Be present

When you present, you need to BE PRESENT! A blinding flash of the obvious I hear you say! So why don’t speakers demonstrate this?

It’s not as easy as it sounds to concentrate, marshal all your faculties, focus on what you’re saying, read the signals on the faces of your listeners, and when they drift off, pull them back into the moment.

I often remind myself that audiences could be somewhere else, but they’re not – they are here with me. And as the speaker, it’s your job to make this the best hour they are going to have all day.  There’s only one way to do that to my way of thinking and that’s to be there for them.  Serve your audience.  Remember it’s not about you it’s all about the audience. So look out into their eyes and smile at them and connect. Then engage in a conversation with them. Interact with them if you can – that really helps you be present.  That’s what they are there for – give love!

Next time you present, take some time beforehand to plan what you’ll do to be in the moment with your audience.  Happy Presenting!