Building, Construction, Property & Real Estate Testimonials

Built team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2022

These testimonials are from a selection of Michelle Bowden’s clients in building, construction, infrastructure and real estate sectors. Enjoy!


“Your masterclass has made a big difference to our business Michelle. Put simply, we are winning more deals.”
Joe Fusca
Managing Director, Graphite Projects
“Best program I have been on. Loved it and learnt heaps! It is very practical and very inclusive.
Thank you Michelle!” 
Michel Semaan, Operations Manager and 2 ICOperations Manager and 2 IC Regency (A JELD-WEN Company)
Michel Semaan
Plant Manager, Re.Group

“I loved Michelle’s energy – entertaining. I also loved the flow, the practical examples, tips and tricks. It was different to what I thought it would be. Free script checks is great value add for customer. I will use all of the materials and better connect with my audience.”

Victoria Maru, Group Financial Controller, Ventia


“I loved that the tactical structure was easy to implement, learn as you go, and live feedback. Persuasion broken down as a teachable skill is so beneficial. I will use the 4Mat, POO, and 2nd position.”

Garima Kohli, Senior Finance Manager, Ventia


“I loved that there was lots of structured, usable content. Good pace, good interaction, plenty of time to practice. It was fun and memorable. Lots of take aways to reinforce, good team activity, safe space to try and fail/learn. I will use the POO, 4Mat, whites of eyes, and don’t say ‘but’ and ‘sorry’.”

Louise Hendry, Deputy CFO, Ventia


“I loved the natural way of presenting. Michelle’s experience shines through. It was an engaging way to learn concepts. I loved the calming and supportive environment. I will use the 13 steps and 4Mat – loving myself more!”

Jake Stawiski, Group Manager Treasury, Ventia


“I loved the engagement and techniques taught in the class and the practical skills. I will use the 4Mat and 13 steps to structure presentation.”

Lu Jiang, Senior Finance Manager, Ventia


“Inspiring. It was very useful for people who need to present but lack of skills and knowledge in this space. I will use the structure of a presentation, all the useful tips on gesturing.”

Francis He, Senior Finance Manager, Ventia


“Michelle was fabulous! Great energy; down to earth concept and speech. I loved the high volume of content married with refreshing sense of humour, delivery. I learnt heaps. I will use so much from the masterclass – 4Mat, structure, Persuasion Blueprint, and a new dance!”

Julie Bullock, Senior Finance Manager, Ventia


“I loved that it was practical – we tried each technique, the constructive environment, and that it all ties back to science, stats and facts. I will use the 4Mat, 13 steps, gestures, and Storyboarding.”

Katrina Hamilton, Senior Finance Manager, Ventia


“I loved the pace and the tips to overcome common mistakes. I will use lots from the masterclass – most of all refer back to the workbook.”

Marty Geach, CFO – Defence, Ventia


“I loved that the masterclass was engaging – lots to learn! It is simple to implement. It was fun. Dog you are quick! I will use the 4Mat, words not to use.”

Jozef McPherson, Group Manager – FP&A and Business Performance, Ventia

“Michelle was a very engaging facilitator and I found the course to be very challenging and worthwhile. After many years of giving presentations I know now why they could fall flat, and was amazed how little I knew about making a meaningful presentation.” 
David Waterman
Chief Executive Officer, Consolidated Energy
"The masterclass was very in depth and influential which will help me to become a more confident presenter. I loved Michelle’s positive energy and passion for teaching. I will use the POO method to resolve both personal and work conflicts and use the voice and relaxation method to become more confident before presentation and meetings.”
Joshua Rotundo
Project Coordinator, Graphite Projects Pty Ltd
“I loved the feeling I got from this masterclass.  I loved learning the science of persuasive presenting and putting myself out there. I will use everything with the 4Mat, POO and WIIFM, and being on point to my job.”
David Kennedy
Project Manager, Graphite Projects Pty Ltd
“Great way to upskill and have fun at same time. Congrats Michelle on running an impressive and effective course on Presentation Skills!  I loved that the masterclass had a clear path and processes, plenty of interaction, lots of tools, constructive feedback and was engaging. I will use everything especially the Persuasion Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis, and 4Mat."
Mark Denny
National Dealer Manager, Hettich Australia
“Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day course, one I would recommend to anyone who meets or presents to others. I loved that the content was relevant and extensive. I will use the POO, WIIFM, 4Mat not only in presentations, also in critical or conflict meetings."    
Nicholas Stergiou
Project Director, Graphite Projects Pty Ltd
"I have had the pleasure of not only engaging Michelle to deliver Presentation and Communication Skills training to various professional employees and managers across our organisation over many years, I have also enjoyed the benefit of having attended Michelle's program. A testament to how great Michelle is in this field, is that we've continued to engage her to deliver programs in our organisation for at least 10 years if not more. Michelle is passionate, enthusiastic and engaged. She has great tips, tools and techniques that can help anyone at any level improve their communication and presentation. She commits her full self to her content and is an expert in her field. She demonstrates that she truly cares about the people attending her courses and has a personal desire to see them succeed in their endeavours to develop and improve their skills. I am delighted to say that I know Michelle (she is such a pleasure to know) and delighted to say that she has helped me improve my skills as a result of having attended her program. I would not hesitate in recommending Michelle to any organisation or individual needing to develop or improve their communication and presentation skills.”
Nicole Issaakidis
HR Director, CBRE
“Excellent subject and information and it was easy to follow. I loved that there was plenty of time to practice, out of my comfort zone and was pushed to learn. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and 5-Step Analysis."                      
James Stewart
Associate, Integrated Transport & Mobility, Aurecon
"I loved all of it! - the logic, colour, energy, Persuasion Blueprint, and the variety of teaching and learning methods. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, Storyboard, and Persuasion Blueprint.”
Stephen Henry
Director, Graphite Projects Pty Ltd

“I loved everything! The content, the manner it was presented, the tips and tricks I can take to use at Built. Highly recommend that Built continue using Michelle. I will use the 4Mat technique, Storyboarding and the whites of the eyes.” 

