Education & Training Testimonials

”Michelle is an amazingly talented facilitator. Highly recommended for anyone who has to tell their story – CEO, Marketing, Enrolments, Fundraising, Alumni. You think you speak well? Believe me you can learn far more and achieve your results by speaking with passion and engagement with your audience. I owe a great deal to Michelle!”

Neil McWhannell, CEO ADAPE Australasia


“Michelle Bowden is a leader in the presentation field. Her magazine ‘How to Present’ is a gift every month for anyone who wishes to improve their presentation skills. The magazine has many incredible tips to help each and every one of us improve our presentation skills as well as articles that cover topics for anyone in business.”

Michele Tocci, Industry Educator, Chisholm Institute


“Michelle is a master facilitator who inspires people to find their inner presenter while having fun. Research shows that people who enjoy their learning experiences are much more likely to translate this to real change in the workplace. Michelle guides people to make tangible change through her highly engaging and artful facilitation. I would recommend anyone to put Michelle at the top of their list when planning presentation skills training.”

Kay Hempsall, Associate Director Talent and Leadership Development, Western Sydney University


“Michelle Bowden is an extraordinarily gifted trainer. I have gained enormously from taking her workshop and reading her book. Feedback on my presentations in various settings – from small group to large – has become much more positive following Michelle’s coaching. She has a great way of helping people have powerful influence by becoming more true to themselves and embracing who they are. I’ve been recommending her to colleagues and will keep doing so. Michelle is a person of integrity. She is highly professional, and committed to excellence. Yet she carries it all lightly. She brings a lot of fun, joy, and warmth to her workshops and coaching sessions. Michelle Bowden is simply the best trainer in this field.”

Michael Mintrom, Professor of Public Sector Management, Monash University


“Michelle your 13 Steps are so sound and wonderful. I had to give a paper at an international conference in Dublin and I re-read your book, did the analysis, the 4MAT and even scripted out how I would deal with the Q&A. The presentation went as planned: icebreaker, pace, pace, pace, lead…. It was a great success!  I had the President of the USA-based organisation ask me to present at a conference in the US next year.  You are a little gem. Thank you again.”

Jacyl Shaw, Director, Culture & Community Development, Melbourne University


“I loved Michelle’s energy and experience, and that all the frameworks and linguistic patterns are grounded in research and proven to work.  I also loved that we had lots of practice and time to make the insights and frameworks practical to our presentations.  The workbook and use of textas is AWESOME!  Just brilliant.  Never a dull movement and each step was practical and so useful.”

Yvette Martin, Managing Director and Head, Team Dynamics


“I loved that there is a secret structure to giving a great speech and now I know it! Thanks so much. The program was wonderful and empowering.”

Evonne Miller, Associate Professor/ Director QUT Design Lab, Queensland University of Technology


“I immediately felt a tremendous rapport with Michelle as she was so bright and bubbly; not to mention oozing with enthusiasm for both her topic as well as presenting overall. Michelle has a wonderful ability to be professional and articulate whilst enabling her own lovely personality to shine through. She injects humour into whatever she does and despite her quite obvious skill; she is very much a human being. I thoroughly enjoyed her section of the course and can imagine her being a wonderful asset in any organisation.”

Emma Driscoll, Director – Human Resources Consultant / Organisational Strategies, Vouch


“I loved the activities, energy, and the flow. The techniques used were very clear. Lots of great resources I can use with small groups and one-on-one. I loved Michelle’s energy and passion for presenting. The program was engaging and has given me my confidence back.”

Edwina McCulloch, Trainer and Consultant, Auridian Training and Consulting

“Very good!  I loved that it wasn’t a large number of participants; was very engaging; very practical; I learnt a lot and will be able to implement the knowledge and tools into my work.”

Vesna Taslak, Sourcing Manager, Monash University


“Most of all I loved the delivery of the course. Michelle managed to captivate us and keep us engaged for the whole two days.  I also loved the various techniques – 13 steps and POO in particular.  Very informative, skills you can practice daily in conversations, emails and presentations.”

