Feedback about Michelle’s Keynote Presentations

“In May 2020 Michelle ran a fantastic 1-hour executive masterclass on presenting to C-Level Execs via Zoom for my clients who are CFOs and Finance Directors, Despite the medium she captivated the audience from the start. I’ve had a number of emails from attendees who really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the session. she really hit the mark with the content and audience. they described her as great, awesome, worth listening to, passionate, informative relevant, engaging and practical. they were very impressed with the amount of practical information they could implement immediately. She is definitely someone worth learning from in an area that’s so important.” Simon Tobin, Director, Tobin McClintock
“Captivating – the best presentation we’ve had in 10 years!” Russell Evans, CEO, Walters Kluwer, Asia Pacific 
“Michelle, sincere thanks for your contribution to our MTA Conference.  The feedback about your sessions has been overwhelmingly positive.  I’m sure we will work together again as a result.  It was a pleasure to work with you.” Tricia Hopkins, Director, Kaigi Conferencing & Events
“I highly recommend Michelle’s keynote to you for all senior people who want to win deals. Her techniques are world class and learning them will actually improve your relationships with your clients which will win more work for your business. She helps her clients win billions of dollars of work each year.” Sergio Rojas, Senior Project Engineer, CPB Contractors
“A huge thank you to Michelle Bowden for the impact her presentations have had on the development of our field staff. Michelle presented a very engaging and dynamic hour of influencing and presentation skills training at our 3 annual leader seminars in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney for our group of approximately 600 community leaders and the enthusiasm about her content is still reverberating around the network.  We have also had the opportunity to continue delivering training and practice regarding Michelle’s techniques with the assistance of her input and her excellent book, “Don’t Picture Me Naked” so our leaders are growing more and more confident in utilising all of the presentation skills in their day to day roles to assist in providing positive influence to Weight Watchers members across ANZ. I have found Michelle an absolute pleasure to work with and her positive energy and extremely professional approach made the whole experience very valuable and one which will continue to assist our leaders with their skills into the future.” Toni Williams, Learning & Development Consultant, Weight Watchers Australasia
“Time and time again Michelle never fails to deliver a first class session to our delegates! A sincere thank you Michelle for being part of the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand conference program. As always it’s a pleasure working with you. We put on over 50 professional development sessions across 5 conferences nationally and you were our top-performing presenter. A brilliant and well-deserved result! You produced a professionally delivered engaging session with clear key messages and loads of energy and interaction. Our delegates loved it and it’s no surprise that they want to see you again.” Melissa Cheong, PD & Programs Specialist, Chartered Accountants ANZ
“Terrific! ….it was a brilliant, fast moving, informative presentation that was short, sharp and punchy.”Gabriela Di Francesco, Convenor, CPA Australia
“I felt engaged 100% of the time and that has never been my experience. Really good fun. I loved learning tangible formulas that are immediately applicable. Extremely useful and beneficial.” Ian Gilroy, Technical Manager, Cisco
“Michelle you are awesome! You’ve inspired me to be comfortable being myself when engaging my stakeholders.” Mira Mrkonja, BDM, Asgard Wealth Solutions
“Awesome! A perfectly tailored, industry specific keynote that completely exceeded my expectations. Michelle was high energy, audience-focused and my team thought she must have been an underwriter in her career!” Dennis Woolet, State Risk Assessment Manager, Asteron
“Michelle is a true professional, easy to work with and brilliant at engaging the crowd. She is probably the only speaker we have had who has managed to get middle to high-level managers to sing and dance by the end of an hour!” Lauren Thomson, Manager, AIM
“Your session was brilliant Michelle. I loved it!” Debra Caples, L&D Advisor, NSW Ministry of Health
“Wow! Completely Life changing!” Matt Bullock, Founder/former CEO eWay and Founder/CEO Spinify 
“My district team still talk years later about your keynote and we would love a follow up session soon!” Rachel Nash, Program Lead, NSW Ministry of Health
“Michelle, you’re wonderful. Your passion is infectious. You are one of a kind – literally a subject matter expert!” Jennifer Wheatley, Executive General Manager Human Resources, Challenger Financial Services
“Brilliant! I’ve been using Michelle’s proven techniques for many years and have even taught much of her system to my various team members to enable them to increase their success.” Michael Green, Vice President, Oracle Corporation
“Michelle is engaging, passionate, experienced, humorous and inclusive. Her programs provide tools for presenting as well as encouraging you to think about your personal brand and removing old baggage. Quite an achievement!” Dimity Hodge, Head of Talent & Leadership, Westpac Bank
“Michelle is passionate, likeable, knowledgeable and such an astute observer. Great value – thank you.” Steve Jobson, Vice President, Compuware Asia Pacific
“Michelle Bowden delivered her Persuasive Presenting 2-hour workshop around Australia for the Institute of Chartered Accountants and achieved an absolutely superb result. Michelle achieved the overall highest satisfaction rating for her delivery and content. Our delegates consistently described her session as engaging, inspiring, informative, practical and refreshing, yet most frequently they summed it up as EXCELLENT!”  Gill McEwen, National Manager – PD/Programs & E-learning, Institute of Chartered Accountants
“Thank you so much for putting together a truly inspirational and valuable presentation that has been without exception of massive benefit to me.” Shelly Bogdan, Sales Representative, Novartis Oncology
“Thank you for great value. Your presentation will greatly assist me with my presentations in future.” Jacqueline Giuliani , Associate, Dibbs Abbott Stillman Lawyers
“Excellent! I was a sceptic, now a convert! You have changed the way I think about structure and the build of presentations, especially the open and close. I loved the energy and pace as well as the progress and building blocks.” Martyn Gilling, Chief Pricing Actuary, RGA Reinsurance of Australia
“Great stuff – now it is just up to me to put into practice! Hands on with a good balance of theory behind the tools and techniques taught, while benefiting from the practical applications. It was a challenge and stretch.” Martin Phelan, Chief Actuary, RGA