22 Sep How to build up your Facebook empire

By MacKenzie McCowan (guest contributor)

In the day and age that we live in now, it’s imperative for any business person- whether a professional speaker or not- to understand that the online world has become the number one platform for spreading word about your business. It’s no secret that the online world has become a strong contender for the classic word-of-mouth that you may be used to, so it’s probably time that you maximize your business opportunities by increasing the number of people that access your information on the world wide web.

If you’re one of the 54 million small businesses that currently uses Facebook to support their business or contact clients, you’ll know how impossible it can seem to get the online side of things off the ground. Whilst that might be fine for you currently, and it’s arguable that the online world isn’t the holy grail of advertising, it’s been predicted that in the next 5 years YouTube will become the largest area of promotion for businesses all over the world. I guess that’s why there’s such growth within all the youtube views service providers. Facebook is no longer an option, it’s the option for any inbound marketing strategy. There are three things that any good Facebook business page should be, and each of them start with A: accessible, appealing, and adaptable.

In terms of accessibility, it’s important that your page is readily available on the internet, and this starts with the url. When creating your page, you have the option to customize your url (www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname). Your name should be something short, simple, and easy to remember- make sure that your page’s name is your actual company’s name as well, because you don’t want people googling you and not finding anything. If your company name is your name, it’s a good idea to put your profession after it (i.e. Michael Smith, Presenter) so people are finding your business page as opposed to your personal profile. Additionally, on the page itself you want to make sure that it’s clear where someone can contact you or view further information. There’s no point in making an incredible page if navigating their way to the contact section is impossible- make sure that primarily, your page is easy to find on the web (by using a suitable name), and then make sure that you’re easy to find from your page. Another way you can do this is by linking your contact page from your website, or by posting your email, as an extra note on everything else you post, or by adding a box to any photos that you post that has your contact details on it, so people can contact you almost directly through the website. If you’re going to turn on the messaging section on your Facebook page, make sure that you’re checking your inbox regularly, as Facebook puts up the time it typically takes you to reply to messages in.

For an appealing page, people often underestimate aesthetic influence. A site that’s simple, concise, and utilizes colours well has been proven to be up to 70% more likely to draw in likes/clients than a page that’s monochromatic or, God forbid, doesn’t have a cover photo. The key thing to think about when building up your page’s appearance is the use of colour. Fonts are automatically regulated by Facebook, but the colour of the photos you post and the page itself is incredibly important. The 3 tone combination of a neon tone, with the same colour in a softer shade, and a darker colour than the two former has been shown to be effectively aesthetically appealing- for example, a neon pink, with a dark purple, and black, are three colours that work well- the bright pink draws the eye, the dark purple adds professionalism and the black makes it easier to look at.

Lastly, adaptability. Starting up your Facebook page is going to take time, and it’s going to take a while for your follower basis to build up. Whilst your page is building, it’s important that you keep the content that you’re posting flexible- if a type of material that you’re posting (i.e. How-To tips) are receiving more attention than other posts, adapt to your audience! Giving the people what they want is a way to ensure that not only will you gain new likes, but you’ll also prevent people that already follow your page from unfollowing you due to a lack of relevant/helpful information. Once you find out what content gets the most likes or shares, keep posting that content! It’s all about posting things that will get your page more action- more action is more customers, and more customers is better business.

The three As- accessible, appealing, adaptable- are pivotal parts of creating your Facebook empire. If you unsuccessfully apply them; it’s extremely unlikely that you can reach your businesses’ full potential- however, utilising these skills will lead to a more developed, and more successful business.

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