Banking, Finance and Insurance Testimonials

CBA team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2023

These testimonials are from a selection of Michelle Bowden’s clients in the banking, finance and insurance sectors spanning 1999 to today. Enjoy!

“I loved the energy and level of engagement. Michelle has a way of making all of the techniques very relatable. I will use all of it!! Especially the techniques to prepare – this has been a hurdle for me previously – I never knew where to start, and now I do.”

Mel Gauci, Program Manager, Australian Payments Network


“I loved the ideas around ‘persuasion’ not just presenting. I loved the techniques like pace/lead and language of persuasion. I will use the whole methodology.”

Rob Magee, Program Director, Australian Payments Network


“I loved that it was like a recipe. If you follow, the end result tastes good. I will use the prep more and implement the Persuasion Blueprint.”

Fernando Tostado, Growth Initiatives Lead, Allianz Partners Australia

“I loved all if it : having a framework/process to use; it was fun to learn/high energy/colourful; plenty of time to practice. I will use all of it especially POO all the time and this new way of preparing for my presentations. I loved the feeling I got from this masterclass, especially the progress I made on extending myself. Totally inspired by what I learnt from you Michelle. Can’t wait to get started applying it.”​
Carmel Onions
Executive Manager Agribusiness ESG, Strategy & Carbon, CBA
"I loved there were lots of effective techniques. Very encouraging facilitator. I loved the practice sessions that help drill in the tools, the workbook, the laminated short guide and the mouse mat that can help me remember everything learned in this class. I will use everything whenever I can - 4Mat, POO, Storyboarding, and 5-Step Analysis and Persuasion Blueprint.”
Ann Lai
Senior Accountant, Spry Roughley Services Pty Ltd.
“I loved that the masterclass had lots of content and great tips, practicing the application, great tools to use in the future. I loved Michelle’s energy and humour and also learning about areas I didn’t know were a thing. I will use the toolkit and templates, lots of tips and awareness of what to avoid.”
Colin Hall
“I loved the passion and knowledge that Michelle showed over the whole 2 days. The masterclass clearly outlined the 13 key steps for nailing an awesome, persuasive presentation. It wasn’t a scary process either. I will use the 13 steps! I also want to add in the body language and how to present as effectively as possible.”
Melissa Banek
Head of HR, APAC, IMC Trading
“I loved that there was lots of trying/hands-on experience, a very knowledgeable and energetic presenter, and that a lot was covered in two days. I will consider audience always and the various techniques and templates.”
Martijn Danse
Head of IT Operations, IMC
"I have done speaking courses before – there was a lot of new information in this Masterclass which will be very useful. Michelle was very knowledgeable, pushed us hard and also provided a very enjoyable learning experience. I will use the whites of eyes, linguistic patterns, POO, 4Mat – body language tips.”
Matthew Benney
Managing Director – APAC, IMC
“Much more value and practical techniques than I have taken from any other presentation program. Techniques were backed by theory (and presented in 4Mat!) Much more useful than boilerplate theory. I will use the 5 Step Analysis, general structuring, rapport, POO (pace, pace, pace, lead).”
Nick Haan
Head of Technology, IMC
"I loved that the masterclass is tangible – we worked and practiced on real presentations. It gave me assurance on current presenting skills and what to improve on. I loved spending time with colleagues outside day to day. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, and read the books gifted.”
Natasha Panchal
Business Strategist, IMC
“Overall, the most positive, accessible presenting training I have attended. I loved the energy and enthusiasm of Michelle; the practical and easy to remember steps, the simplicity of concepts, and the confidence instilled in the participants. Michelle subtly weaves in good adult learning theories – a very credible presenter.”
Diane Trainor
Senior Development Leader, Education & Learning CA Program, Chartered Accountants ANZ
“Excellent, thank you so much! Michelle’s energy made this enjoyable even when I was really nervous. The logic of the steps is really well presented and the relevant practice of the steps to retain the information is helpful. Feedback on my presentation was delivered in a really positive way even with things to improve on – was made to feel comfortable. The tools and resources provided to use forever are great. The 4Mat and Persuasion Blueprint are great tools for everyday work.”
Nicole Gloor
Executive Assistant to Chief People Officer, Great Southern Bank
“I loved the constant interaction, group setting, and the great amount of material. People in the public masterclass were really nice. Great presenter! Great structure to the class and model works well.”
Kiet Trieu
Senior Manager Market Operations, Challenger
Janus Henderson team members celebrating in Presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in December 2018

“I loved the intimate, safe group where you could practice; the lovely diverse group; that Michelle pays attention to all; and so much energy!  Amazing, best course and worth every cent!”

Lucinda Hawkins, Bank of Queensland


“I loved Michelle! I actually learnt a lot of practical tools that I will start using straight away. Michelle has a beautiful energy and made us laugh all day. I will use many things, how to stand, not to say ‘but’ and use ‘because’ instead, pacing/leading.”

Kate Munro, Associate Consultant, DPM


“It was super engaging. Michelle was sensational, she kept us all engaged. I liked how the training was linked to our specific roles. I will be conscious of how I stand and use 4Mat.”

Jessica Santiago, Associate Consultant, DPM


“A very fun and engaging day. The masterclass was very informative and educational. I will use the 4Mat structure to develop future presentations and client meetings. I will also use removing ‘but’ and ‘however’ from client interactions.”

Kyle Roberts, Associate Consultant, DPM


“The 4Mat was a game changer to learn about. Storyboarding and incorporating 4Mat was a great way to visually see how these concepts can be implemented. I will definitely be using 4Mat to structure my presentations at work and delivery in my personal life.”