Mark Coomey, Construction Foreman, Built


“I loved the interaction and opportunity to ‘practice’ throughout the course and the clear layout of blueprint – easy to follow. The environment is friendly, vibrant and inclusive which aids learning (well guided by Michelle!) I will use the Persuasion Blueprint! Then I will reference my notes and the online ideas. Using the methods in everyday – emails, meetings will help to use the Persuasion Blueprint all the time. I think a follow up course may help to further reinforce.”

Alexandra Ceccato, Fire Safety Engineer/Consultant, Omnii


“Such a fantastic 2-days that will help me well into the future. This program has really helped me present, even in the moment, on content that I may, or may not feel completely across with confidence. I love that I now have the skills to implement planning and structure to my presentations and meetings and can present an effective communication. This program has helped with my confidence levels all the way from planning to presenting.”

Kimberley Lawrence, People & Culture Project Manager, Built

“I loved that it not only gave lots of new information that will be beneficial to apply in all aspects of my work, but also the tools and the framework to implement it. It was fun, practical, challenging and most importantly - relevant! Thank you! I can’t wait to see the improvements we will all see from attending. Bring the BOLT in for a session!”
April Shields
National Bid Manager, Built

“I loved the different perspective on presenting and providing a lesson in presenting in the modern times.”

Jehad Malas, Estimating Manager, Graphite Projects


“I loved the interaction and opportunity to ‘practice’ throughout the masterclass and the clear layout of blueprint – easy to follow. The environment is friendly, vibrant and inclusive which aids learning (well guided by Michelle!) I will use the Persuasion Blueprint! Then I will reference my notes and the online ideas. Using the methods in everyday – emails, meetings will help to use the Persuasion Blueprint all the time. I think a follow up course may help to further reinforce.”

Alexandra Ceccato, Fire Safety Engineer/Consultant, Omnii


“I loved that it was confronting, developmental, and that it fast tracked and challenged our normal process. Michelle provided strong tools that are applicable and useable. I would have liked a pre-read on some topics (key) to familiarise myself prior as it was challenging with learn speed. I feel rewarded for inputs and challenging my comfort zones. I loved the feeling I got from this program.”

Ben Prichard, National New Business Manager, Built

“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and positive energy. Really an eye opener on ways that I could improve my presentation and communication skills. Fantastic, great and fun learning environment. Definitely 100% recommend!"

John Yoo
Project Coordinator, Graphite Projects Pty Ltd

“I’m so delighted to learn the 4Mat; POO technique; better presenting gestures and stage positioning. Very energetic and informative session. Makes presenting fun!” 

Adam Brown, Manufacturing Manager, A & L Windows (VIC)


“Loved it! Michelle’s got a knack for holding your attention for long periods of time. The content is useful and practical and the detail, no stone was unturned. Will definitely be making behavioural changes to how I perform.”

Cody Timoti, Aluminium Production Manager, Stegbar Windows & Doors (NSW)


“I really enjoyed the masterclass and found it incredibly useful. No matter who you are, or how good at presenting you are, you will benefit from this program. I loved that it provides a framework on how to structure a presentation. It was non-threatening and I never felt sadly out of my comfort zone! It is quite visual so is easier to remember. And we now have aids to help use it at work. It should be mandatory for everyone at Built.”

Phill Edwards, Technology Program Manager, Built

"I learnt how to deliver my message correctly, to have people buy in. I will use the 4Mat/POO – all of it!”
Joey Mtanos
Contract Administrator, Built

“I loved the changing content and the rhythm of the days. The presenter was engaging (as you’d expect). The program had great content. It was valuable, challenging, and highly recommended.”

Giovanni Inserra, Accountant Director, MPA


“I loved that it was interactive, memorable, and well structured. I will use the 4Mat and 13 steps. The program was great, enjoyable. A lot to remember but I wasn’t intimidated by it. Thank you Michelle!”

Zoe Stanford, Relationship Manager, MPA


“This program was enjoyable and shared some great knowledge. The material was great and the way it was presented was concise and step by step. Thank you, Michelle!”

Aryo Kristaidi, Process/Production Engineer, JELD-WEN Glass Australia (QLD)

“Michelle is engaging and captivating. Her range of teaching methods enable everyone to learn efficiently. She uses parts of the course when addressing the class which she highlights after the fact to show it’s effectiveness. The Persuasion Blueprint is a must. I will approach each conversation, email and presentation in 4Mat, think from the 2nd position to tailor the presentation to the audience so I achieve better results.”
Adam Baric
Construction Project Manager, Graphite Projects Pty Ltd

“What an excellent program! The overnight homework pulls together what you didn’t realise was there. A practical, structured way to be more persuasive. Michelle is a great and totally credible presenter.”

Phillip Trimnell, Technical Manager, A&L Windows (VIC)


“Michelle’s presentation skills course is the most positive career and life changing experience I’ve ever had!!”

Odette Patrick, Associate, Program Advisory, Aurecon


“I loved the inclusive, engaging learning. I also loved the really useful strategies and techniques. It was great for getting practice on what we were learning. A lot of content covered and broken down in a really effective and easy to digest way. Lots of laughs together! More people at Built should do this, especially people who run workshops and training.”

Katie Graham, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Built

“The masterclass was engaging and very informative. It taught me a lot of new lessons and provided me with a good template that I can use for the future. I will use the 4Mat, 5-Step Analysis, movement and gesture tips, and the Persuasion Blueprint template.”
Simon Constantone
Contract Administrator, Built

“I loved the engagement, enthusiasm, structure, and that it is applicable to every day. It was detailed and informative. It exposed some flaws in our existing actions and processes.”

Luke Horton, Project Manager, Built


“I had the pleasure of being trained by Michelle in her Presentation Skills course. Michelle is very passionate, creative, fun and results oriented in her training. She personally cares about her students and is an expert in her field. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone or organisation that wishes to improve and invest in their employees.”

Cindy Greeratiyuth, Senior Customer Experience Executive, Site1001


“I loved the 13 steps, the energy with which it was presented, the resources and tools, and that the explanations were easy to understand. I also loved the team building. Overall the program was well executed, engaging and successful.”

