ove rthe 2 days, activities throughout etc. I also loved the abiity to see what can be improved even after adhering to the 13 steps by watching others and giving the 356 degree feedback. Great to do this program as a team. It felt like Michelle was truly invested in our development.”

Catriona McAuliffe, Contractor, Young Farmer Business Program


“Fun, bright, engaging presentation. Interesting, logical, useful content. I loved the simple, clear structure for designing presentations; Michelle’s bright, engaging presentation style; the opportunity to practice and integrate what learnt regularly throughout the program.”

Emma Remond, Assistant Project Officer, Young Farmer Business Program


“I loved that it was real … Michelle has so much love for what is being delivered.  I am excited to start delivering new and improved presentations.  Love, love, love!  I can walk away knowing I put in 100% and achieved.”

Renee Klug, Project Officer, DHA


“I loved the structure, the fast pace, and that it enabled key points to be taken in. The theory is strong and delivered in a pragmatic, practical way. Challenging. It challenged us to revisit and rethink our approach both personally and organisationally.”

Mark Dupe, Director Corporate and Community Services, Baw Baw Shire Council


“I think the program went well because of Michelle’s personality, experience and knowledge.  It had all the components of a successful and engaging as well as worthwhile program.  Michelle’s presentation and facilitating skills were great for learning a subject matter which can be dull = content can be boring and unengaging.  Michelle was great!  I learnt a lot from it that I can use in my personal and professional life.”

Beverly Magpayo, Property Compliance Manager, Delta Electricity


“Excellent program!  It should be mandatory for Essential Energy senior managers.  Great presentation!  I loved that it put a formal structure around presentation skills that I used informally.  It also provided insight into human behaviour and learning traits.”

Stephen Reid, Essential Energy


“Quite unlike any other presentation courses and worth it!!  I loved that there were no slides!  Extremely knowledgeable presenter, simple process to adopt that will have an impact on my future presentations and interactions with others in a range of situations.”

Nick Woodruff, AUSTRADE


“I loved the clear and practical framework for preparing presentations.  Loved all the opportunities to practice and the high energy levels.  The best and most useful course I have ever attended!”

Luke McGregor, Lead Operational Policy Officer, Roads & Maritime Services


“Brilliant!  I loved the excellent content – practical and sensible. Excellent program and presenter.”

Kris Hazelwood, Senior MHR Educator – Primary Care, Education and Adoption, Australian Digital Health Agency


“This masterclass was structured in a logical sequence which facilitated progressive learning.  The steps are simple, with excellent easy-to-follow reference material.  This course has taught me more about presenting in 2 days than the ADF did in 20 years. Following the course I have seen a remarkable improvement in my own confidence and delivery of ideas. This training will be a multiplier for the effectiveness of my team.”

Christopher O’Byrne, Air Base Logistics Support, Department of Defence


“I loved everything.  It’s transformed the way I would present in all mediums now and into the future.  Amazing tools and common sense approach.”

Mauro Covacci, Coordinator –  Project Strategy & Methods, City of Wyndham


“This program has value far beyond presentation skills.  It will help with inter-personal skills, report writing and negotiations.  I loved the preparation processes that simplified the preparation, the psychological analysis and technique use.  It was presented with enthusiasm and well structured.”

Peter Cunningham, Essential Energy


“I was a sceptic and didn’t really want to come along and the only thing I can say is Wow, Wow, and Wow. I loved the theory, structures, models and frameworks.” 

Kevin Rowley, Essential Energy


“Michelle’s presentation skills masterclass is an excellent opportunity for those interested in furthering their ability to present effectively to different audiences, the course is enjoyable and easy to follow, with plenty of practical tips to take your presenting skills to the next level.”

Helen Thurley, Budget & Reporting Systems Controller, Australian Trade Commission


“I loved the structure and 4Mat.  This Masterclass will increase my effectiveness in presenting and increase my time spent on credibility.  Michelle is a wonderful trainer.  Thank you so much Michelle.”

