Creating Emotional Hooks with Images on your PowerPoint Slides

  1. Use new, interesting images that you are sure your audience will not have seen many times before. Use professional stock photo images over cheap, tacky images. If this is not possible, then use no image at all. In fact, if it’s not possible to use excellent graphics, don’t use slides at all. Try a flip chart, whiteboard, rehearsed gesture or handout.
  2. You can download images from the internet. Photo websites often state which images are the newest images on the site. I use and it’s very inexpensive to buy their beautiful pictures.

Helpful tip: Ensure that you make the link between the graphics and the message explicit.

Illustrating your metaphors with pictures

If you have thought of a metaphor to bring your message to life and need to illustrate it in a clever visual way, go to or any other similar site where all these creative people have done the hard work to come up with a creative way to illustrate a metaphor. Why not have a look? Certain images are royalty free.