Stacey Morgan, Marketing Manager, Built

“I loved learning how to properly conduct or structure a presentation. I will use the 4Mat and Persuasion Blueprint."
Thomas Howe
Senior Contract Administrator, Built

“I loved the practical and relatable examples and the way it was presented. Was not as daunting as I thought. Will be very easy to implement the techniques learnt.” 

Jane-Frances Christie, NSW Area Manager, Breezway


“I loved that Michelle did not make the 2 days hard. The training was engaging from start to finish. It was a great learning environment with lots of energy. I clearly learnt a lot of information in a short time and came away with valuable tools. I think it would be beneficial for the people who have attended to have the senior people in the business attend to support the learning of the masterclass.”

Anthony Ho, Project Manager, Built


“What an excellent program! I loved Michelle’s energy, the content of the program and how interactive it all was. Thank you, I learnt more than I expected to.”

Steven Cameron, General Manager, Trend Fenestra (NSW)

“Excellent program! Learnt so much, my head feels like it will explode (in a good way). Michelle is great, engaging and passionate! I learnt a lot. Thanks Michelle.”
Melissa Kliese
Marketing Manager, JELD-WEN Australia (NSW)

“What an engaging, fast moving (but not too fast) program! I feel mentally stronger; I understand myself better and I now understand others more. So worth it!”

Rob Hardy, Sales Manager Vic/Tas, Corinthian Doors (VIC)


“This program had so many useful tips and information. The interaction was great, and it was an entertaining two days, the repetition helps lock in the learning. Thank you, Michelle!”

Nicol Holman, Team Leader Service Desk, JELD-WEN Australia (QLD)


“A very worthwhile program.  Michelle is great and makes everyone feel comfortable.  This extends beyond presentations.  We learnt life skills. Lots of tips and ‘presents’.  More people at CSR should do this extremely polished course.”

Bruce Foxall, CSR

“I came away with a lot of practical skills to prepare better presentations and generally feel much more confident to present and be more persuasive in all communications. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, Persuasion Blueprint, pace, pace, pace."
Elena Eckhardt
Communications Specialist, Built

“It was an intense 2 days. There was a very logical methodology and the content was very aligned to furthering my skill set in presenting. The templates and how to populate the templates are great. Understanding your audience and their profiles was great. Our audience is ‘all’ personality types and that’s what we need to structure our presentations to.”

Allan Griffiths, Design Manager, MPA


“Michelle always gives a powerful and very inspiring presentation, and is very skilled at influencing the best outcome for participants in any situation.”

Keith Atkins, Managing Director, Keith Atkins Bathrooms Pty Ltd


“I loved the tools, use of visual and audio and physical tools to learn techniques, the environment (good, non-confronting, and supportive), the logical flow of work for the 2 days and that it was non-convoluted and simple.  I would recommend to anyone looking to upskill and for all industries/roles/levels.”

Matthew Wilton, Sales and New Product Development, CSR

“A fantastic course to really take us from novice to a higher level of confidence. Techniques were taught clearly and within a safe space to really nail down the message. I will use the 4Mat and will work to really understand perspectives – clients, consultants, Built."
Kevin Agahari
Senior Project Engineer, Built

“I loved that there were multiple angles, approaches, and information that I never would have imagined were required for good presentation skills. An awesome and highly recommended program.”

Ben Dwyer, Estimating Manager, MPA


“I loved the tools and methodology.  It was a big help.  I can feel better and more confident if I work on the skills and methods.”

Stephen Nash, Development Engineer, CSR


“The content and learning was amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days – I got a lot out of it.  I learnt so many practical skills from this course that I will implement to improve my workplace interactions. Love, love, loved it!”

Vanessa Buhagiar, CSR

“Michelle is an amazing trainer. Everything about the training is very helpful. I will use the 4Mat, 5-Step Analysis, and Persuasion Blueprint."   
Sandeep Dhungana
Servicenow Administrator/Developer, Built

“I like that we had such a range of experience and personalities and still we all learnt.  We all progressed and we all walk away feeling like we have clear plans to improve.  Well-structured and timed.  A lot of content and the associated tools offer a mechanism for continued learning.”

Chris O’Brien, CSR


“Most enjoyable.  The content was very relevant and delivered extremely well. Fantastic trainer.  Great venue.”

Patrick Massad, CSR


“Michelle is a true professional and I would highly recommend working with her.”

Geoff Grist, Richardson & Wrench Mosman/Neutral Bay

“The class stepped us through how to better analyse the presentation situation and present the message. It was engaging and moving. I loved the team bonding. I will use the 4Mat, Do/Feel/Think."  
Jonathon Dawes
Design Manager, Built

“Michelle Bowden is an expert in Communicating with a Capital C – Constructive, Creative and Compelling. Then take this expertise and blend it with superior instructional design, a highly engaging trainer, and a splattering of humour, and the result was – a true “Masterclass”. Our operational managers came away with an arsenal of practical steps, models and techniques to improve their persuasive presenting and pitching. Thanks Michelle, you nailed our learning objectives!”

Carolyn Shaw CPA ACC AFAIM DTM, HR Professional Learning & Development Portfolio, JELD-WEN Australia


“Really well structured, engaging and collaborative.  Informative.  I loved that I received good insight into techniques that can improve my presenting.”

Steven Di Grazia,


“I loved that the skills are easy to apply in real life situations and that the big focus was on the most important pieces.  Engaging and really enjoyable.”

Rubie Dickson,

“Michelle is an inspiration and truly connects with people. Her training delivery style is unique and one which you take with you on your career journey. Her advice, passion, coaching and guidance is memorable and she makes it fun!”
Trudy Devereux
People, Strategy & Business Development Manager, RCC National

“I attended a Public Speaking workshop earlier this year with Michelle Bowden. I have done many speaking engagements and thought myself a pretty good speaker. After spending three days with Michelle and reading her books my public speaking has improved immensely. I am now more confident and have used her skills and tips and the results have paid off. I recommend anyone who wants to improve their public speaking to contact Michelle.”