Jenni Graves, Social Worker, NSW Health


“Thank you Michelle.  This was a great investment of my time.  I’ve walked away with a whole new bag of tips and tricks and look forward to implementing these in the future.  Thank you for sharing your ideas with such energy and obvious passion – very inspiring!  I loved that this program challenged traditional ‘presentation skills’ and gave such clear and dynamic steps to follow; from the current state to desired state, the 4Mat and Storyboarding with post its.  I enjoyed pace, pace, pace, lead; statements of rapport, WIIFM, POO and framing.  I also liked the structured set up for ice-breakers.  It was great to be a participant today, thank you!”

Megan Skillicorn, AUSTRADE


“Michelle was engaging, which created a nice environment to learn about how to become a more persuasive presenter.  A sound framework (13 steps) that I can use back at work.”

David Meharg, Manager, Orange Primary & Community Health Services


“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and energy – she kept the audience’s attention for the whole two days. This program really helped me to think about how to effectively influence an audience.”

Daniel Groombridge, Program Manager Health Promotion & Population Health, Health NSW


“Excellent, positive and confidence building. I loved the 13 steps and Michelle’s enthusiasm.”

Alex Swain, Senior Policy Officer & Aboriginal Population Health Training, NSW Ministry of Health


“I loved that I wasn’t being judged and that it was interactive, and Michelle showed us how this will apply to everything, not just presenting.”

Amanda Leonard, Policy Analyst & Aboriginal Pathway Program, Health NSW


“A very motivational way of learning – thank you!”

David Follent, Aboriginal Chronic Care Manager, Health NSW


“Excellent!” I loved learning so many new techniques, challenging what I’d previously learnt and meeting other participants.”

Clinton Gibbs, Aboriginal Population Health Trainee, Health NSW


“I will approach my next presentation with new confidence, and preparation/delivery!  I loved learning a better way to present.  I also loved the 13 steps and analysis, particularly the 4Mat, Storyboarding and WIIFM.”

Sheryl Cimera, Aboriginal Population Health Trainee, Health NSW


“I thoroughly enjoyed the program!  Michelle was experienced, knowledgeable and energetic.  I loved that it was interactive, with very useful and helpful information that I could use in my everyday life. I learnt a lot!”

Kristy Crooks, Aboriginal Public Health Trainee, Health NSW


“A wonderful course – I’m looking forward to using the techniques in work and life. I really enjoyed the structure, variety of topics covered, the useful practical tips, and the outstanding presenter.”

Adam McEwen, Health Professional, Health NSW


“I now have an approach and plan for delivering the best presentation…every time!  I loved the strategy and wisdom of the 13-steps.”

Cassia Hogg, Aboriginal Population Health Trainee, Health NSW


“AMAZING!  I loved all of the content and Michelle and the way she breaks the whole process down.”

Karen Cashman, Project Officer, Health NSW


“Great to get helpful techniques/templates to make it easier to present and structure in the future.  It was also great to discuss being nervous and to learn how common it is.  Very engaging and memorable training course and helpful feedback.”

Bronte Smith, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved learning how to structure a good presentation, and being privy to the ‘tricks of the trade’ and knowing that I can learn them too.”

Silvja Smits, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the intensiveness and practical nature of the program.  A great opportunity to focus on something so critical to our everyday lives.”

Justin Poole, Greater Sydney Commission


“This program was just what I needed at this time to help me reach a new level in my communications/presentation abilities.  I loved the practical tools to help prepare and deliver great presentations, and the opportunities to practice in a safe space.”

Paul Wade, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the engaging, clear and concise descriptions of some very useful techniques for improving presentation skills.  A great set of tools and practical implementation with positive and constructive feedback.  Thanks Michelle – you were fantastic!”

Monica DeSanti, Greater Sydney Commission


“Fantastic! Wow! Very interactive and not boring.  Very practical skills that can be easily applied in a myriad of ways at work and at home.  Thank you very much.” 

Amanda Elisha, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved everything!  I’ve already referred the program to some contacts who may be interested.”

Yi Ho, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the positive and supportive energy; the bite-sized learning; the tools/frameworks that can be applied (not just in theory); and the consistent structuring throughout.”

Kristin Pryce, Greater Sydney Commission


“Fantastic and very helpful.  I loved the specific techniques to apply and the small group size and one on one opportunities.”