Leah Malabanthi, Wealth Associate Consultant, DPM


“I enjoyed how engaging and interactive the masterclass was. I felt it was personalised to our specific needs. I feel comfortable and confident in the information I have learnt. I will use the pace and leading method for problem solving and persuasive language – especially in emails. I will use the 4Mat – to script future presentations.”

Georgia McVann, Associate Consultant, DPM


“I loved that it was an informative session. It was interactive, engaging and fun. I will use less ‘but’ & ‘however’. Use more ‘because’, think more in second position instead of first. I will use good gestures when presenting.”

Naomi Li, Lending Consultant, DPM


“I loved that the masterclass was engaging, informative, and fun. I will use body language, posture, and communicate more effectively with mismatchers.”

Nathan Mai, Tax Consultant, DPM


“Fun, enjoyable, relevant, and thought-provoking. I will use building rapport, 4Mat, and better preparation for presenting.”

Martina Hutchison, Associate Insurance, Consultant, DPM


“I loved everything about the masterclass. All strategies were extremely helpful. I will use the 4Mat, 5 Step Analysis, and WIIFM. Storyboarding purpose was useful to plan presentations. I definitely loved the feeling I got from this masterclass!”

Karli Tsemetzis, Associate Consultant (Professional Year), DPM


“I loved that the masterclass was really fun, informative and energetic. Michelle was really good and entertaining. It was easy to follow and the class was so much fun. I will use the techniques to improve presentation skills.”

Dorje Gurung,  Associate Consultant (Professional Year), DPM


“I loved the content and the usefulness of what I learned. Michelle’s energy is positive and infectious. The environment was supportive and helpful. I will use everything I learned everyday to improve my communication at work and in life. I will use more inclusive language and focus more on my audience’s needs. I will apply the structure and techniques learnt to all forms of communication, not just presentations. The persuasion techniques will be very useful.”

Angela Burmeister, Senior Investment Specialist, REST Superannuation

“Fantastic learning experience under top class instruction and guidance from Michelle – the two days were completely engaging and filled with relevant and useful content, supplemented by excellent support resources.  Thoroughly recommend this program, no matter what level of experience.”

Drew Potts, Managing Partner/Financial Advisor, Potts Duhrig Financial Advisors

“Goodbye to boring presentations. I can’t wait to kickstart my presos with pacing and leading. I loved all the techniques and appreciated the template. Michelle taught us practical, tangible techniques that will equip us moving forward to be amazing presenters. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and appreciated the structure of her program. It was packed, but she coordinated the lessons in a fun, creative and engaging manner. Off site training would be fun for future participants."
Lydia Wan
Product Owner, CBA
Westpac team members enjoy presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in September 2011

Michelle was informative, vibed and ‘loving’. This masterclass will improve my work performance in every way – 1 on 1’s to big presentations, every day!  This was the first program that has really ensured I got fully out of my comfort zone.  I loved the challenge and having to push myself – it was a huge buzz to exceed and break through self-imposed limitations!  Michelle rocks!”

Melinda Batt, State Manager VIC, Challenger Group

“Thank you Warwick, for the most wonderful session over the last two days!! This was the best course I have EVER done hands down!!! Going forward I will use the Persuasion Blueprint religiously and ensure I answer questions empathetically and lead with the audience in mind."
Sally Wilmott
Senior Manager Advisor, ECDD Operations, CBA

“Michelle has amazing, engaging energy throughout. The class is broken into nice digestible chunks, which once linked together on day two really resonated. Definitely can see benefit of 13 steps. I will use the 4Mat, Storyboard, and body language techniques most definitely.”    

Laura Douglass, Senior Investigator, ANZ


” I loved the tools we received. The fact it was so intense and draining – felt like we achieved a lot in such a small space of time. Michelle is great, very engaging, she breaks it down into easy to understand chunks, and  it’s still fast paced and engaging. Good to do this particular training off site and change things up – easier to focus. I will use the formula, mouse mat, and book.”

Georgie Hannah, Senior PO and Value Stream Lead, CBA


“I loved how engaging and informative it was. One of the only training sessions I’ve attended where I came out with tangible techniques that I will apply to advance my persuasion and presentation skills. I will use how to structure a persuasive/captivating presentation and the 4Mat technique.”

Aleen Nalbandian, Product Owner, CBA


“I loved the warm and inclusive environment that was built up in such a short time. I will use extending myself, designing a presentation with purpose, and the Persuasion Blueprint.”

Alexander Alag, Knowledge and Change Representative, Challenger

“I loved Michelle’s energy, positivity and enthusiasm and the content – very useful and beneficial to role. Good mix of group/self activities. I will use the 4Mat framework, techniques to manage nerves, and the workbook for future reference!”
Raj Mishra
Investment Manager, ISPT

“I loved that the masterclass had lots of practical techniques, easy to understand concepts, and the format – changing chairs/exercise/practice as we go. I loved the energy Michelle brings. I will use everything whenever I can, and most importantly the Persuasion Blueprint.”

Eva Fung, Senior Cyber Control Manager, CBA


“Michelle has a very infectious personality and care for her students. I loved the structured approach to presentations, the Persuasion Blueprint, and how to deal with mismatchers. I will use all the learnings from the training in my future presentations.”

Gaurang Desai, Solutions Architect, CBA


“Michelle’s delivery of the session was flawless and well paced. I loved the content, delivery and pace. I feel the content was precise and effective for re-creation. I will use 100%!  I am already reducing the number of slides I provided for the showcase. Will need practice to implement effectively.”