Grazi Lisciotto, East Manager, Air Roofing


“The content is great.  The facilitator is professional and lovely.  I’ve learnt a lot.  Overall, I’ve learned so much more than I thought.  It’s going to help me in my future career.  Thank you!”

Kent Zhang, CSR


“I loved everything!  Structure, engagement, empowerment, techniques, fun.  Great and very charismatic presenter.  Thank you Michelle for being an awesome facilitator.”

Tatjana Zec, CSR

“I loved that we were provided content and guidance about what is required. I will use the structure of designing a presentation and best way to engage an audience."  
Michael Hill
Project Manager – ACT, Built

“I loved pretty much everything.  I wish I had this training when I was younger.  Everyone can benefit from this.  Highly recommended.  It was fun!”

Patrick Edwards, CSR


“I loved learning the great technique; the great mentor and highly experienced trainer; that it was enthusiastic, honest and structures; the areas I can improve in and HOW.  Energised, practical course that everyone can benefit from in their everyday life and beyond work!”

Angeline Kable, CSR


“Taught me a huge number of techniques to make my presentations better which has ultimately improved my confidence.  A good space; a little cold. Great energy from Michelle.  Never felt bored or as if the content didn’t relate.”

Jordon Ruocco, CSR

“I loved the great energy, pace, passion, and content from Michelle, practical tools, techniques, and relevant examples. I will use the presentation framework, language, posture/gesture, and stance strategies."
Dane Lebic
Project Manager, Graphite Projects Pty Ltd

“A fantastic course.  It was interactive and took me out of my comfort zone and taught me valuable skills which I can apply every day. Highly recommended for anyone in leadership or senior positions.”

Paul Scott, CSR


“I loved the process and steps that you can take away from the course to help you build your presentations.  I also loved the group learning, interaction, stimulation and feedback.  A great program and so helpful for future/life skills.”

Anna Jewell, Sunrice


“This masterclass is a perfect example of how effective this technique is for creating memorable, enjoyable and informative presentations.  Loved it.”

Adam Bunn, CSR

“I loved the practical content.  It teaches us techniques that can be applied in daily work life easily.  It was a great experience and I learnt a lot of skills.  The program is SO interactive and dynamic.”

Ramindu Tissera, CSR


“I learnt critical skills for delivering better presentations but also other communications.  A great training course.  I found it useful despite being far too busy at work to take time out.”

Matt Wiles, CSR


“The course content was well presented and the attendee felt engaged throughout the two days.  Excellent.”

Ross Ollerenshaw, CSR


“I loved that it helped me open my eyes to a new world that I didn’t know existed.  I can use what I learnt from Michelle.  I really appreciate the effort for all this.”

Daniel Song, CSR


“Energetic and full of information to improve my presentation skills and my communication in general.  Very interesting and useful training.”

Patrick Baud, CSR


“I loved the activities.”

Ben Transfield, CSR


“I loved the good content, good structure and good presenter.  Very useful in all aspects with valuable business tools.”

Gillian Wilson, CSR

“I loved 4Mat and 13 steps.  Excellent presenter and excellent format (2 days).” 

Ryan Sto Domingo, CSR


“This program is great value! I loved learning how to structure something that was previously rather arbitrary and self-taught and how to improve on this personal weakness.”

Julian Plante, General Manager NSW/ACT, Aneeta Window Systems (NSW)


“This was fantastic and greatly informative. I was delighted to learn all of the content that will help me be a better presenter in the future. I loved the light hearted vibe in the room.”

Sam Collits, Business Development Manager , Kolder North Coast (NSW)


“This was a great program, definitely an upgrade for your public speaking skills. The presentation structure, framing and strategy were fantastic!”

Ashit Bhatia, Credit Controller, Trend Windows & Doors (NSW)


“Such an amazing and transformational Masterclass. The templates and resources provided are amazing. I loved the challenge to overcome my speaking fears. Just an overall amazing program!”

Michael Tocasio, National Commercial Manager, A&L Windows (VIC)


“This was excellent! Had my full attention the whole time. The structure was great. Michelle was very experienced and engaged with everyone.”

Kelvin Ling, General Manager, Breezway Malaysia


“I loved the framework and clues!  Very good!  Thank you!”

Mick Fabar, Managing Director, Green Homes Australia


“I would certainly recommend Michelle in passing on her expert knowledge with passion and enthusiasm that keeps your attention and interaction.”

James Taylor, Managing Director, Unique Homes


“I loved Michelle’s energy, dealing with nerves, 4Mat and the 13 steps – all of it!  Really felt like a safe place to learn and practice and love the support offered by Michelle.”

Andre Dreyer, Manager of Enterprise Information & Analytics, RSL Care


“Just Brilliant! The best 2-day course I have ever attended and Michelle you are outstanding at your craft – Thank you so much. I loved the design of the 2 days meant not only did we learn the techniques and concepts, we were able to build our presentation, practice it and gain invaluable feedback. More than I had hoped for.”

Caroline Bolderston, Coach & Trainer, Belle Property


“Best program of its kind that I have been on which will be game changing and an asset in my new role.  I loved the great structure and content.  It was a very engaging program with a passionate and positive instructor which gives great credibility to the course.”

Dennis Biasotto, Continuous Improvement Manager, The Laminex Group


“Michelle is energetic and a fantastic teacher.  The course helped me to gain confidence in my own ability to craft an engaging presentation using the steps and tips throughout the 2 days.  Engaging, stimulating, and made me realise planning is so important.”

Melanie Hopgood-Bould, National Marketing Manager, The GPT Group


“The interaction was excellent and ensured a unified group.  The amount of information to learn was just really importantly in the right sequence.  Michelle’s teaching technique is very engaging – I wanted to be involved.  The best presentation course out there!”

Paul Clark, Project Director, MPA


“Brilliant!  I loved the way all the bits (overwhelming in isolation) were brought together in a logical, easy to follow structure.”

