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Michelle Bowden's Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass
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 129 reviews
 by Cameron Roberts
June 2016.

“Michelle conducts a very professional program that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to be more persuasive in their presentations, and in their life. I loved Michelle’s passion and commitment, learning about stage crafting, seeing real demonstrations and participating in active learning techniques. I got a tremendous amount of value from this program.

 by Adam Blatch
June 2016

I loved the energy and passion, the frameworks, 13 steps and how to have stage presence. Brilliant. Loved it!

 by Katie Norton
June 24

Best program I have ever done! I loved the engagement and the fact Michelle kept me listening. I have a structure for my presentations

 by Michael Tjendara
8 June 2016

I loved everything: very hands on training; fantastic facilitator from the get-go; clear materials and easy to learn but takes practice to implement and master. Australia Post should definitely keep running this program regularly. I would encourage my broader team to come to this program

 by Steven Di Pietro

I just saw Michelle speak to a large Audience for the first time. Wow! She really does practice what she preaches. You learn by just watching Michelle's engaging keynote. The main lesson is to present with your whole self. Michelle leaves nothing behind - you see 'all of her' when she presents.

I thought I was passionate, then I saw Michelle take passion to a whole new level

 by Jeff Findlay

In the past 5 years I have been inspired and encouraged by Michelle during 3 Presentation Skills training courses. What she teaches and demonstrates has given me the ability to communicate to audiences of 10 to 500 people all over the world. If ever you have a chance to be taught by Michelle, grab it with both hands... and yes Michelle, "They loved my guts..."

 by Graeme Cowan

I was fortunate to have been trained and coached by Michelle in Board Level Presentation skills. She is clearly an expert in this field and the guidance she provided was clear, concise, and filled with lots of relevant anecdotes. Highly recommended.

 by Neil McWhannell

Michelle is an outstanding Advanced Influencing and Presentation Skills facilitator. I had the pleasure of attending one of her 2 day workshops and this has had a profound and measurable impact on my ability to present with confidence as well as being able to structure my presentation to maximise its outcomes.

I thoroughly recommend this course to business leaders as well as to staff involved in giving presentations.. Michelle presents an incredibly well strucured program that provides outstanding results for all participants. Five Star rating!!!!

 by Rowdy McLean

Michelle is the master of creating messages that stick. The most influential presentation skills expert I have ever seen. Her passion for her work is evident in the high energy and enthusiasm she puts into every speaking engagement, seminar and training program. The depth of knowledge and understanding she has on how to make a great presentation absolutely awesome is simply amazing. If you want to be the leading presenter in your field, be sure to engage Australia's leading presentation skills expert. She is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

 by Rod Matthews

Michelle Bowden would easily be one of the top Presentation Skills Trainers in Australia. She seems to have a limitless number of practical tips, tools and techniques that work! You will find that working with Michelle is energising, entertaining and highly rewarding.

No matter what level your presentation skills Michelle will be able to help you dramatically improve your confidance, clarity and charisma. Michelle is absolutely fantastic

 by Jennifer Dalitz

I have attended Michelle Bowden's Advanced Presentation & Leadership Skills course and was blown away by the amount of new content I learned and the impact this program has had on my presentations. I thought I had attended enough presentation skills course - but this one is different and not so much about presentation as communicating for influence. Michelle is entertaining and engaging in her leadership approach which takes the sting out of the tail when practicing these skills within a group. I highly recommend Michelle to you

 by Grazi Lisciotto

"I attended a Public Speaking workshop earlier this year with Michelle Bowden. I have done many speaking engagements and thought myself a pretty good speaker. After spending three days with Michelle and reading her books my public speaking has improved immensely. I am now more confident and have used her skills and tips and the results have paid off. I recommend anyone who wants to improve their public speaking to contact Michelle.

 by Jennie Vickers
Feb 25 2012

Michelle has the uncanny ability to engage everyone in the room regardless of their natural persuasion. Every time I have worked with Michelle I have learnt more after the craft of presenting. I am not great at taking feedback but Michelle so commands her space that feedback from her is easy to take and easy to implement-a rare skill but essential if you are a high performer looking to learn more

 by Allan Brackin

I thought I was a reasonable public speaker until I met Michelle. I soon found out that I was pretty average. But under Michelle's direction and coaching I am told I became very effective at public speaking. I became confifdent, aware of my topic, aware of my audience. Michelle was especially brilliant for those special occasions when you had to deliver a key note speech to hundreds of people. If you need to speak in public and you want to be outstanding , get Michelle involved.

 by Jackie Giles

Michelle is an outstanding professional. I have no hesitation in recommending her to all my business colleagues; I already have many times.