Sofia Romic, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the useful advice for everyday work and the useful tools to simplify presentations.  Entertaining, interactive, well structured and well paced.   I would have liked more time spent presenting to increase comfort level.  It was engaging – no loss of attention from any participants.  The program accommodated all participants’ needs and requests.”

Bruce Macleod, Essential Energy


“The program was exceptional.  Energetic, empowering, confronting and structured.  I loved that it was full of fantastic material and learnings and brings a method to what we take for granted as intuitive or common sense.”

Chris Withycombe, Essential Energy


“An excellent course and now we need the time to assimilate, practice and skill up. I loved the techniques, practising those techniques, engaging with other participants and delivering the presentation and receiving feedback.”

Liza Sherd, Essential Energy


“I really enjoyed it!  Thank you.  It was very useful to my job.  I loved that I got to learn lots of concepts, that it was well researched and applicable to many scenarios.  Clever embedding.”

Diana Chambers, Essential Energy


“Michelle is very practical and likable.  Her commitment to her students is admirable!  I loved the clear techniques and templates.  They were very clear practical and easy to use and possible to implement in stages – practical previously endorsed messages.”

Nick de Groot, Essential Energy


“I wish that others in my team had attended as well as myself.  I really think everyone would have taken something away from it.  I found it very informative and it kept my attention.  You gave me knowledge to maybe go forth and deliver presentations.  I only say maybe as it’s not something that I have done or currently do in my position as we have a designated training security officer.  But I have enjoyed learning a lot today and it also can be applied in general life.”

Alexia Lane, AUSTRADE


“Very worthwhile program from my perspective – I’m looking forward to the next!  I loved the practical tips plus models; the interactiveness; the inclusiveness of all participants whatever the subject area; the application and linking to the Austrade context.”

Heather White, AUSTRADE


“Great program, with something for the experienced and inexperienced in the group.  I loved the practical strategies, examples (relevant and appropriate), practicing on our own presentations and you – great modelling of skills.”

Karen Martin, AUSTRADE


“Excellent!  Lots of energy and very engaging.  I loved learning how to structure a presentation so it has a good format and thinking about what the audience needs.”

Simon Miels, AUSTRADE


“It was informative, useful and fun.  I will benefit from attending.  I loved the structure and focus on 2ndposition (i.e. relate to your audience and present accordingly).”



“I loved Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm, that it was a very practical focussed design approach and the ability to refine/form our own material.  A very full day.  Thanks for the minimum classroom role plays.”

Paul Fairhall, AUSTRADE


“Great vehicle for making you think more about presenting & the audience.   I loved the structured approach to designing an influential presentation.”

David Ritson, AUSTRADE


“GREAT program – I was really engaged and the day just flew by!  I loved the really useful info that I can use plus tips to remember it (the dance) and that it covers personal as well as professional situations.”

Karen Fraser, AUSTRADE


“This is a very good course and I am surprised at how good the transformation is. I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm, the structure and guidance as well as the inclusion of everyone over the 2 days. The materials were great, along with the offer for ongoing help. The key messages were good with an intense challenge to improve.” 

Ed McHue, Essential Energy


“Thank you for two intense but worthwhile days. I loved the fresh approach to something we do frequently and enjoyed putting a structure behind each presentation. The course had engaging topics and a compelling instructor.”

Rob Smith, Essential Energy


“Thanks. This course has helped me greatly. The content was excellent and I really enjoyed the structure and tips.”

Anthony Cooper, Essential Energy


“I loved this program. I wasn’t sure what to expect and am really glad to have had this opportunity. I have learnt heaps; not only about presentation skills but also about myself and improving my confidence.”

Geoff Chessells, Essential Energy


“Michelle is an extraordinary presenter making tough content easier to digest.  Love your guts!  I loved that it made me re-think my presentation techniques completely – in such a positive way.  I haven’t stopped learning – really valuable learnings – for the whole two days.”

Caroline Hungerford, Essential Energy


“Awesome!  Highly recommended to anyone who presents.  I loved the passion, enthusiasm, willingness to “tell all” and learning enhanced skills to improve my presenting.”

David Harms, Essential Energy


“A mustfor any presenter!  Michelle was a fantastic presenter who managed to remove the fear, nerves and awkwardness in two days!!  What else is there to say?  Speaks for itself!  I especially loved the small group dynamic which was very personal and effective.”