Zendyn Lakdavavla, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Monash University


“Michelle delivered an innovative and information-packed workshop on “Influential Presentation Skills” that was actually fun to participate in.  During the workshop, Michelle shared her easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to planning, designing and delivering a message that will engage and persuade any audience.This workshop has something in it for everyone!

Glenys Woolcock, General Manager Finance & Admin, UniSport Australia


“I loved the great learning techniques and practicing each step as we went.  The notes really reinforced the learning and the environment was very supportive.  The group worked well controlled by Michelle.  Loved it!  What a treat to spend 2 days with such a vibrant and enthusiastic presenter!  Thanks!” 

Jodie Lowe, Student Centre Manager/ Student Administrative Services, University of Sydney


“Wonderful energy from Michelle. Michelle’s obvious passion is for presenting and helping people become the best they can be. I loved the challenge and the different techniques utilised for educating.”

Valarie Close, Consultant, Toastmasters


“This is the first time I received formal instruction about presenting – I quickly became aware of how preparing is so powerful and can lift you to a new level.  Michelle’s energy levels are contagious!  So much fun even though there is serious content to learn.  Thank you Michelle!”

Lindy Burton, Master of Architecture Course Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology

“Excellent!  I loved the energy in the room and Michelle’s approach; all the techniques and the moving around.”

Manuela Taboada, Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology


“A great program.  I loved seeing my colleagues grow and being given new tools to present.  I also loved getting feedback on my presentation.”

Janice Rieger, Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology


“I loved the interaction and practice, and the tools to apply in every situation.”

Thea Blackler, Queensland University of Technology


“I loved the tips and understanding of non-verbal expression and the great knowledge of the background psychology to why we respond in the way that we do.  Good support through peers for learning.”

Professor Marissa Lindquist, Professor and Head of Discipline, Queensland University of Technology


“I loved getting a whole understanding of the meta-practices behind great and convincing presentations.  I felt challenged and indeed, writing the presentation on the first night put me out of my comfort zone.  But I like a challenge!”

Tiziana Ferrero-Regi, Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology


“Excellent content.  I trust it will help me – I’ve got work to do!”

Cori Stewart, Major Bid Developer, Queensland University of Technology

“A great program for tertiary contexts – it should be done by as many tertiary staff as possible (professional and academic staff).  Collaborative, informative, challenging and confidence building.”

Gillian Risdale, Engagement Program Coordinator/ Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology


“I loved Michelle – she is very good at what she does and directed us to the right resources.  A great experience.  I learned a valuable technique that I can use throughout my career.  The facility was not adequate for the workshop.  The room was like a fridge!  But other than that, we were taken very well care of with food and beverages etc.”

Muge Teixeira, Post-doc Research Fellow in Design Robots, Queensland University of Technology


“Challenging, in depth, and rewarding.  Michelle is a great, knowledgeable teacher and this has been a fantastic learning experience. Can’t wait to put it into practice!”

Simon Harris, MWAC Operations Manager, UNSW


“I loved the structured approach, Michelle’s delivery, resources, practical application and humour.  Just great.  An awesome experience to learn from someone with such a strong history and deep experience.  It was informative, fun and something that can be used in a practical, real world environment.”

Kris Flegg, Trainer, Designer and Director, Prezi Training


“I loved the fast pace.  I get bored really easily so enjoyed being engaged the whole time.  I felt like the time went really fast.  It was really relevant to me, and my programs, and I will be able to incorporate what I’ve learnt into programming/presenting.  Your energy and enthusiasm, plus interest in all of us was engaging.  Well worth travelling so far!”

Tanya Dupagne, Founder/ Director, Camp Kulin


“An excellent program – would highly recommend! I loved the structure and interaction.”

