Success Story – Lucy Walczak

Lucy is the National Education Specialist for a pharmaceutical devices company in the diabetes division.  She plans, organises and develops diabetes material for everyday use. And she also works with the launch of new products into the Australian market. What kind of presenting do you … Read More ››

A presentation formula that actually works!

In 2006 I developed a model to help you feel more engaging, persuasive and confident. This model will help you shift your audience from their current to your desired state. I call it the ‘13 Steps to Exceptional Presentation Design’. My 13 Steps combine all … Read More ››

Managing difficult behaviour in your audience

Perhaps you’ve experienced rude or difficult behaviour during your meetings, conferences or presentations. Examples can include people looking at their technology, side conversations, or a person who really loves the sound of their own voice and keeps calling out ideas or asking inappropriate questions that … Read More ››

Book Giveaway – September 2018

This month we have three resources to giveaway: Start With Hello Balancing Act Health & Wellbeing Millionaire   Be the first to email with the title of the book that you would like in the subject line to win! Thank you for reading How … Read More ››

Why is everyone around you so dysfunctional?

Many of us live busy, stressful and complicated lives. We seem to have so much to do and achieve in so little time.  Personal relationships that used to be rich and involve lots of interpersonal interaction, support and physical contact seem to have dwindled leaving … Read More ››

Book Giveaway – August 2018

This month we have three resources to giveaway: High Life There are only 2 times in life: Now and Too Late! Audio Book Version Work as if you own it Be the first person to email your response to for the chance to win! Thank … Read More ››