Kerryn Gillham, Essential Energy


Awesome!  It has given me the confidence to prepare and deliver ‘excellent’ presentations.  Thank you Michelle!”

Jodie Wells, Essential Energy


“Fantastic!  We should replace the presentation part of TAA with this.  I love that it provided useful tools.  This was the first time I’ve received feedback that was actually useful and can be implemented”.

Steve Brooks, Essential Energy


“Awesome!  I loved the energetic and innovative approach to build up confidence, and presentation skills.”

Mukesh Arora, Essential Energy


“Worthwhile in today’s world.  Removes the fluff!  I loved Michelle’s foundation of expert knowledge.  There are so many positive aspects to take away for the future.”

Adrian Davis, Essential Energy


“Great!  We will need to be careful where we pitch it in our company though.  I loved the 13 step program and the pacing and learning concept.”

Martin Minogue, Training and Development Manager, Essential Energy


“Awesome and worthwhile!  On the first day I believed I couldn’t do a presentation today.  The methodology works and with the training, scripts and techniques I can!  It is an awesome course!”

Karen McIntosh, Essential Energy



“One of the best courses I have ever done.  Michelle is a fun presenter and makes a very scary topic very not scary!  I now have the confidence and skills to deliver influential presentations.  Thank you!”

Dana Hoeft, Essential Energy


“You have to attend this program, with this presenter!  I would love a follow up!  I loved everything!  If only I had done this twenty years ago.  It is potentially life changing.  It was practical and achievable, with an insightful, charismatic and awesome presenter.”

Robyn Wilson, Essential Energy


“Great skills learnt and can be applied in many forms.  I loved that it was highly interactive, informative and never dull.”

Geoff Buckmaster, Essential Energy


“Great program, and I feel privileged to be able to attend.  I loved all of it!  The content was great and Michelle is a superb presenter.  It was engaging, interesting, informative and never dull.”

Leanne McLaughlin, Essential Energy


“Really tops – thanks!  I loved the practical techniques, combination of practicing and learning and that it was challenging all the way to the end.”

Andrew Hillsdon, Essential Energy


“Very rewarding.  I loved that it took me outside of my comfort zone.”

Glenn Kemp, Essential Energy


“Very engaging, lots of fun, comprehensive and thought provoking.  I loved Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm!  It was wonderful with some useful learnings that I will definitely use.  Hot pink!”

Maria Doherty, Essential Energy


“Challenging, really well presented, engaging and supportive – more please!  I loved that it was interactive, reinforcing and kept my attention for the whole day.   I loved taking notes and remembered more than any other course – it was very useful.”

Diane Hicks, Essential Energy


“I had a great time, learnt lots and found the course relevant, fun and valuable. I loved the amount of energy, the great pace, having lots of practical sessions and very informative, very useful information.”

Steve Elliott, Essential Energy, Essential Energy


“I would recommend this to anyone who presents or chairs meetings. I loved the framework on how to become a great presenter, along with the personal and relevant feedback on how to improve.”

Caroline Fowler, Essential Energy


“Informative and very practical. Relevant to my role at council. Can be put into practice immediately.”

Yasmin Woods, Director Planning and Development, Baw Baw Shire Council


“Awesome! I loved all the tips and tricks, the interactive program and Michelle!” 

Matthew Brown, Manager of Development Assessment & Compliance, Port Stephens Council


“It provided me with a structure and format to follow rather than just a “talk fest”. Very enjoyable!”

Talone Higgins, Guardian Project SME, NSW Rural Fire Service


“I loved everything! Michelle passed on presenting tips that I wished I had known before and can’t wait to put into action! Highly recommend. One of the best courses I’ve attended.”

Sharon Quandt, NSW Rural Fire Service


“I will always recommend your services to anyone who will listen. Thank you again!” 

Brenda Doran-Higgins, Project Manager, NSW Rural Fire Service 


“I loved getting more confidence in presenting the content and process for better presentations”

Cohen Van Der Velde, Director Community Assets, Baw Baw Shire Council


“I loved that it was short, sharp and to the point. Skills I can use the next day.”