Paul Andreatta, Workplace Director, MPA

“I loved everything – the structure; 13 steps; and the thoroughness of the program that provides everything you need to soar like an eagle.  Michelle is a charismatic presenter.  I walk away with a better ability to present across all areas.”

Kathryn Ellis, Head of HR, Chamberlain Group


“I loved the format. I felt as though everything comes together so well and with continuously repeating steps it cements the program. It was welcoming and felt casual.”

Amy Hatfield-Smith, Systems Administrator, Built


“I loved the energy and confidence that it gave me, and the tools and knowledge to create strong persuasive presentations and apply the learnings to everyday life.  Extremely worthwhile and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Anthony D’Agostino, Product Marketing Manager, Chamberlain Group


“The material was easy to follow.  It was a lot of information for my level of skill in this area and felt a bit overwhelming. Overall it was inspiring.”

Mark Krebs, Design/Mechanical Engineer, Chamberlain Group


“Exceeded my expectations!  I loved the way Michelle delivered the content – engaging and interactive.”

Augustin Leung, Demand Planner, Chamberlain Group


“I loved the deep background knowledge and practical tools and techniques.  It was way more challenging and rewarding than I anticipated.”

Chris Peres, WHS Manager, Chamberlain Group

“I loved the take away template and videos, Storyboarding and 4Mat, and the change in my behaviour towards planning.”

Craig Grantham, Area Sales Manager WA, Chamberlain Group


“The energy and delivery was brilliant!  Very informative and excellent structure.”

Travis Peller, Area Sales Manager Vic, Chamberlain Group


“I loved the involvement and the safety to come out of my comfort zone.  Fast paced and adaptable to my role in my organisation.”

Matt Day, Area Sales Manager NSW, Chamberlain Group


“I loved the exceptional trainer; that it was fun; that we learnt a lot with good strategies on preparing for a presentation; and the great structure and involvement.  Love Michelle!  Always engaged/never boring.  Michelle, I must commend you on an exceptional course.”

Vlad Baltovski, Parkview


“I loved the great, practical techniques to apply immediately; the clear structure; that it was easy to understand; well-paced and Michelle was incredible!”

Carl Ruut, RCC National


“I loved that the hints and tips aren’t just from a textbook or obvious.  I also loved the linguistics.  Excellent – very informative and persuasive and yet so easy to build on!”

Kimberley Snape, Mangoola Coal


“Excellent! There were so many light bulb moment over the two days. The 13 steps structure is very powerful.”

Andrew East, National Business Manager, Allegion

“It is reassuring to understand that great speakers are made not born.  Michelle took us through the entire program with practical techniques and examples.  A great program led by a very genuine, personable and inspiring individual!  Well done and thank you Michelle.”

John Carleton, Line Sight


“Michelle provided simple processes and  techniques to follow in order to improve my presentation skills.  Simple effective techniques to improve presentation skills.  It’s a shame we couldn’t have the second day.”

Ben Kusajda, Contract Administrator, Built


“We learnt very important techniques on how to present. With learning anything new it can be lost just as fast and the good news is that Michelle has created an interactive program that allows you to learn and retain 100% of what has been taught and has done so with a mixed discipline audience.  No smoking mirrors with this lady!  Michelle’s course is required to improve communications in our industry, lives and has a positive impact on everyone around us and, more importantly, positively impacts our company’s growth and market share.”

Sergio Rojas, Senior Project Engineer, CPB Contractors


“I loved everything!  Michelle is fantastic. I never felt bored once during the two days.  I feel much more confident about how to approach so many upcoming tasks.  Highly recommended.  I loved the takeaway presents and knowledge.” 

Ramsay Horton, Built


“I loved knowledge provided on how to structure a slide presentation effectively, and the advice on stage craft and positioning.  Very informative and helpful for those a little unsure about their presentation skills – it tops it off.”

Matt Whittle, Senior Project Manager, Built


“I loved learning how to structure your presentation with 4Mat; learning techniques to become a more effective communicator; learning how to be more persuasive; learning about the different personality types; and learning about body language do and don’ts.  A great program – a must for anyone that presents to others.  Confidence booster.”

Daniel Fiori, Contract Administrator


“Michelle was a very detailed and passionate teacher.  The material was broad enough to use in many situations, not just in presentations.  This was quite an intense course.  Very useful and I will take a lot from it.”

Adam Pearce, Site Manager, Built


“There is a hell of a lot of content, which in most cases would be too much; not in this case though because Michelle’s approach helps to retain it all and the support after the course is infinite!  Very valuable.”

Mark Fisher, Site Manager, Built


“I enjoyed the structure and the take away steps to create a great presentation – not only presentation were addressed but how we can use the techniques in emails and letters.  I didn’t know what to expect but it was really good!”

Nathan Aberle, IT Professional, Built


“I loved the techniques and take aways that I can apply every day in my role.  Very  enthusiastic and informative.”

Erin Kyne, Senior Design Manager, Built


“I loved the interaction, great content, active leaning, welcoming environment and relevant content.  A great facilitator who is passionate about what they teach.”

Dan Kelzke, Project Manager, Built


“I loved the really practical toolkit for how to implement learnings in the real world and Michelle made it fun and interesting.  An excellent course – very glad to have had the opportunity to do it.  It will have an impact immediately and moving into the future.”

David Campbell, New Business Manager, Built

“Very engaging – never boring!  I was challenged and uncomfortable and have learnt structures to presenting.  Michelle gives 100% and really tries to get the best from everyone.  Extremely professional.”

Luke Rankin, Project Manager, Built


“A challenging program that I have learnt so much from in such a short amount of time.  I was really impressed by Michelle’s knowledge, passion and ability to teach presentation skills.  Very clear content delivered with passion.  I loved that it was broken down into easy steps and was easy to learn – not so easy to implement on the day!  Michelle’s passion was infectious.”

Steve Poole, Project Manager, Built


“A very interesting and enjoyable program.  The practical exercises were very helpful.  I loved the practical techniques, interesting anecdotes, interactivity and the easy to remember prompts.”

Steven Ke, Contract Administrator


“Very insightful to know why, what and how to present.  Michelle was a great presenter and genuinely wanted to help everyone.  Excellent!  Much better than expected!”

