Book Giveaway: November 2016

This month we have one copy of five different books to give away! Strengths Finder by Tom Rath Stop Playing Safe by Margie Warrell I am the Problem by Soozey Johnstone The New eBay by Todd Alexander The Creative Edge Be the first to email with the title of … Read More ››

FREE Book Giveaway – October 2016

Did you realise your leadership ability will ultimately determine the size of your success? This book takes you up-close and personal with 13 extraordinary people who have mastered the art of leadership and influenced millions around the world. Whether it’s in business, sport, politics or … Read More ››

Success Story – Chantal Brodrick

Chantal Brodrick – Principle Business Coach, Active Management Chantal is a passionate promoter of healthy, active and happy living.  With a corporate background in sales and marketing, and a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Chantal works with fitness professionals as a coach and … Read More ››

Confidence by Michelle Bowden

You know that I’m a presentation skills trainer and in that capacity thousands of people each year tell me they’d like to be more confident. We know that confidence is something we all need in order to have a good life. And for a variety … Read More ››

How to build up your Facebook empire

By MacKenzie McCowan (guest contributor) In the day and age that we live in now, it’s imperative for any business person- whether a professional speaker or not- to understand that the online world has become the number one platform for spreading word about your business. … Read More ››

Success Story – Angela Butler

Angela Butler, ‪Claims Specialist at Swiss Re – NZ Lead Passionate about proactive claims management and the customer experience, Angela joined BTFG as the Quality Assurance and Training Manager in March 2011. Prior to this she was a Senior Claims Consultant at RGA (Reinsurance Group of … Read More ››

Blinding Flashes of the Obvious!

It’s incredibly easy to go back to your old habits after attending a massive training session like the Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass. And we know that one way to make sure you are constantly reminded of all the important things you have learnt is to … Read More ››