Success Story – Sean Lomas

Sean is the Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) Implementation Manager at the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI). Sean both project manages ACI’s component of the state-wide LBVC program and supports the implementation of patient centred Healthcare and Health system redesign. Sean’s work contributes to … Read More ››

‘Presidential’ Tips for People in Business

When I say the word, ‘president’ you probable think Donald Trump. Interestingly, although he’s in the job, I don’t think of him as presidential.  When I think ‘President’ I think of people with impressive leadership qualities like Obama, JFK, Martin Luther King, Ghandi. These people … Read More ››

Book Giveaway – June 2018

This month we have three resources to giveaway: Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers. Interview with Chris Gray from the Sky channel Hooked The Good Enough Diet Be the first to email with the title of the book that you … Read More ››

Success Story – Jade Hardy

Jade Hardy, is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Australian family owned Caruso’s Natural Health. Jade works as an ambassador for the brand, presenting National morning TV infomercials for the company. Jade is also a passionate personal development coach, so the ability to effectively communicate is … Read More ››

Break the ice – use an ‘icebreaker’

Working out how to begin a workplace presentation can be quite tricky at times.  Most people tell me that prior to attending my Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass they are inclined to just open their meetings with the usual,  “Hi everyone and thanks for coming today, … Read More ››

Book Giveaway – May 2018

This month we have three books to giveaway: Inhuman Resources Secrets of Sales Professionals Exposed 8 Business Women Reveal Their Secrets of Success Be the first to email with the title of the book that you would like in the subject line to win! … Read More ››

Success Story – Jot Mehta

Jot Mehta is a solicitor advocate prosecuting serious criminal charges in NSW. He engages in regular conferences with stakeholders trying to negotiate appropriate pleas of guilty. He also regularly appears in criminal trials before a judge and jury making persuasive legal arguments and presenting complex, … Read More ››

What do certain body movements mean?

When you are presenting it’s easy to just let your body move without thinking too much about it. After all, you’re trying to remember what to say, look into your audience’s eyes and interact with visual aids too. It’s important to understand that your body … Read More ››

Book Giveaway – April 2018

This month we have five copies of “Little Wins for Working Women” by  Jen Dalitz to give away. Be the first to email with “Little Wins” in the subject line to win! Thank you for reading How to Present e-zine. (and remember to include your postal … Read More ››

Success Story: Marion van der Krogt

Marion is the Customer Experience Manager for Hino Australia, a Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles. In this role she leads the company’s customer experience department with responsibility for customer experience initiatives, the Hino Care Centre and CRM technology platforms. Marion grew up in Switzerland and … Read More ››