Shaun Edwards, Contract Administrator


“Great content, fun, interesting and applicable to everyday practices at work and at home.  A very fun two days!”

Lina Loite, Contract Administrator


“I loved the simple techniques for improving presentations, and the engaging presenter.  A great program that provided simple techniques to improve presenting – not boring!”

Ben Kusajda, Project Engineer

“I loved the structure, tips in presentation, practical application, and bonus materials – videos and reminders. Very effective training.”

Florabel Ignacio, Process improvement engineer, CSR Building Products Limited


“I loved that the content was easy to understand; it was broken into good timeslots; and there was a lot of audience engagement.  The program was effective in delivering the message.”

Tom Perkins, Construction Manager


“I loved the content; group involvement; new techniques & skills; feedback & criticism; and the trainer’s enthusiasm.  It was well facilitated, informative and engaging.”

Brent Longhurst, Contract Administrator


“So much information, but structured in a way that it would be hard work not to take it all in.  I loved it and look forward to changing the way I approach not only my future presentations, as well as my interactions with other people in my professional and personal life.”

Kelly McIntyre, Built


“The course was excellent!  Engaging. Interactive. Fun.  I loved that it was informative – a lot of content but well paced and presented.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and was worried about it (not overly comfortable presenting). It put me out of my comfort zone but in a manner that was fun.”

Peter Randell, Built


“Completely flipped our presentation method on its head! I loved new analyses for presentations and broader communication, and the critiques of our presentation, communication style and broader self.  Amazing!”

Marc Roberts, Built

“I loved the technique and frameworks; the interaction and level it was pitched at; and the intensity.  The tools are essential to anyone in a management role, regardless of whether you present often.”

Adam Arnold, Built


“I highly recommend the program.  I have learnt a lot and will certainly take the framework into my future presentation preparation.  I loved the simplicity of the delivery; the clear information; and the appropriate documentation to complete and extend the understanding.”

Jason Moore, Built


“A new way of doing what we do every day – applicable to so much more than presentations.  Great structure, time frame and presentation.”

James Barta, Built


“I loved the expert trainer who is passionate and energetic; the pace; that it was interactive and not boring.  Excellent!”

Dee Gunning, Built


“I loved learning the psychology surrounding presenting and the fact it’s not just up the front giving a presentation, but an everyday skill of persuasion.  Good taste in music.”

Kris Hocking, Contracts Manager, Built


“Interactive, informative and engaging. I loved the really interesting content.  Useful tips that are real life.”

Angus McKenzie, Contract Administrator, Built


“I loved the practical examples and the real examples by the presenter.  Very helpful, addressing key points for presentation.”

Erich Hendrawan, Senior Contract Administrator, Built

“I loved that it was practical, to the point and almost tailored to individuals.  Engaging and on pulse.”

Osama Swed, Contracts Manager, Built


“The message was relayed in a clear, concise manner.  It got town to what are the essential items to cover during a presentation.  I feel this will greatly benefit my career with Built.  Thanks for the course.”

Kieran Hogan, Contracts Adminstrator, Built


“Very engaging for the whole day.  All subjects were clearly explained and I was definitely persuaded to use them in the future.  The program looked at the items raised in my pre-work.”

Richard McKenzie, Contracts Manager, Built


“I loved Michelle, the presenter. It was interactive and I loved the team bonding. A great day, very well put together.”

Mitchell Guy, Project Manager, Intermain


“I loved the basic structure, relevant skills that are applicable to calls, emails and presentations. I also loved learning how to control the audience.”

Megan Rigden, Senior Designer, Intermain


“Great overall experience!! I loved learning how to structure presentations correctly, plus how to hold myself and interact with my audience. I also loved learning tips for conflict resolution.”

Ashleigh Broady, Designer, Intermain


“I loved that it was interactive, the breakdown of steps that are easy to follow and put into practice, and that it was a tailored program. Thanks, very useful!”

Catherine Wild-Taylor, Designer, Intermain


“Perfect. Thanks so much Michelle. I loved that it was interactive and informative, the fact that we were all engaged all day and feel like we’ve all gained a lot to take away to apply to every day life.”

Devon Mulligan, Junior Architect, Intermain


“I loved that it was interactive, and flexible (Michelle asked us and changed her program and structure). I also loved the info and notes to take away. I learnt a lot to take to the next meeting. I also learnt the importance of good structure to a speech, and the results it can deliver.”

Jessica Marinic,  Design Manager, Intermain


“Michelle was amazing and engaging throughout the whole day. Thanks so much for keeping up the energy with us, for us!!! I loved learning about structure of presentations and how to quickly and efficiently structure a pitch; how to sell through posture, connection, eye contact etc.; quick and easy steps to follow. We learnt so much content in one day. I loved the feeling I got from this program!” 

Elizabeth Kirkland, Senior Designer, Intermain


“Very well presented and engaging. Good learning outcomes and techniques that I will implement. Good practical tips. Fun, informative, good learning outcomes. I will use everything I learnt.”

Chris Cullimore,  Project Manager, Intermain


“I loved that it showed my weaknesses in presenting, not just in a formal setting but day-to-day business dealings and settings.  A good mix of theoretical and practical advice/work.  Very engaging, entertaining interesting.  Addressed my personal confidence issues in presenting.”

James Macree, Contracts Administrator, Built

“I loved the clear tactics and strategy which I can employ in the future.  Engaging throughout and relevant.  Didn’t feel as detached as some courses have to our actual role.”

Whitney Forse, Contract Manager, Built


“Michelle was a very engaging facilitator and I found the course to be very challenging and worthwhile. After many years of giving presentations I know now why they could fall flat, and was amazed how little I knew about making a meaningful presentation.”

David Waterman, Director, Building Innovations Collective


“10 out of 10.  Fantastic!  Everything I hoped for.”

Mick Hill, Downer Group


“I loved the structure, the application across whole of business, and the realisation of how big the task is to be a great keynoter. I would recommend the course to business associates as a great way to improve presentation and managing.” 