Suman Nandi, Product Owner, CBA

IMC Pacific executive team members excelling in presentation skills training Melbourne with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in December 2023
“I loved that we could try what we learnt. It helped achieve the paradigm shift with easy and “working” templates. Michelle is generous. ! will use the POO, 4Mat, and icebreakers!!!”
Anamika Singh
Service Owner Lead, Westpac

“I loved the way Michelle is able to present and teach her techniques. Her Persuasion Blueprint is engaging and compelling. I will use the 13 step structure for everyday interactions as well as how to manage nerves.”        

John Vo, Product Owner, CBA       


“The techniques used were totally energetic which allows us to use it as a daily template. Very interactive and engaging which makes the masterclass really memorable. I would love to learn more. I will use the Pacing and Leading, 4Mat, and Persuasion Blueprint.”     

Bharatt Srinivasan Ravichandran, CBA


“I loved learning the framework on how to structure a presentation and the non-verbal techniques. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, and POO.”

Will Koh, Digital Product Owner, CBA

“I loved the tools, techniques and the Persuasion Blueprint for an excellent presentation. I also loved the hands on approach and individual feedback. We received lots of training materials, and options to check in and verify in future. I will use what I learnt from this masterclass in both personal and professional life."
Ajay Chawla
Product Owner, CBA

“I loved the structure provided – with really practical examples. Very relevant in our work lives. Not just presenting, techniques could be used elsewhere. I enjoyed seeing others present as well as doing it myself. I will use the 4Mat template, Persuasion Blueprint, and ‘what not to say’.”     

Kah-Wai Wong, Senior Product Owner, CBA


“I loved techniques and the practical implementation on day 2. I loved the energy and learning ‘what not to say’. Thank you for the excellent resources that can be referenced after the masterclass. I loved the engagement and most importantly that Michelle used real life scenarios to explain the techniques. I will use the structure, never say ‘but’/’however’ and rhetorical questions.”       

Ravish Anand, Senior Product Owner – Chapter Lead, CBA

“Warwick, Thanks for an amazing two days! What did I love about the masterclass? I loved you Warwick. You were down to earth, engaging, energetic and inclusive. I absolutely loved the interactions with the other attendees, breakout rooms and presenting task at the end. The course structure was great, and the content was amazing. I loved the Persuasion Blueprint and will use that going forward. I have to create presentations regularly. Some presentations would not completely suit the Persuasion Blueprint; however, I will still be using some of (not all) of the sections of the Persuasion Blueprint. By the way, I HATE presenting, but I was actually excited to present today because of YOU and this course. Thanks again for the last two days, they have been amazing. My brain needs a rest now.”

Rae Waterhouse, Organisational Change Manager, CBA

"This masterclass was informative, valuable and provided a ton of benefits that I can use for a lifetime. Thank you Michelle so much for everything you’ve taught over the past couple of days. I’ve really enjoyed it and will recommend it to anyone and everyone! I will use everything! I hope I will remember all that I’ve learnt and use it every chance I get.”
Jahrrel Leabres
Designer Technical Writer, CBA
Virtual presentation skills with Warwick Merry CSP CVP August 2023

“Warwick thank you for generously sharing your knowledge, it was a great 2 days! I loved how engaging you were and the boundaries you set, (even before the session) really set expectations and I think the group was engaged because of it. I love that I now have a toolbox to refer to which gives me sooooo much confidence to present next, in fact I can’t wait for my next presentation. I will definitely analyse my audience and objections – this is going to help me adapt my presentations to be more effective. I will definitely use the Persuasion Blueprint for every presentation and even for 1:1 conversations with key stakeholders, both internally and externally. Thanks again, I really enjoyed this learning experience.”

Simon Kenmore, Executive Manager, Indigenous Business Banking, CBA


“Warwick thanks so much for the incredible, insightful class. I’ve learned a lot and no doubt will benefit from it immensely for all my future presentations. I loved having learned a presentation framework that is used by the best speakers in the world. I also loved the interactive nature and numerous hands-on opportunities to practice the framework and techniques throughout the class. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint in all my future presentations and employ the techniques within the framework in emails and conversations with others. Thank you.”

Aaron Wang, Program Manager, CBA


“I loved the structure and the format of the Persuasion Blueprint, and I will use the PowerPoints slide design tips, online presentation techniques along with the Persuasion Blueprint: 0 to 13 steps. Thanks.” 

Kuldeep Vijaykumar, Program Manager, CBA   

“I loved that the masterclass was interactive, had useful material and that I learnt do’s/don’ts for presenting. I will use what I learnt from this masterclass to improve personal and professional soft skills.”
Raj Parikh
IT Operation Manager, CBA

“Warwick thanks again for the amazing 2-day masterclass! I loved the Persuasion Blueprint structure that is easy to use and implement in meetings and presentations. I also loved the way Warwick kept the class engaged and motivated. I will be using the Persuasion Blueprint and tips on do’s and don’ts. Thanks.”    

Puja Patel, Senior Manager CommSec Compliance, CBA


”I loved how the masterclass was very interactive, despite being a virtual workshop. Warwick kept us engaged and present throughout. It was a great balance of theory and application, and an opportunity to practice feeling comfortable as we go. There was a great use of activities and break out rooms. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint for presentations, the sentence structures, particularly POO and WIIFM, and the presentation techniques – less is more, ensuring content is suitable for the audience, inclusive language, and strong mindset to own it, even if you stuff up.”

Jessica Kam, Marketing Manager, Consumer Finance, CBA


“I loved learning alongside colleagues in a space where we can all be vulnerable. It was great learning new techniques and I know that it will help reduce my nervousness, maintain the skills I already have and improve my presentations in the future (Ha! See what I did there?). My favourite part was getting to present and getting raw feedback from Warwick and colleagues which I know I’ll be able to make note of not to do in the future. The thing I will use the most is the Persuasion Blueprint! It’s a new and fantastic way that will help me form my presentations. I also will definitely remember the POO framework and how to answer questions like an expert. Thanks again.”   

