Book Giveaway: April 2017

This month we have copies of the GPS Girl’s Road Map for Your Future to give away. Be the first to email with the “Road Map For Your Future” in the subject line. Thank you for reading the How to Present e-zine!

How good is your elevator pitch?

You are at a networking event and it comes time to stand up and introduce yourself to the interested onlookers. One after the other, the people before you bore the other meeting attendees silly with their dreary descriptions of their work. Now it’s your turn, … Read More ››

Success Story – Samantha Chambers

Samantha is a corporate escapee, change enabler and an active advocate for the ‘smarter not harder’ approach to life, business and career. She helps business leaders engage their people when embarking on organisational change and helps aspiring business owners survive the jump off the corporate ladder … Read More ››

Book Giveaway – March 2017

This month we have one copy of five different books to give away. The Art of Deliberate success Drive Difficult Personalities microDOMINATION Fun at work Be the first to email with the tile of the book you want to win in the subject line. … Read More ››

Success Story – Tanya Lawrence

Tanya is the Co-Founder of Restore One Charity. Restore One works in rural Cambodia with people in poverty stricken villages. 18 months ago they opened their first primary school and have 250 children attending. In 2016, the goal is to open a high school! Tanya’s … Read More ››

Book Giveaway February 2017

The Art of Conversation by Hugh Gyton Strong conversation skills are not only key in reducing the potential for misunderstandings or conflict, they are fundamental in enabling people to quickly build rapport with new contacts, develop strong relationships and have greater success throughout life. With … Read More ››

Success Story: Michelle Payne

In both her personal and professional life, Michelle has always connected strongly with people and their stories. As a life coach, Michelle supports her clients to embrace their full potential. Strong enough to hold you accountable, yet compassionate enough to support you along the way, … Read More ››

Put your best foot forward!

I delivered a presentation a few years back in the worst venue possible! There were no walls – just curtains between the various parts of the event. Unfortunately there was another speaker on at the same time as me. We were both wearing lapel mics. … Read More ››