Malcolm Quinn, Director, Prime Agents


“Excellent. I loved that it was very real and easily applied to day to life. Michelle is very generous with her time, and extremely knowledgeable. I will highly recommend her course.”

Scott Indian, Manager- Engineering & Tendering, Underground Mining, Downer Mining


“I loved that it was very engaging, with so many great tools to take away and use. Awesome!! Love it.”

Health, Safety & Training Manager- Mining, De Boer, Downer


“I loved learning and developing confidence in the tools and the structure.  I loved Michelle’s engagement!  Thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring.”

Warren Leicester, Downer Group

“I loved that it was raw and confronting internally.  Very engaging presenter.  Very satisfying.  I will be engaging with my team and recommending this course!”

Mark Roderick, Downer Group


“I loved how comfortable I felt, how much info we received and the revision to ensure that we were learning it.  Loved it!  Made me feel more confident.”

Lauren Clark, RCC National


“Fantastic.  Game-changing and character enriching. I loved the energy, the content and the inclusive delivery. You are amazing Michelle.  Love your guts!” 

Duncan Abbey, Westonfence


“Very good and inspiring.  I loved putting myself out there and the techniques for pacing and leading, rapport building and extending.”

Walter Glaser, Argy Property


“All material was very helpful.  I loved 4Mat and the 5 step analysis.  Awesome!” 

Lara Ducasse, Settlement Services International


“I loved the structure to presenting in a common sense way.  The group of attendees varied but without too much ego.”

Damian Harrington, Toga


“I loved Michelle’s energy and the structure of the program/techniques.  Intense and enjoyable – well done!”

Ed Singleton, Managing Director, MPA

“All the information was relevant and applied in bites.  I loved that there were no role plays and there was strong interaction with Michelle and others.  It was an amazing program which can be applied not only to work but rather everything in life.”

David Nguyen, MPA


“I loved the real life, tangible examples.  Where has this been?  Relatable, no matter where or who you are.”

Rob Hezkial, MPA


“I loved getting out of my comfort zone, learning new skills and your energy Michelle!  Great pace and engagement.  Worthwhile content that I will use daily.”

Sarah Hogan, National Marketing and Communications Manager, MPA


“I loved the energy and how engaging it is.  I didn’t have any moments of boredom like some other courses.  It was presented in a way that was easy to understand.  I wasn’t uncomfortable like I have been in other courses which is surprising given I was not looking forward to it because I haven’t enjoyed presenting.  It was wonderful.  I really enjoyed it.  Venue and food was great.”

Dempsey Rossm, Stockland


“Gives a really clear format to use for structuring presentations.  It’s an engaging and practical course that covers all elements of crafting and delivering a remarkable presentation.  Fantastic.  Opened my eyes to many different elements and tips for presenting.”

John Bryant, Stockland


“It was extremely engaging.  I loved that it wasn’t a stock standard course of role-plays and uncomfortable situations.  Michelle armed us with the framework and knowledge to feel confident and excited about presenting.  It was fantastic and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to participate.  I will without a doubt have a lifelong lesson.”

Charlotte Airey, Stockland


“Beyond my expectations!  So excited to put it all into action.  I loved everything, including Michelle and all the lovely people in the course.”

Martin Schiodtz, Metro Property Development


“I loved the structure, pushing past my comfort zone and the tips and tricks to enable understanding of people.  Keep delivering success!”

Ben Freeth, Stockland


“I loved that it was interactive, engaging, focused on breaking bad habits, was very useful, had a small format and no PowerPoint.  Very good.”

Jamie Fini, Managing Director, FJM Property


“Innovative, entertaining & engaging.  Michelle was an excellent coach – never a dull moment.  The program content was very helpful and helped to change my perspective on presentations.”

Shelani Perera – Architect


“I loved Michelle’s energy and expertise, that it was interactive all the way through with each other, the practical tips and realistic feedback and the honesty.  The group of 10 really works well and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with everyone.” 

Sue Duong, Toga


“Inspiring!  I loved that it covered all aspects of constructing and delivering a presentation.  I felt engaged throughout the 2 days.”

Daniel Vard, Toga


“Fun, practical, inspiring and personal.  It was a fantastic couple of days – I loved the content and the application.”

Lana Wood, Lend Lease

“Money well spent – absolute value. Our people are our biggest and most valuable asset and now they can all be more persuasive when presenting.  I loved the energy in the delivery and professional approach. There was so much content and all good stuff that’s relevant to any kind of presenting”.

Jason Voigt, Project Manager, Lend Lease


“This program has taught me invaluable skills on how to present to internal and external stakeholders in an engaging and persuading manner.  Life changing – and should be taught to all employees.  Michelle is inspiring, engaging, professional and entertaining.  Thank you for helping me change and improve one of my most important skills.”

Claire Alexander, Lend Lease


“I loved Michelle’s passion and energy to impart knowledge to her students and her genuine desire to see each attendee improve.  The format and fun approach to learning was captivating and motivating. Only constructive feedback.  The pink does limit the appeal of the course.  Need more people in the world to participate!”

Dean Willemsen, DNW Group


“I loved the teacher – what an amazing person.  The content was very, very helpful.  I also loved the other students, the vibe and energy.  This is a great program that has changed my life.”

Nicole Willemsen, DMW Group


“It has given me the tools and confidence to present in a more effective manner.  A really intense two-day program.  I really enjoyed it!” 

Johnny Iosifidis, MPA


“I loved the music and breaks to increase learning, great process and the passion from Michelle.  Great cramming session for 2 days.  Amazing framework to take away.”

Ben Handler, Cohen Handler


“It is practical, motivating and a supportive environment.  I am encouraged to think that I can actually present competently and will use the tools that I have learnt.” 

Andrea Waymouth, Stockland


“The degree of education provided by Michelle was highly extensive in such a short time frame.  I will be utilising in my new skill set, as much as possible (every day).  Highly valuable and life changing.”