Nina Kim, Senior Marketing Manager, Consumer Finance, CBA 

“I loved that the masterclass was very interactive and engaging. Lots of good tips and materials. I learned a lot within a short period of time. It was motivating to get better at presenting. I will use the 13 steps, thinking about icebreaker in advance, thinking about the audience, and the POO technique."    
Jurgita Visockaite
Senior Manager, Global Regulatory Change and Obligation Management Team, Risk Management, CBA

“I loved every moment of this training! You’re amazing Michelle – thank you, thank you, thank you! Michelle had great energy during the whole masterclass to keep us engaged. The content covered was extremely helpful to structure presentations. It had good interactions, nothing awkward, highly recommended. I will use everything! (hopefully) – the Persuasion Blueprint and first 5-Step Analysis.”

Kelly Tam, Senior Marketing Specialist, Allianz


“I really enjoyed the two-day session. I feel very fortunate to be selected to attend this masterclass.  I loved learning about the 4MAT model. It provides a clear framework for not only presentations, but any form of communication e.g., email, presentation, Q&A sessions. Very useful.   The Persuasion Blueprint is an absolute cheat sheet for how to present persuasively. I will be using this all the time – starting Monday! Michelle was very engaging the entire time! Which is hard with a bunch of bankers! There was so much energy, which was contagious and made learning fun and easy. Michelle’s experience was evident in the way that questions were answered, and concepts explained in clear English language.  I could see that Michelle practices what she preaches by using the same 4MAT method when presenting to the group.  Also, the administrative side of things was impeccable – I received the pack well before the start date, the personal note was a lovely touch.  Email contact has been amazing to keep me informed leading up to the course.  Thank you very much for your time and dedication these last two days. I will be recommending to my team that they sign up for this program when it is next available.” 

Andrew Harvey, Manager, Commercial Lending Product, Business Banking, CBA


“Warwick is an energising, amazing, convincing, interesting, knowledgeable, charismatic, and legendary speaker/trainer. I have learnt how to strategically structure the presentation for various contexts with all the techniques and phrases the masterclass taught. The mousepad and book offered by the team provides useful tips to improve not just my presentation, but also day-to-day business communication. The class is highly interactive, and the size of the class is appropriate so every participant gets lots of opportunities to practice and voice their ideas.  In addition to polishing my presentation skills, I also learnt how to give feedback, which in my perspective, it’s equally important as presenting is to create meaningful conversation and emotional connection with others – that’s an extra take-away that I would like to highlight. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and 4Mat theory to structure messages and presentation, the framing techniques, rhetorical questions to engage the audience and the techniques to answer questions. Thanks Michelle, Warwick and the administration team for everything prepared for this masterclass.”

Wendy Chan, Management Information Specialist – Operations I&A, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, Customer Services & Technology, Westpac

SwissRe team members excelling in virtual presentation skills with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer November 2021
"I loved the Persuasion Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis, Storyboarding – indeed all the teaching techniques are practical and it has been so indulgent. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, and remember the keywords which are not to be used in presentations.”
Santhi Chintala
Risk Management, CBA

“Michelle – you are simply great! Loved it! I loved the structure of presentation (4Mat), gestures, best practice, feedback sessions and rigorous practice sessions with 4Mat. I will use the pace-pace-pace-Lead, know your audience, and offer of ongoing help from Michelle. It was fun!”

Kousik Ganguly, Head of Information Design and Management, Westpac


“The materials, the interactions, practice and even the homework were all excellent. Also, the way Michelle ran the class, and all the examples she mentioned was amazing. The flow of the presentation, the 4Mat, leading statement and the pacing out objections will all have direct and positive impact on my future presentations.”

Meysam Ghanbari, Senior Business Analyst, CBA


“Michelle has great energy – keeping all of us engaged all day. Really practical frameworks that can be applied immediately. I wish I had attended this course earlier. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, eye contact, movement and the list goes on.”

Linda Liu, Team Manager, Business Home Lending, CBA

“It was fun and inspiring. Lots of gifts and after support. I loved that the masterclass was structured with lots of practice, feedback, and adding more learning content along the way. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, breathing and voice, posture, and POO."     
Cindy Chung
Service Manager, CBA

“I loved the interactive activities, examples and storytelling to frame topics. The interactive application of what we were learning made it easy to remember and apply.”

Rahini Haran, People Enablement Manager, CBA


“I loved the masterclass structure, great examples and the facilitator – Michelle! I also loved the small tips – to follow daily – makes big difference. I will use the techniques, skills, do’s and don’t’s.”

Subba Rao Dasari, Senior Project Manager – Delivery Chapter Lead, CBA


“Very valuable course! Michelle is absolutely incredible. She is a master storyteller and an expert in communication and presentation. The study materials were excellent and the way the concepts were explained and revised made them easy to remember and practical. The framework for effective presentation as a useable template will definitely come in handy in future.”      

Mohamed Fageer, Service Manager ATM/IDM, CBA      

"I loved the interaction and great content. The masterclass is relevant and not boring. I will use the structure, plan more, and stage craft – practical tips.”
Helen Beck
Head of Business Lending, Data Platforms, Westpac

“Michelle is very engaging, dedicated and insightful. I loved all the models, techniques, and tips that have been tested over 2 decades. I loved my peers in the training, we studied and collaborated really well which also enhanced my positive feelings and the learning outcomes. I will use this for public speaking and presentation, and key meetings with challenging stakeholders. If time allows, I will also use in more situations even including life events.”  

