06 May Book Giveaway – May 2017

How exiting!  This month we have one copy of five copies of beautiful and clever Tarran Dean’s brand new book, “THE ALPHABET PRINCIPLE: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” to give away!

It’s okay to admit leadership is both a privilege and a burden. Really. We get it. Fulfilling, and at times incredibly consuming, downright frustrating and challenging, many of individuals find themselves torn between executing well, rapid change, limited resources and conflicting personal values. If this is you, you’re not alone.

In her new book “THE ALPHABET PRINCIPLE: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, Tarran Deane hits the shift key and spells out 26 short, sharp chapters that today’s leaders must get a handle on if they’re to cut through the whispered frustrations of today and lead strategically and tactically in the fast pace of change, artificial intelligence and real life @ work.

Threats to leadership are many:

• lack of self-awareness and identity
• increasing sense of isolation and avoidance of real issues
• rapid pace of change, contextual and critical
• demands of honouring and juggling family responsibilities
• opinions and judgements versus reconciliation and relationships
• political correctness and offence gone made versus real conversations, grace and grit
• chasing the numbers and losing the dream to name but a few!

It’s time to put a stake in the ground, look up, and declare “I can do better! We can do better! We are in this together and if we’re to step boldly into the future, we must get over ourselves, learn what makes each of us tick, stand on values and run towards the future, proactively bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and internal silos. It’s time for grace and grit, to rise up and lead like we mean it! Every word, gesture and deed matters. Be compelling.”

Be the first to email michelle@michellebowden.com.au with “The Alphabet Principle!” in the subject line to win! Thank you for reading the How to Present e-zine! (and remember to include your postal address in your email).

Happy Presenting!


Note: Open to Australian residents only.

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