Are you a Big Picture or Detail Thinker?

Let me ask you… Do you work with someone who bores you to tears with detail upon detail that you don’t seem to need, and who appears to lose sight of the big picture or objectives? Are you frustrated by a colleague who operates from … Read More ››

How to STOP the meeting saboteur!

An excerpt from How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley) Have you ever found yourself sitting in the audience at a meeting or conference presentation wondering, ‘What credentials and experience does this speaker … Read More ››

20 things you need to know when persuading at work

(from Michelle Bowden’s keynote for the Australian Packaging Covenant Annual Awards July 23rd and 30th, 2015)       We persuade and influence our family members, friends, clients, colleagues and managers every day of our life. Our days and filled with negotiating, finding compromise, updating, … Read More ››