Maria Iemma, Teacher, Caringbah High School


“I love that it was well paced and gave me exactly what I needed.  Michelle is the best presenter ever.  I will have the confidence to become the best leader and presenter that I wanted to be.  I’ll definitely use the 13 steps.  The best two day course I’ve been on.  Thanks Michelle – you inspired me.”

Glenn James, Finance Manager, Plain English Foundation


“It was so practical and everything learnt can be put into practice.  I would highly recommend it, particularly for how to structure a presentation and all the ‘tricks’ in a good presentation.”

Jill Jansons, Director of Marketing & Community Relations, St Phillips College


“I loved the 13 step structure, ability to love my own guts and POO.  Very engaging – learnt lots.  Love the music too – I’ve done quite a bit of learning with music and the brain and I use it a lot in my own work!”

Shona Henderson, Principal, Bees Creek Primary School


“I loved the techniques and tools provided to structure content for various presentations; the delivery by Michelle was impressive and polished; the music in between breaks and at start/end of day; the excellent food.  Thanks for the gifts. That is what I needed to learn way back in high school!  It ought to be mandatory training in schools – knowing how to create/structure content is a skill.”

Sam Solomons, Senior Finance Strategy Coordinator, Monash University


“I loved the different techniques used; the high audience engagement and the opportunity to practice some of the skills learnt.  A fantastic learning experience – skills which will be used life-long.”

Sam Shrestha, Team Leader, Receivables & Revenue Accounting Sales, Monash University

“I loved the 13 step process, guiding me in the right direction when developing content.  I also love all the principles.  I’m definitely a “mismatch” so was apprehensive about the two day course but I was pleasantly surprised in the amount I got out of it.”

Nathan Mitchell, Internal Communications, Monash University


“It built my confidence to be able to do a presentation in the future.  I loved the 13 steps format to use and all the extra resources to use going forward.  It was fun and I felt safe in the environment.”

Leonie Thomson, Tax Accountant, Monash University


“Enabled myself to review and reflect how I present and engage with people, other than myself.  I loved learning new skills that can be utilised within my work and my approach to life.”

Ben Norman, Acting Faculty Services Hub Manager/ Research & Revenue Accounting Services, Monash University


“Very positive and empowering. Well-structured and paced. Fun, effective and gave me confidence.”

Liz Feillafe, Knowledge and Transfer Specialist, Monash University


“I felt at ease learning about a scary topic.  It was a big confidence booster.  I loved the practical examples, interaction and practice.  Totes fab!”

Narelle Hill, Project Manager, Monash University


“I loved the new information, practical application, humour and fun.  Michelle is an amazing trainer.  I had loads of fun and gained a lot of knowledge.  I now know how to persuade and deliver great presentations.”

Judy Chen, Deputy Manager- Research & Revenue Accounting Services, Monash University

“Michelle is an excellent presenter; very positive and supportive.  Her knowledge in presenting is outstanding.  A big thank you!”

Neil Harbottle, Manager- Research & Revenue Accounting Services, Monash University


“Exceptional and paradigm shifting. A must, for anyone in management who wants to facilitate success. I loved the amazing framework and use of structured, authentic, best practice techniques that deliver genuine results.”

Teena Thomas, Finance Manager, The Australian National University


“Michelle, you are an absolutely awesome, fantastic, professional, knowledgeable facilitator/trainer.  I loved your dynamic style and the way you included everyone in a positive way.  It’s so obvious that you care!! I loved the 13 steps and knowing this is a work in progress.  I loved the sharing of ideas and stories – good, and even the ones that didn’t go so well.  Having strategies to implement for the not-so-good situations is magic. Great job, loved it.  Thank you so much!!”

Suzy Alexander, Managing Director, Biz Trainers


“Michelle is amazing. I loved getting a toolbox. Fantastic.”

Jane Nikles, Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland


“Really enjoyed it, thank you Michelle.  You had a great energy and made the 2 days go very fast. I loved all of the strategies and processes that can be applied to everyday life. I feel I can take them back to my workplace and have more impact!”