Martin Hopley, Chief Information Officer, Baw Baw Shire Council.


“Fun, safe space with an absolutely brilliant, engaging presenter.  Took me comfortably out of my comfort zone. 10/10 highly recommended.”

Leif Jones, Registry & Judicial Services Manager, Family Court


“It was an excellent presentation, logical, systematic and FUN.  I have been using many of these techniques (although I was unaware). It made the process conscious for me.”

Mark Kestigian, Executive Manger Communications and Economic Development, Baw Baw Shire Council


“I loved format, content and Michelle.”

Chrisanya Martin, Manager Corporate Strategy, Baw Baw Shire Council.


“It was two days of non-stop learning.  You feel like you got your money’s worth and, more importantly, we were taught some great skills to present confidently to various audiences.  A well-rounded masterclass – intense and very rewarding.  Thanks Michelle!”

John Havas, Risk Manager, Sydney Motorway Corporation


“My manager attended this course many years ago and loved it.  He loved the good skills and techniques.  I love how there is an effective presentation model and techniques.  I like how Michelle explained the concepts and was full of energy.”

Evelyn Pellew, Internal Audit & Governance Manager, Sydney Motorway


“I loved the passion, the clarity of the message, the great models to work with (13 steps) and the good size (10 participants).  A great opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment.”

Darren Gustard, Chief Audit and Risk Executive, Sydney Motorway Corporation


“I loved the small class size, structure, the logic and the opportunity to practice what I’ve learnt. Excellent 2 days.  Feel as though I’ve learnt a lot.”

Linda Franklin, Executive Director, Transformation and Delvery, NSW Electoral Commission


“I learnt so much info on presentations.  Very engaging and interactive.  Great program – all info was valuable.”

Anna Nardis, Operational Policy Officer, Roads & Maritime Services


“I loved Michelle’s commitment to students/trainees/participants and her generosity in distilling 20 years of experience in 2 days!  It works – I feel more confident.  Investment of two days and fees well worth it – a lifetime of new positive skills, habits and opportunities.”

Paul Fairhall, Senior Advisor, Austrade


“Very enjoyable and worthwhile.  I loved that it was crammed with practical knowledge.  Plenty of opportunity to practice.  Great program to structure future presentations.”

Jot Mehta, Solicitor Advocate, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions NSW 


“Very instructive and useful in reflecting on my own skills and learning how to present better.  It shifted my thinking from focusing on myself to the need to focus on the audience.  I loved the 13 steps.  Michelle kept us energised – her enthusiasm and focus was amazing.  Very worthwhile and practical.”

Di Missen, Community Safety Policy & Planning Officer, City of Wyndham


“I loved the amount of excellent tips and techniques delivered in an insightful and fun way.  Excellent content delivery.”

Tony Perrins, Co-ordinator Integrated Risk and Procurement, City of Wyndham


“I loved how interactive the program is and how inclusive the presenter is.”

Fiona Swan, Coordinator Safety, Security & Emergency, City of Wyndham


“Thank you!  I loved the hands on approach, the workbook use, the team approach and the presenter.”

David Campagnolo, Coordinator Project Management Services, City of Wyndham


“I loved everything I have learnt!  The way I structure my presentations from now on will never be the same.  I feel a lot more confident in going forward.  Good mix of theory and practical.  Michelle held my attention for the 2 days.”

Melissa Falkenberg, Manager Project Management Office, City of Wyndham


“Very interactive; focused my attention.  I loved the great tools.  Worthwhile, would recommend.”

Correne Cooper, Recreation Planning & Policy Officer, City of Wyndham


“I loved the clear explanations, staged processes and the energy.  Thank you for helping me understand why people say no!  On to more pacing!”

Sarah Sytema, Team Leader – Recreation Policy and Planning, City of Wyndham


“I thought I was a good presenter and I learnt handy tools to be better because there are simple models and simple tips.  The 5 step analysis will ensure I move from first position into second.”

Shane Walden, Manager – Facilities & Open Space, City of Wyndham


“Great program with so many amazing skills that I can use in a variety of circumstances. I love that it provided a useful structure that could be used in numerous situations at work.  Effective techniques for learning individual skills. Helpful resources to go to after completing the course.”