Emily Yang, Senior Manager, Insights Analytics, CBA


“The format and information was presented in a clear manner and Michelle was absolutely a great teacher. I loved the methods and pace of the class. Everything was perfectly presented and flowed. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, all the tips for presenting, and great resources to download and use.”   

Mary Contos, Service Owner for GCM Customer (Data Platforms, Customer and Engineering), Westpac    


“I loved the ability to learn and put theory into practice. A safe and comfortable learning environment, and the knowledgeable and insightful presenter. I will use the POO technique and Persuasion Blueprint to manage presentations.”

Christopher Kam, Lead Platform Engineer, Westpac

“Michelle taught us a concrete strategy to both prepare and deliver presentation regardless of our audience or topic. She challenged our thinking on how we structure our arguments and how to think about bringing the audience along. The Persuasion Blueprint gives a super clear structure for presentations and 4Mat will be used in my emails and documents." 
Matthew Mulligan
Senior Software Engineer, Westpac

“I loved that the masterclass was informative, practical, and interactive. I loved the techniques, practice and rehearsals. I loved Michelle and her energy, passion, experience, and knowledge. She is so funny and so excellent at teaching and connecting and she personalised the masterclass for us. I will use the 4Mat, POO, Persuasion Blueprint, and Storyboarding.”

Ankita Sharma, Practce Lead, Westpac

“I loved the safe space to learn. Michelle was clear in what she asked us to practice, demonstrated it to us and encouraged us to learn. Michelle generously shared time, knowledge and resources. I will use the pace-pace-pace-lead, 4Mat and the Persuasion Blueprint.”  

Sonja Volker, Service Train Lead, Westpac     


“I loved how we can use different techniques and the care Michelle shows to ensure the trainees all able to observe and implement the techniques so the benefits are reaped from day 1. The contents were great and they not only help with presentation but day to day tasks such as emails. I will use the icebreaker, 4Mat, and templates.” 

Jeyanth Balasundaram, Lead Engineer, Westpac   

“I loved Michelle’s energetic and friendly approach. The easy to follow 4Mat, and the simple approach to analyse, design, and deliver persuasive presentation – all the great goodies! I will use everything! Michelle has inspired me to try out many of the new techniques in my day-to-day activities."  
Richard Wakefield
Chief Engineer, Software Engineering & DataOps, Westpac

“I loved Michelle’s coaching and creating a safe space to practice, succeed and make mistakes. I loved the simple formulas and framework, the goodies and resources to take home and work to remember. I loved Michelle’s generosity. I will use everything!”     

Luna Cepeda, Product Owner, Westpac


“I loved the simple and powerful techniques and lovely examples. Michelle’s energy and knowledge is absolutely amazing. All the techniques will be used for daily work-related activities.”

Priyanka Bane, Senior Business Analyst, CBA


“I loved that the masterclass is practical and easy to apply in real world presentations. I will use the 4Mat structure, tips on gestures, and eye contact.”

Felicia Salim, Fraud Risk Data and Automation Manager, CBA

IMC Pacific executive team members excelling in presentation skills training Melbourne with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in December 2023
"I loved learning a great persuasion framework for meetings/emails/presentations. This has changed the way I approach a topic I need to discuss or present. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, and 13-step Persuasion Blueprint.”
Matthew Tse
Service Owner Lead, Westpac

“I learnt techniques like pacing and leading, body language, little tips and tricks on how to present a slide, when to share and when to stop the sharing. I will use pacing & leading and the WIIFM.”

Prathima Devarajulu, Program Manager, CBA


“It was structured with formulas and steps which are really helpful, Learnt great tips and was coached well which will help me improve. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint – everything!”

Asit Mishra, Test Lead, CBA


“I loved that the masterclass was very interactive, practical and fun. I will use the POO and the Persuasion Blueprint.”  

Shanam Zehra, Senior Product Owner, Ab Initio Environments, CBA     

“It’s amazing! I loved the learning presentation skills which I was not aware of. I will focus on my audience more rather than on my slides or being self-conscious. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint."
Aneesh Kumar
Service Train Lead, Westpac

“I loved the perfect way to orchestrate my presentations. I will use the formulas, techniques, and gestures.”  

Yuvapritha Venkatesan, Senior Technical Business Analyst, CBA


“I loved Michelle’s energy and positive vibes. I loved the tools to structure presentations to Persuasion Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis, etc… I feel like my confidence has increased. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and 5-Step Analysis.”   

Paul Jang, Senior Manager, Business Delivery and Operations, Westpac


“I loved Michelle’s energy, passion and excitement for the topic, the content and the opportunity to educate. I will use the “think, feel, do”, 4Mat, and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Cameron Robb, Head of Data Platform Engineering, Westpac

ProLoan team members excelling in virtual presentation skills with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer September 2020
“Michelle was awesome, great energy! I loved the great simple frameworks to follow. I will use the 4Mat framework and Persuasion Blueprint."      
Peter Logan
Transformation Practice Lead, Westpac

“I loved the new ideas and techniques, 4Mat, and Storyboarding. The masterclass was informative – lots of information. I will use the techniques, extending the self, not internalise.”

Suzana Nikolovski, Business Manager, Westpac


“I loved the skills it has given me – tools to use, the confidence to believe in me, safe place to fail, the fun and energy. I will definitely use the tools and confidence.” 

Beverley Thomas, Senior Project Manager, CBA


“I loved that the masterclass was fast paced, quickly usable content, compels us to put energy into our presentation. I loved the persuasion skills while talking to my audience – points out the things I need to focus on and improve. I will use the “pace, pace, pace, lead”, POO, “do, think, feel” and 4Mat.”

