Success Story – Brenda Doran-Higgins

Check out this inspiring story. It’s a real life account of how one person took some skills that actually work and achieved exciting results.   BRENDA DORAN-HIGGINS | NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE Brenda Doran-Higgins comes from a teaching background. She has taught in a number of … Read More ››

Break your fear of public speaking

            Glossophobia is something you may be able to relate to. It’s the fear of public speaking. And you probably know that most people feel very anxious or nervous before important presentations. For many people, this anxiety can extend to … Read More ››

STOP! Your PowerPoint is Killing me!

            STOP! Your PowerPoint is Killing me! Seriously – your business slides are making me want to poke my eyes out with a sharp instrument! Here are some essential tips to help you create stunning slides that reinforce your key … Read More ››

Girls, do you toot your horn enough?

A few years ago I created a brand, new, world-first psychometric indicator that reports on your persuasive strengths and weaknesses. It’s called the Persuasive Relative Strengths Indicator (PRSI). Since the launch of the PRSI, over 3000 people have tested their current persuasive skill set and … Read More ››