Learning Outcomes and Content

The tailored Business Writing Skills program covers everything you need to know about crafting an email, report, business case, board paper or other business document.

It will incorporate plenty of company specific examples throughout. This program will create an observable increase in writing confidence and superior results in general business.

Outcome: Upon completion participants will have been provided with the tools and techniques to write clearly and with persuasion. In particular, they will learn how to quickly analyse their audience, design their communication using 13 advanced language patterns designed to persuade the audience to their way of thinking. They will also learn about important words to use and avoid when persuading others.

Specifically, by the end of the program participants will be able to demonstrate the following:

    • Plan an effective written communication in a minimum of time with excellent results
    • Design a written communication that is easy to read and remember
    • Create headings and titles that draw the reader’s attention
    • Influence their reader to think, feel and respond in a way the communicator chooses
    • Using plain english and removing inappropriate jargon, and unclear and redundant words
    • ‘Hook’ the attention of the stakeholder using statements of rapport
    • ‘Directionalise’ the thoughts of the reader through the tool of framing
    • Motivate the reader by appealing to a variety of values
    • Command the attention of their reader
    • Manage Objections
    • Feel confident and persuasive as a business writer
    • Design a skill development agenda to ensure skills are developed long term.


Learning Resources included in your investment

We will send you some pre-work to complete prior to attending the training which will require you to answer some important questions that begins your learning process.

In addition, we will forward you a list of questions that your individual’s manager should discuss with you prior to training.

As part of the investment when you book a 1-day Business Writing Skills program you will receive a workbook, laminated learning guide, mouse-mat with key models, subscription to How to Present monthly magazine.



$795 + GST Standard Rate
$695 + GST Group Rate per person for three or more from the same company on the same date