Tamanna Arora, Service Owner, Westpac


"Just WOW!!  I loved the excellent structure and content. Learnt a completely new way for effective presenting.”
Tushar Agarwal
Senior Data Designer, CBA

“I loved the practical information, hands on – real world homework, and how engaging Michelle was – a ‘J.Lo’! I will use the 5-Steps and Persuasion Blueprint.”     

Karen Robb, Practice Lead for Data Platform Governance, Westpac


“I loved the fast pace and flexible techniques. It was engaging, practical. I will use the 4Mat, 5 Step Analysis – to identify audience needs and key message, and rapport before you lead.”

Jeremy Hogben, Head of Customer Platforms and Insights, Westpac


“Michelle – you are a fantastic and energetic teacher . I am not surprised your energy rubbed off on all of us. Thank you for an engaging 2 days of learning and fun. I loved the framework. I will use the POO framework and materials.”

Srinivas Ponupaty, Service Train Lead, Westpac

“This masterclass is definitely one of the most valuable and enjoyable sessions/workshops I have attended since being here for 13 years. Michelle is extremely good at conveying the skills required for good presenting. I will use the 4Mat framework."     
Jason Do-Vuong
Portfolio Manager, CBA 
Westpac team members excelling in presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in September 2022

“Best training I have ever done in my career. I loved the framework and structure. It’s fun, engaging, and practical. I will literally use everything – extremely valuable!”

Carl Wicklund, Senior Portfolio Manager, CBA

“I loved the excellent and useful content. It’s practical. Michelle was funny and encouraging. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint.”

Jacqueline Cheung, Risk Manager, CBA

“I loved the framework to structure the presentation, gestures, do’s and don’ts of presenting. I will apply in my emails, daily interactions and during presentations with my boss.”

Naresh Kumar, Engineering Manager, CBA

“I loved the great engagement of the audience and real life application of knowledge. I will use the pace and lead and pacing out objections.”

Irina Sviridova, Senior IT Project Manager, CBA   


“I loved the structure, content, and techniques. This content is excellent. It is important to note that our  leaders must also apply it so that it is easier for us to use what we have learnt. I will use everything, particularly the Persuasion Blueprint!”

Anjali Sharma, Portfolio Manager, Payment Sanctions Technology, CBA 

“I loved the clear way that Michelle introduced each concept with a story or a picture and reinforced each step by getting us to practice each step and then put everything together with positive and constructive feedback. I will use all of it – in particular the Persuasion Blueprint and POO technique so I better manage objections – hit them head on!”

Nerida Lawrence, Executive Manager – Business Optimisation, Westpac


“I loved the engaging facilitator. We were able to unlearn the traditional way of presenting! I also loved the real feedback, simple and practical techniques. However bad you think you are at presentations, you are definitely going to get better for the good. I will 100% use the Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis, and Extending the self!”

Gayathiri Raju, Service Integration Manager, Westpac

“I loved that the masterclass was engaging. Michelle is energetic and knowledgeable. She taught us the structure of the Persuasion Blueprint which is easy to follow. The masterclass is practical and makes sense. I will use this learning in presentations and work meetings.”

Sophia He, Head of Data Platforms, Run, Westpac


“I loved the effective use of 2 days to convey all the critical content and develop the skills required to make persuasive presentations. I will use the POO, 4Mat, rapport, “sexy slide” and icebreaker.”

Vijay Richard, Chief Platform Engineer, Data Platforms, Westpac


“I loved the techniques, engagement, extended help, encouragement, and unlimited resources. I will use the techniques, unlimited resources, and contacts.”

Remya Ramanathan, Senior Analyst, Data Management Services, Westpac


“I loved the content and success mantra to be confident in everyday life when dealing with people. I will use the 4Mat and POO (and every technique).”     

Nithin Konerisurendraguptha, Solution Engineer Lead, Westpac     


“Great energy. One of the best courses I have taken. I loved the Persuasion Blueprint, ability to practice the presentation, honest feedback, a template to reuse, It had only 10 participants. I will use the template, splitting the slide presentation from a detailed handout, use images more, and use the stage.”  

Breck Thomas, Chief Engineer, Customer and Engineering, Data Platforms, Westpac    


“I loved the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, icebreaker, customised activity, POO, and engaging activities. I will use this in my day to day work and in my personal life.”    

Evie Wong, Senior Analyst, Westpac    


“I loved that the masterclass was informative. I loved the chance to practice and the feedback given to all classmates. I will use the 4Mat, icebreaker, eye contact, words to be avoided, and content in PowerPoints (visualisation).”  

Michael Ng, Senior IT Business Analyst/Data Analyst, Westpac

“So many techniques that I will be able to use daily. I will use the POO, pace, pace, pace, lead and WIIFM.”

Glenn Macdonald, IT Project Manager, CBA 

“I loved learning the structure and new techniques, and understanding the science behind presenting. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint!”

Alex Bloomfield, Relationship Executive, CBA

“I loved the structure, interactivity and Michelle! I will use the 4Mat, Q&A script, and the technique to motivate.”

Surya Gollavilli, Service Train Lead (GM-3), Westpac

“Game changer in the way we think about convincing people. Practical exposure on important techniques like rapport, 4Mat, motivation and multiple other secrets. I will use the convincing techniques – 5 Step Analysis, icebreaker, motivation, 13 point Persuasion Blueprint template, and will remove filler words.”

Abiuda Evuri, Data Product Owner Lead, Westpac

“Warwick ‘the man’ has vast experience, a depth of knowledge and great expertise.  I loved applying the theory to practice with the actual presentations bringing all the learning together. The collective feedback from the group meant we could learn from everyone’s presentations. The Persuasion Blueprint is ‘gold’. It really crystallises the thinking and story. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, the 4Mat, the golden nuggets, tips and tricks and the cheat sheet – the mouse pad for a memory jog. Warwick and Michelle, thank you for a great positive. I particularly enjoyed the presentations and the journey we continue to embark upon. The Force Awakens!”

