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Breaking the Gender Code: How women can use what they already have to get what they actually want

Danielle Dobson – ABOUT

Danielle is on a mission to bring more gender balance to leadership, workplaces, families and society by breaking the Gender Code.

A Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Facilitator, Danielle has 14-years finance experience as a CPA to a wide range of organisations from private practice to global corporates. She partners with leaders in business to develop a solid female pipeline, create male allies and build workplace environments that people love to belong to.


Breaking the Gender Code: How women can use what they already have to get what they actually want

Breaking the Gender Code unpacks why women feel the constant pressure to keep so many balls in the air and never feel good enough in the process. It explains where it all comes from and in the process, this comprehensive and easy-to-read book:

– Reveals how the Gender Code creates pressures, holds women back and limits potential.

– Dismantles the outdated motherhood, superwoman and having-it-all myths.

– Puts the Gender Code under the microscope and scrutinises the equation of productivity + business = worthiness.

– Shares tried and tested ‘pressure releases’.

– Provides tools and strategies to create individual solutions for each persons’ unique context.


Breaking the Gender Code encourages professional women to realise their contribution is highly valuable in all their roles. Danielle wants women to understand that the skills and capabilities women have, strengthened by being a parent or caring for others, is a powerful adaptive leadership and career asset.


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