Georgina Clark, Lauch Coach/ Consultant, Les Mills Asia Pacific


“I loved the practical tips I can implement to improve my presentations.  Worth the time out of the office!”

Lauren Kirk, General Manager- Training & Consulting, Real+


“I loved everything and every moment.  Awesome program.  Thank you.”

Dalida Abi Chebli, Manager- Purchasing Services Team, Monash University

“I loved the 13 steps and the presenter who was knowledgeable and loveable.  It was practical and I can apply it straight away.”

George Ou, Manager- Financial Analysis, Monash University


“Michelle, you are amazing.  Excellent course and training.  I loved the build-up from nothing to some amazing techniques.  The 4Mat and POO stood out and even the very basic and simple things like posture.”

Sylvia Sakwa, Insurance Manager, Monash University


“I loved everything, but more specifically I liked the way it was structured.  I felt like small bits initially and loved the way it all came together at the end.  Loved it.”

Ranjani Dhananjay, Senior Management Accountant, Monash University


“Simply awesome!  Intense, but very rewarding.  Plenty of challenges which kept it interesting.”

David Knox, Business Partner- Budgeting & Reporting, Monash University


“I loved the simplicity, the usability and easy application, and Michelle.  10/10.  Awesome.  A blinding flash of the obvious!”

Dan Thearle, Vendor & Strategic Procurement Manager, Monash University


“I loved all of it!  It required a different way of thinking and was challenging in a good way.  Loved it!  I’m pumped and I WILL look at the book again.”

Helene O’Brien, Office Coordinator, Monash University


“Awesome, relevant, useful and empowering.  I loved the practical strategies and I loved having to take notes to reinforce!  Great take home tools.”

Jessica Lightfoot, Executive Director, Monash University

“Michelle is a brilliant trainer. The methods taught are all simple but effective. I loved the interactiveness, the simple tools and the fantastic presenter.”

Ben Hogan, Manager- Payment and Logistic Services, Monash University


“Gave me an insight on how to structure my presentations.  I loved the informative tips on how to improve my presentation.  Enjoyed it very much.”

Roshana Nanayakkara, Deputy Executive Director, Monash University


“I loved 4Mat, getting out of my comfort zone and the structure.  Great inclusion of practice and repetition.”

Brendan McMahon, Stores Team  Leader, Monash University


“It was very inspiring, simple and awesome.  Michelle, thank you.  The 13 steps will be shared across all my team.”

Filomena Colantuno, Acting, Purchasing Services Manager, Monash University


“I loved the theory, practical advice and constructive feedback.  Very engaging.”

Gary Van Der Staay, Senior Category Manager, Monash University


“I loved that it was structured, easy to follow, challenging yet doable and I also loved the materials.  Executed excellently and organised thoroughly.”

Khanh Bui, Manager, Payment Services and Logistics, Monash University


“I loved the content, techniques, approach, energy and relevance to my work.  Amazing and valuable techniques are demonstrated and put into practice in a short time.  Michelle explained my understanding of WHY I was not delivering good presentations.”

Marianella Chamorro, Senior Lecturer- Leader of Design and Wellbeing Program, Queensland University of Technology

“I loved the way the steps and strategies were broken down so well with memory aids.  Michelle modelled all the techniques herself so naturally.  So valuable in so many ways – in work, in life and in reflecting on the actual approach we take and striving to always be speaking in second position.”

Alice Payne, Senior Lecturer- Fashion, School of Design, Queensland University of Technology


“I loved the focus and depth in content and the opportunity to apply the concepts throughout, to practice and embody the learning.  Fun, entertaining and overall very engaging.  Definitely challenging.   I enjoyed the stretch of my abilities.  Michelle reads the situation and learning very well and is highly responsive.  The workshop is designed and executed to scaffold your learning.  You are set up to be challenged, to learn and to succeed!”