Tony Megale, Senior Manager, Data intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, Customer Services & Technology, Westpac

“Warwick, thanks so much for the presentation masterclass. I learned a lot and can say that I now have better ways of communicating and presenting than I did before I started this masterclass. I loved having a structure to prepare for presentations, the practical training in the concepts taught, and the live feedback and improvisation opportunities. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint that Michelle created to structure my presentations, the 2nd position (audience shoes), icebreakers, and pacing techniques to connect with my audience.”

Sourabh Nigam, Lead Analyst, C&TB LOB – A&A, L&E and Process Intelligence Village, DI&AG – Data Platforms, Customer Services & Technology, Westpac

“Warwick, thank you for your time over the past couple of weeks. I really appreciate your help. I loved the techniques and format for persuasive presenting such as the call to action, 4Mat and the Persuasion Blueprint. I will definitely use them when I catch up with stakeholders and also in my emails.”

Jessica Chen, Senior Conduct Risk Analyst, Conduct Risk Analytics, Data Platforms, Customer Services & Technology, Westpac

“This was a great session! Thank you so much for this eye-opening masterclass. Most of us converse regularly, however our clarity of thought around presentations was lacking. I loved how the training was structured; it was brilliant! Warwick gave us time to absorb the theory and then put it into action. The Persuasion Blueprint is Gold! I will be using it in all my conversations (both personal and professional) as this will vastly outnumber the number of presentations in my current role.  There were so many small valuable nuggets. Success loves preparation so this is where I will start.”

Prashanth Kumar, Sr Systems Specialist – Business Banking Data Intelligence and Analytics, Data Platforms, Chief Operating Office Division, Westpac

“I loved this masterclass and the fact it is very hands-on. Everyone has the opportunity to apply the techniques. It sure has helped me in my next presentation coming up. I will use the comprehensive Q&A technique which has a couple of techniques I can also apply to other areas of day to day conversations. Thank you for your wonderful sessions!”

Max Chen, Manager – Distribution Analytics, Data Platforms, Customer Services & Technology

“I love that I now feel a lot more comfortable with speaking in front of a group by using the Persuasion Blueprint. Having a structure to follow really helps with the nerves. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and all of the tips provided throughout the masterclass.”

Kara Merillo, Lead Management Information Specialist, Operations I&A, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, COO, Westpac

“I loved the structure and the Persuasion Blueprint. I will use as much as I can – the Persuasion Blueprint in particular.”

Nick Iorio, Manager Architecture & Technology, Data Platforms, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Westpac

“I  loved everything about this masterclass. It was thorough and addressed every aspect of the interaction between the presenter and the audience. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint for my presentations. It was a brilliant course.”

Lukshan Kathriarachchi, Senior Manager – Development Operations, Data Platforms, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Westpac

“Warwick had lots of energy to keep the momentum and learning on track, both during the masterclass and creating a buzz via the communications throughout. The Persuasion Blueprint is great. I’m interested in Sensory Based Language and how to make a presentation as inclusive as possible (or more targeted when the audience is understood). Thanks for your time and effort over the last few weeks. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge.”

Brendon Clark, Senior Manager, Analytics Transformation – Operations Information & Analytics, Data Platforms, Customers Services & Technology, Westpac

“10/10. Excellent I loved Michelle’s awesome energy and passion for her craft, the practicality of the content, and her strategies for building rapport! It is exactly what was promised.”

Andrew Philpotts

Westpac team members excelling in presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in September 2022
“I loved Michelle’s energy, didn’t just learn the content, I also learnt from watching how Michelle presents. I was given ALL the tools to succeed. I loved the icebreakers, POO and Persuasion Blueprint for structuring a persuasive message."
Cameron Wasilewsky
Head of Data Platforms, User Experience, Westpac

“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and the way she delivered her masterclass. It gave a lot of structure and a bullet proof blueprint for presenting. The course wasn’t just for PowerPoint and is very useful for delivering any message to teams, even individuals. I will certainly use the Persuasion Blueprint and steps for laying out my messages. I have been stuck in the ‘how?’ down the bottom of the 4Mat instead of focusing on higher level points for senior management. This course has really changed how I view my role and how I structure my messages. Thankyou Michelle you are extremely inspiring!”
Luke Suttor, Program Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“Michelle thank you for investing your time in all of us over the last 2 days, it was intense and I learned many skills to improve myself and my presentations. I loved that the course put me out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed that everyone was able to present something that was work related. This made it much more relevant rather than a random topic that you would actually present on. The cohort was of varying skill levels and it was great to see everyone was engaged and learning. I going to use the 4MAT to structure my presentations and think about how to address key points. I will also think more about my language expression – don’t use “but” and “however” to join sentences.”
Stephanie Tong, Senior Product Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“How many times have you said things like: ‘I don’t have time for 2 days of training’; or ‘It’ll be ok, I’ll just wing my presentation’. Many of us have experienced some really dodgy presenters in our time haven’t we? So what if the ‘dodgy presenter’ they were referring to was actually you? If you don’t make the time to learn from Michelle then that’s exactly what they’ll be saying behind your back. Wouldn’t you prefer to hear them call you ‘fabulous’, ‘compelling’, ‘credible’ or ‘impressive’ instead? I’ve taken Michelle’s course and can tell you firsthand it had great structure, logical tools and brilliant content and if that isn’t enough for you, then you’ll also get to witness Michelle’s wonderful delivery – and that’s pretty impressive all on it’s own!”

