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credibility in the workplace
Presentation Skills Tips

10 tips for improving your credibility at work

Why is credibility important? If you look at many of the persuasive people in your own life; from impressive relatives or friends to a past remarkable manager, to powerful leaders in history such as John F. Kennedy or the Dalai Lama, you’ll note that they

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Sales, persuasion and influence

Bid Teams Pay Attention to This!

You’ve completed your tender response and now you’re on the short list. You’ve been asked to present your key themes from your proposal over the coming weeks to the panel who will ultimately choose the successful bid.  And yes, you want to win!  There are

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Online/Virtual Presenting

20 things you need to know to present more persuasively in business

(from Michelle Bowden’s workshop for Insight on January 13th 2021) 1. We present (persuade and influence) our family members, friends, clients, patients, colleagues and managers every day of our life. Our days and filled with negotiating, finding compromise, updating, advising, selling, influencing and persuading. 2.

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Common Presentation Mistakes

Are you Turning People Off?

When attempting to persuade others are you turning people off without realising it? It’s a pretty full-on question isn’t it?  The fact is that when it comes to persuasion there are plenty of things you do to attract people. Unfortunately, there are also a whole

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