Jen Seevinck, Senior Lecturer in Interactive and Visual Design, Queensland University of Technology


“Challenging and rewarding.  A very effective program with a very engaging leading approach.  I loved the focus on practical knowledge and the flipcharts.”

Markus Rittenbruch, Associate Professor in Interaction Design, Queensland University of Technology


“I loved the immersive nature of the 2 days.  I learned a lot of tips and hints about presenting, stagecraft and negotiating.  There are lots to love about this course!  A really well structured course with a knowledgeable presenter – well done Michelle.  I loved the in-depth content.”

Rafael Gomez, Subject Area Coordinator- Industrial Design, Queensland University of Technology


“What I love is how relaxed and positive the experience was.  I did consider myself a basic presenter and I have learnt so much on how to improve my presentation skills.  I will use the storyboard in all my presentations.”

Veronica Garcia-Hansen, Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Queensland University of Technology

“Michelle is energetic and really engaging.  She made learning easy, fun and effective.  The program was well structured and well-paced.”

Mirko Guaralda, Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology


“I loved the quick pace; the wide range of techniques; the practicality of it all; the presentation style (very engaging); the chance to bond with colleagues I work with every day; and learning new skills that I can apply straight away.  Thank you so much!  One-on-one coaching for major presentations is a good option to be aware of!”

Oksana Zelenko, Director of research Engagement and Impact Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology


“Interactive and full on.  You didn’t have time to get bored or to let your brain check out.  This was great for a 2-day workshop.  A wonderful program.  So many helpful hints and tips.  I need to remind myself of many but overall it was great.”

Debra Cushing, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, Queensland University of Technology


“It was excellent – we came so far in such a short amount of time.  I loved the strategies and the way they were taught, demonstrated, reinforced and implemented.  You have been so generous and supportive with your knowledge – thank you.  It’s has been the most effective training I have been to at QUT in 10 years!!”

Glenda Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Queensland University of Technology


“The program rocked! It was a benchmark training experience. The small group dynamics really enabled me to sink my teeth into all of the wonderful content. Michelle’s experience, knowledge and willingness to help us grow made this a ‘benchmark’ training session. The handouts and extras were unexpected and appreciated. Thanks so much.”

Shannon Cooper, Trainer

“This program is great! I loved the practiced steps for improving my presentations and how hands-on this experience is. Our team only did one day, and I would love to do the full 2 days!”

Tristan Webb, Tax Expert and Educator, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


I loved Michelle’s passionate delivery, the practical tips and structured delivery. The opportunity to practice and get feedback was great! This is a great program, it is well structured and had a strong delivery. Thank you Michelle.” 

Alan Leung, Tax Expert and Educator,Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


It was great how interactive and challenging (in a safe way) this program is! This is a highly useful reminder of what we should be doing.”

Gaye Proberts-Camp, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


“I loved how energetic Michelle was. She was able to clearly communicate the learnings in such a short space of time. This program is fantastic!”

Sandra Semaan, Tax Expert and Educator, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


“This program is wonderful. Michelle makes an effort to relate her technique to our materials and her ideas are practicable. Michelle is very good at immediate feedback that is workable.”

Peter McGinty, Tax Expert and Educator,Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and her expert guidance throughout the day”. 

Tracey Besters, Tax Expert and Educator, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


“This program is fun and interactive. I loved the positive feedback on presenting which encouraged a great learning environment. I learnt new point and also good/useful to reuse previous learning. Thank you Michelle.”

Victoria Lakis, Tax Expert and Educator, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


“Michelle has a great way of simplifying and communicating and distilling complex things and making them simple. This program is excellent!”

Andrew Martin Smith, Tax Expert and Educator, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


“I love how useable, informative and relevant everything is. You obviouslyknow your stuff. I feel inspired – thank you!”

Frankie Brown, Tax Expert and Educator, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


“I loved the techniques, storytelling and sharing of examples and knowledge from Michelle.  A great program that pushes people out of their comfort zones.”

Shruti Goyal, Audit Specialist, CAANZ