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  • The 3 Positions Most People Speak From And How To Modify Your Communication So You End Up 10 Times More Convincing
  • The Think, Feel, Do Model that Master Presenters use to transition the audience from ‘where they are’ to ‘where you want them to be’
  • The difference between matcher and mis-matcher personality types and how to use that to your advantage by using CLEVER LANGUAGE PATTERNS
  • The power of ‘Pacing Statements’ and ‘Leading’ to have the audience agree with everything you say!
  • The ‘Will My Slides Cause Death?’ Test. 5 simple checks to make sure you’re using PowerPoint in an influential way
  • The 3 Classic Mistakes Most Presenters Make When Presenting With Slides – Do You Do This?
  • Michelle Bowden’s 13 Rules For PowerPoint Effectiveness
  • …and much more…