Getting Started – Room Set Up

To make sure that people don’t wish they were doing something else other than watching you deliver your presentation there are a few simple steps to be aware of as you set up your presentation room. They are: ‘Claim your Space’ in the centre of … Read More ››

A Formula for Use of Colours

Colours have meaning so consider the meaning of the colours you use on your whiteboard, flipcharts or PowerPoint slides: Dark Blue Blue is a colour of authority, good fortune, communication, wisdom, protection, spiritual inspiration, calmness, reassurance, water, trust, truth, sea. It is an effective colour … Read More ››

Use Fonts for Clarity

Use a dark text on a light background so you avoid having to dim or turn off the lights. For clarity, it’s better to change the colour of the word to make it stand out rather than either underlining or bolding it. Half the people … Read More ››

Be Careful Using Graphs

Graphs are used commonly in corporate presentations to highlight trends and show comparisons. We know ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ – and it does, as long as you can see the picture and the details of interest. In my experience most people simply copy … Read More ››

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Remember the last time you saw a really powerful image, perhaps a photograph in a magazine of children in poverty. The picture is now etched in your memory – a powerful reminder of the facts surrounding the image. You should aim to do the same … Read More ››

How To Present July 2011

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Are you using PowerPoint as a lethal weapon?

Are you guilty of the ‘kid in a toyshop’ syndrome, where your enthusiasm for your newfound slide mastery is clouding your judgement as a presenter? Have you thought enough about the need to concentrate more on your verbal and non-verbal communication than your visual aids? … Read More ››