Matt Shepherd, JELD-WEN


“Michelle Bowden is an expert in Communicating with a Capital C – Constructive, Creative and Compelling. Then take this expertise and blend it with superior instructional design, a highly engaging trainer, and a splattering of humour, and the result was – a true “Masterclass”. Our operational managers came away with an arsenal of practical steps, models and techniques to improve their persuasive presenting and pitching. Thanks Michelle, you nailed our learning objectives!” 

Carolyn Shaw, Talent Management, JELD-WEN


“I loved seeing Michelle apply the skills and techniques herself.  Great program.” 

Karl Lens, JELD-WEN


“The information presented was very relevant to tools/techniques covered and will definitely assist me in my role.  I feel very lucky to be part of this course.  You are so inspirational Michelle and I will be sure to stay in touch.”

Amy Ryan, JELD-WEN


“This course gave me the tools to build confidence.  Two massive days of content – all helpful and able to apply on a daily basis.”

Andrew Loucas, JELD-WEN

“I learnt so much – previously I had no formal training.  I gained valuable feedback, guidance and tools to deliver improvements in communication and presentations.” 

Craig Elliott, JELD-WEN


“I loved the structured nature that made the content easy to absorb and apply.  The tools and templates are excellent and easily completed.  Michelle was a superstar presenter.  I was blown away by the change in my confidence and this all thanks to the tools and quality of the two days!”

Richard McKenna, JELD-WEN


“I loved the open, honest and incredibly innovative approach and content.  I am blown away by the tools I have been given.  I will never forget the past two days … just amazing!”

Bram O’Keefe, JELD-WEN


“Michelle, you gave me a lot of information that will allow me to become a great public speaker to my team.  I loved the 13 steps and storyboard … Everything!” 

Rony El-Rahi, JELD-WEN


“I loved the way it was conducted; that I was engaged all the time; and that it made me do homework in which I learnt more.  Very useful, very professional and a must do.  Excellent.”

Nenos Shemoon, JELD-WEN


“Captivating, vibrant, good pace, interactive, encouraging, pushed comfort zones, informative, practical.  Michelle is fabulous, amazing, creative, patient and awesome!”

Sam Miskell, JELD-WEN


“Pace, pace, pace, lead.  Great!”

James Lister, JELD-WEN


“I loved the structure, approach and tips to present and the do’s, don’ts and why.  It was difficult to accept initially, however after I was able to visualise the structure.  Awesome!”

Kenneth Koh, JELD-WEN


“Credible content and well executed.  I loved the energy, content and 13 steps.  It gave me confidence that I can do it.  Funny and engaging.”

Nathan Minchev, JELD-WEN


“I loved the fantastic tools that helped us prepare; gaining the ability to learn and assess my audience first; and Michelle’s energy, elegance and enthusiasm.  I was dreading it but would now spread the word far and wide.”

Chris Donaldson, JELD-WEN


“Very easy to follow – practical and logical.”

Aaron Wardrobe, JELD-WEN


“I loved all the tools, tips, tricks, 13 steps and storyboarding.  Fantastic!”

Jill Honeybell, JELD-WEN


I loved the energy and how Michelle re-trained my thinking. My presentations will never be the same. It was a very different training style (in a good way).

Jeannette Dillworth, Stulz


I loved realising how much I didn’t know. I am going away with a whole lot of information. I loved learning key points on a good presentation. It was very informative and detailed.

Vanessa Bingley, Stulz

Brilliant! I loved the energy and passion of the presenter. Really made the day enjoyable and memorable.

Katie Jakovcevic, Stulz


Excellent training program. It’s really helpful. I loved the 5 Step Analysis and 13 Steps to make the presentation.

Hellen Yan, Stulz


I loved the depth of content and scenarios in which the content can be used. I would highly recommend and will discuss with others that will benefit.

Joel Haslett, Stulz


Informative, useful, good tips and tricks for everyday presentations. I loved that it gave me plenty of tips moving forward to better my presentations.

Ben Harpley, Stulz


It was great to work on and reinforce the techniques. I loved that it helped me understand how to break down barriers, build rapport and deal with nerves.

James Stacey, Stulz


Michelle was great! It was great content and Michelle had great presentation skills. A great program – would like to do the 2nd day.

Mark Ebert, Stulz


“Great. Intense. Effective. Michelle makes the perfection of the topic much easier.” 

Michaela Fini, FJM Property


“I loved the great, enthusiastic presenter.  Made the 2 days very enjoyable.  Great learning techniques.  I enjoyed the course more than I thought I ever would.”

Tom Catalovski, Probuild


“The program removed a lot of my concerns about public speaking.  I relaxed more and felt I could deliver better presentations in the future with less work, just more productive work. Great, engaging, entertaining presentation style. Not confrontational.”

Nick  Gaudry, Probuild


“I loved the intensity and focus, the take-aways and that it works at all level of competence.  I would have liked the opportunity to present twice.”

Alessio Fini, FJM Property


“A good opportunity to hold a mirror up to myself.  Public speaking is part of my job and I want to improve passionately!  Good.”

Arthur Williams, Probuild


“Awesome!  Relative to current projects.  I loved the great energy, engaging, informative and I learnt skills!  It was done in a comfortable environment as well.”

Zenaida McCrae,


“I loved that it was succinct, easy to follow format, energetic, Michelle was very personable, time saver, good take outs for brainstorms.  I really enjoyed and learnt loads in a short amount of time.”

James McGregor,


“Michelle was energetic and able to tailor to the whole team and isolated the important tools and theory to focus on.  I loved the organised approach, mix of practical and theory, customer-centric outcome focus and that it is actionable.” 

Chris Spencer,

“Fun, insightful, enjoyable, even on a hangover.  I loved the new ways to think and tackle presenting.  Michelle was a great presenter.”

Chris Thompson,


“Engaging and insightful.  Michelle taught me so many techniques that will help me in my brief responses and emails.  Loved 4Mat and Storyboarding in 15 minutes!!” 

Erin Holt,


“I loved the clarity of techniques.  Clear, interesting, interactive, expert positioning (Michelle).”

Kate Mackie,


“I loved the energy and tools, overall content and format.  Jam packed full of goodness!”

Richard Lehocz,

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