Michelle's presentations and influencing skills workshop is challenging, fun, logical and totally engaging. The outcome is an easy to follow; easy to remember guide for any presentation or important meeting. It provides a model for enhancing your communications skills to influence at any level. Michelle's generous with her knowledge, thoughtful with her feedback and able to adapt for individual development needs.

As a manager, I found this course to be a fabulous team building opportunity too.

Whether you are a teenager, manager or CEO your presenting, communicating and influencing will be enhanced by attending Michelle's courses.

 by Paula Saltalamacchia

STOP! Your PowerPoint is Killing Me" e-Book by Michelle got my attention in an instant - at last someone who understands that 55% of our communication is visual. Designing beautiful slides to permeate a message into the subconscious of our audience for a lifetime to remember is close to my heart. Cheers for the superb presentation tips along the way also. Enjoy the moment being present in your presentations through the inspiring work of Michelle Bowden...

 by Mark Bunn

I know hundreds (thousands) of speakers around Australia, and WHENEVER I get asked to recommend some on 'Presentation Skills' I immediately think of & recommend Michelle. She is brilliant, funny and if you've seen her smile, you will know how enjoyable it is to work with her. If you want anything to do with 'presentation training' just go straight to Michelle.

 by Peter Gooley

I first met Michelle when I was working for Compuware Australia in North Ryde. I attended a course that she ran at our offices. I had a problem selecting from the Attributes listed here in Linkedin as I was only allowed to choose 3. Not enough to describe how I found her work.

Michelle certainly knows her subjects and is one of the best communicators I've come across in my many years of attending various courses and workshops. She brings a down-to-earth and personable light to any room she presents to, as well as being able to deliver a very clear message on the subject at hand.

One of the things I respect highly, is a presenter who is not so blinkered in their message and approach that they can't hear the real questions that are being asked. Michelle has the knack to push aside the words of a question, when needed, to get to the real concern of query. Her intuitiveness when delivering her presentations as to the direction that the present needs are pushing to go, gives her an edge that has the learning be real and timely.

I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle without reservations.

 by Diana Ryall

Michelle is a vibrant presenter with clear message and helpful practical hints. Presentation skills are her forte and she demonstrates them ably.

 by Ronni Kahn

Michelle runs a fantastic coaching business that helped me tremendously!

She is skilled, funny, entertaining and before you know it you are out there convincing the world of whatever it is you need to convince them!!

 by Van Giang

Michelle Bowden is simply brilliant! She is knowledgeable, serious, and passionate about her work. Her programs are awesome. They've helped me a great deal in both business and non-business dealings. I'd highly recommend Michelle and her work to anyone who wants to improve their presentation and communication skills.

 by Jason Abraham

Michelle, trained us in Optus on how to prepare, and action presentations, but it was much more than that. She showed us how to be confident in our delivery, tips on making an effective presentation that delivers your views and points, clearly and directly, while enjoying the moment. I recommend her highly, she was very bright, bubbly, fun, and her classes were very enjoyable and educational. She is very creative, confident and knowledgeable in her area..

 by Graeme Cowan

I was fortunate enough to attend Michelle's presentation course and found it to be invaluable. Michelle is the expert in this space

 by Justin Tamsett

OMG! I have just finished the best presentation skills two day workshop I have ever done - and I have done 5!

Michelle Bowden is simply a star maker! She can turn coal into a diamond and I am so impressed.

Her Influential Presentation Skills is an awesome mix of theory and practical. The 13 steps she goes through are logical and powerful. So the subject matter is outstanding.

The real impact is her teaching style. She had a beautiful manner and keeps everything light, up beat and full of energy. You never look at your watch and you never feel self conscious.

If you have to do any type of presentation, this course is a deadset must!

I highly recommend this program!

 by Marco Scannone

I would recommend to anyone who really wants to develop their career by improving their presentation skills to connect with Michelle.

I wouldn't be in my position if I hadn't invested my money and time attending Michell's workshops.

Thank you!!

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