Adrian Walkowiak, Legal Adviser, Director’s Chambers, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions


“I loved the fast and dynamic delivery.  Very well prepared with the props and tools.  Very good value for time and money.  I have learnt practical ways to implement in my work place.”

Andrzej Kosidlo, Business Intelligence/ Data Analysis & Management, Department of Defence


“I learnt second position techniques to deal with mis-matchers and lazy people.  I understand that I miss “what’ in my presentations and emails.  I love WIIFM and POO.  Thank you Michelle, your gift will ensure that I will be better prepared in life and will get more from life by being in my audience’s shoes.”

Matthew Paschke, Department of Defence


“Very engaging, relevant and useful skills that I can utilise both at work and personally.  Michelle was incredibly approachable and supportive. The course was very well structured with lots of opportunities to practice the skills learnt.”

Blake Vowles, Officer in Command Logistics Section- 23 Squadron, Department of Defence


“The best 2 days I’ve ever spent on a course. I loved that it was practical and engaging throughout the 2 days with lots of opportunities to put what we learnt into action. I will be able to use what I leant.”

Danielle Smalley, Executive Director, Communication and Engagement, Greater Sydney Commission


“A good coordinated program with good interaction with the attendees.  Good place, lots of good tips, honest and personal feedback.”

Sarah Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Sydney Commission


“Lots of good info!  I loved being given the info and then using it. Rather than focusing on learning, the focus was on DOING.  It felt like we were being taught by a real pro.”

Stephanie Barker, Director- Metropolitan Planning, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the interaction, enthusiasm and fun.  I also loved the theory with reality; the positive approach to scary issues, and that it made you feel important.  It was comprehensive and on time.”

Halvard Dalheim, Executive Director – City Planning  Projects, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the relaxed and inclusive class environment; the great, knowledgeable teacher; and the good application of new skills.  Got a lot out of it!”

Greg Joblin, Senior Planning Manager, Greater Sydney Commission


“13 steps and 4Mat are useful, clear models for structuring a clear and compelling presentation.  I loved the practical application – second day was brilliant!”

Erika Pawley, Director- Strategic Planning, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the logical structure, fun presentation, the clever use of examples and stories, and that it was directly applicable to my work and career.  An extraordinary presentation and presenter.  Lots to learn and use.  Good handouts.”

Greg Woodhams, Executive Director- City Planning  Projects, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved all of it!  I learnt so much and loved all the practical tips and hints, the top presenter, the way the learning was reinforced and the structure.  The program is comprehensive, enjoyable and fun and every aspect adds value.”

Meredith Jones, Director- Engagement, Greater Sydney Commission


“Michelle’s enthusiasm is infectious and brings out the energy within us.  This program has given me a huge boost in confidence and a real toolkit to work with.  Highly recommended.”

Craig Middleton, Director- Communications & Media, Greater Sydney Commission


“I loved the energy and enthusiasm that Michelle taught us with.  It will be easy to continue to use.  It felt like a safe place to learn and make mistakes.  I wish more presenters could do it.”

Marie Tritsaris, Senior Communications Manager, Greater Sydney Commission


“Fabulous, challenging, empowering, transformative!  I loved the genuine, practical and applicable techniques; the transferrable skills; and that nothing was wishy-washy! Was so skeptical and came out loving it!  Huge advocate!”

Lara Irwin, Communications Coordinator, Greater Sydney Commission


“Michelle’s highly skilled and entertaining style was able to adapt to our learning needs and to the late start due to major traffic delays.  The content was excellent.  I also enjoyed how Michelle emphasised how transferrable these skills are.  At my professional level, presentations are now commonplace in job interviews so this will be invaluable professionally.  In my current job this will improve my presentations, including the content, the introduction, the slides and the closing summary.  I will use the model to ensure my presentations/training/meeting contributions are more focused.

Helen Dawson, Social Work Head of Department, NSW Health


“It is engaging, memorable, relevant, fun and easy to apply.  This Masterclass will improve my practice by being able to clearly communicate a message and compel others to act.  The warm and fabulous presenter modeled things well, was professional and exceptional.”

Jennie Pratt, Social Worker, NSW Health


“I loved the 13 step planning process.  A very good course with lots of practical skills.  A terrific presenter and tips.”

Jackie Stephenson, Manager- Diversity Programs, NSW Health


“I loved the coverage of a variety of strategies, encouragement of participation (storyboarding, the dance) and the usability of the tool.  A great presenter – very adaptable.  This Masterclass will improve my persuasive language with business cases and negotiations.  An action packed day; very invaluable.”

Tiffany Tran, Social Worker, NSW Health


“I loved learning how not to use PowerPoint; 4Mat; use of icebreakers; and how to get people to ask questions.  This Masterclass will improve my practice by teaching me not to waffle; to be taken seriously; and to help my team make great presentations.  Cats and dogs was fantastic!”

Naome Reid, Senior Social Worker, NSW Health


“The program was engaging, informative, captivating, educational and interactive which makes the whole day more fun. This Masterclass has given me more confidence, better presentations and a better understanding by the team.  There will be future improvement from the butterfly effect.  I enjoyed the engaging and educational development – strengths/weaknesses/what to improve.”

Nicola Berman, Social Work Student, NSW Health


“I loved learning so many new tools to use in my future presentations.  My presentation skills will improve and I will engage clinicians better.  The best presentation Masterclass ever.  The best presenter/facilitator – Michelle is amazing!” 

Vivianne Challita-Ajaka, Diversity & Aboriginal Manager, NSW Health


“This program was comprehensive and gave skills from concept to delivery and in depth.  I enjoyed the practical nature – applied to real context.  The presenter, Michelle, was extremely knowledgeable and an expert in her area.  I feel I can apply this immediately and use in many areas of my work.  Excellent – I feel lucky for the opportunity.”

Leonie Dunn, Rehabilitation Coordinator, NSW Health


“I loved the great and practical tips and the structured approach to apply.”

Vandana Chandani, Senior Research Specialist, Australian Digital Agency


“I loved the energy and practicality of the techniques.  Wonderful, challenging.” 

Cheryl Merritt, Learning and Development Specialist, Merritt Consulting


“Super interactive!  I learnt a few things I actually do which I will not be doing anymore.”

Gaynor Stevenson, Senior MHR Jurisdiction Education Lead, Australian Digital Health Agency


“I loved the great instructor, and that it was interactive and relevant to my role.  I will use it in practice.”

Danny Agnola, My Health Record Primary Care Educator, Australian Digital Health Agency


“I loved that it was engaging and interactive and I also loved the notes to take away.  Great!  We covered all the questions/issues we wrote down at the start.” 

Kate Ellis, PHN Education and Support Lead, Australian Digital Health Agency


“I loved the refresher; the opportunity to discuss in light of experience; and the hands on examples.  Excellent!”

Laila Tabassum, PHN Education and Support Lead, Australian Digital Health Agency


“I loved the energy and style of the delivery.  Revised the approach and provided new skills and techniques.”

James Wilson, Director – Community Partnerships and Insights, Clinical & Community Partnerships, Australian Digital Health Agency


“I loved 4Mat and talking to all the audience.  Great! Thanks!”

Kathy Rainbird, Digital Health Programme Manager – Education, Learning and Development, Australian Digital Health Agency


“I loved the energy and practical application.”

Kellie-Anne Thomas, Education and Engagement Analyst, Australian Digital Health Agency


“I loved Michelle’s energy and the chunkable steps.  I think I can achieve this.  Great format and good consolidation of skills. Michelle is great at covering and building skills and makes it seem possible.”

Kate Bagnato, PHN Education and Support Lead, Australian Digital Health Agency


“Really enjoyed it – thank you.  I loved the facilitator, the exercises, teaching style and the practical tips that you can apply to every day.”

Emma Black, Senior Engagement Analyst, Australian Digital Health Agency


“Michelle was fantastic!  A very engaging session.”

Betty Patselis, Stakeholder Insights Analyst, Australian Digital Health Agency


“Amazing – took a lot out of it.  Very interactive.”

Michael Cai, CRM Administrator, Australian Digital Health Agency


“Gave me the skills and framework for more effective presentations and responding to questions.  Very enjoyable and non-threatening.  Thanks!”

Ben Cohn, PHN Education and Support Lead, Australian Digital Health Agency