Libby Mitchell, Talent Acquisition Manager, AIA Australia

Michelle was informative, vibed and ‘loving’. This masterclass will improve my work performance in every way – 1 on 1’s to big presentations, every day!  This was the first program that has really ensured I got fully out of my comfort zone.  I loved the challenge and having to push myself – it was a huge buzz to exceed and break through self-imposed limitations!  Michelle rocks!”

Melinda Batt, State Manager VIC, Challenger Group


“Warwick, thank you for your time over the last 2 days. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I loved learning the Persuasion Blueprint and structure of a presentation, as well as the Q&A format. I will use all of what I learned, especially the 4Mat. Taking time to put up a mind map of my thoughts will really be beneficial.”

Neil Conway, Business Analyst, CBA


“Warwick is AWESOME. I loved applying knowledge through presentations and refining my presentation. The feedback was amazing and made me feel more confident. I will use the 4MAT, 13 Steps Persuasion Blueprint, and apply these techniques to One-pagers and emails that I need to write. I will also spend time practicing stop sharing and getting more confident without slides.”

Nilumbari Dalvi, Organisational Change Manager, CBA


“Warwick, thanks so much for the last few days – it’s been great! I loved the personalised feedback for future presentations, the great interactive session with real world examples and tactics, the great insights and techniques which are actually useful. It was also engaging and entertaining – Warwick was great! I will use the Persuasion Blueprint framework and template, the personalised feedback that I received, and the emotional journey techniques.  Thanks so much!”

Vivienne Rontziokos, National Manager Smart Health Partnerships, CBA


“Warwick, thank you again for the amazing two days. I loved everything about it! The presenter, the materials provided for the course, the Persuasion Blueprint, the breakout sessions, the examples and information provided on the analysis, design and delivery, tips on rapport, current state to future state, leading statement, pace, icebreaker etc. I look forward to using all the tips and the format/Persuasion Blueprint, especially the 4Mat for my emails and presentations. Thanks again.”

Menaka Thuraisingham, Principle Business Analyst/Chapter Lead, CBA


“Firstly, what an incredible masterclass.  I actually don’t have a word that can describe how much I enjoyed this course (even after the initial fear and anxiety of presenting and participating). Warwick’s encouragement and support during the two days was amazing and I have certainly flown away an eagle! The engagement of the group was essential and made it so enjoyable even though there was so much content to learn and take in. The structure of the program was brilliant and at the end I could clearly see why and how we learnt each step in the process. None of this would have happened without you Warwick.  Your energy, enthusiasm, guidance and encouragement were the keys to this amazing course. I will use the blueprint, 4Mat, resources (videos, book, workbook, etc), The experience, and the presentation feedback. I sincerely hope we cross paths again in the future.”

Leigh Dawson, State Manager, CBA


“Warwick, THANK YOU for two great days of learning and experiencing great presentation skills . I really enjoyed it! I loved the simple checklist of 13 items to cover for any presentation (Persuasion Blueprint). The energy that you conducted the virtual class was outstanding – not once did I feel tired or uninterested! The very useful 4MAT that helps us construct the structure and context for an effective presentation and the ice-breaking and rapport techniques as it is critical to build trust and engagement up front. I will use the 13 step checklist, the 4MAT to build content, and I will write crisp, inspiring call to actions. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and encouragement.”

Roland Oo, Enterprise Architect (Technology), CBA


“Warwick, what an awesome masterclass. It was daunting at first with all the number of steps we had to absorb and remember. Eventually, I really had fun with all the exercises; and the exercises truly helped for me to absorb the concepts. Keep up the great work! What I loved about this masterclass was the techniques and tips shared in the class are truly helpful and I’m excited to apply them at work and maybe outside as well, when opportunity arises. There was a lot of opportunities to practice the techniques and get feedback. This was nerve wracking at first. The delivery of the class worked well – very interactive. Our coach Warwick was awesome – full of electrifying energy; and he was very inclusive and supportive. Materials provided including workbooks, colourful pens and reference materials were great enablers in learning and absorbing the concepts being taught. Moving forward, I will always remind myself that the presentation is not about myself. It is about my audience. Considering this, all messages and presentations will be designed and delivered with the target audience in mind. I will use the 4Mat methodology moving forward to properly structure my messages. I will use the tips shared in reducing usage of fillers and no-no words in presenting like: uhm, so, obviously.”

Joyce Gutierrez, Senior Service and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) Manager, CBA


“Warwick, thank you so much for the last few days – I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and got so much out of it! What I loved about this masterclass was learning really practical frameworks for presenting (i.e., 4MAT) and the Persuasion Blueprint overlay which can be used in any communication medium. I loved learning from my peers in a safe space, and the energy you brought to facilitation! I also really appreciated that we were completing the blueprint throughout the day – which meant that our ‘homework’ activity was much easier as we’d done the thinking through the day! I found this really cementing my understanding of what we were doing. I will use the 4MAT for sure! Also the audience analysis and 2nd person perspective when bringing together slides. Using slides to support a message. It sounds silly, but I’d never thought about audience left / right before, so that was a good nugget. We have a bit of a culture of capturing all the ‘stuff’ about the ‘thing’ at CBA in the pack – a lightbulb moment was to just put all of the ‘stuff’ in the appendices and just keep the message simple. Thank you again Warwick! I really did find this workshop valuable and I plan on doing lots of practice with 4MAT.”

Jason Stubbs, Product Manager, CBA

“Michelle is excellent and very passionate. Content is very usable. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and focus items.”

Matthew Collins, Deputy CFO, Credit Union Australia Limited

“The program is highly recommended to anyone who is seeking to improve their presentation skills. I loved the presenter, structure, content, and method of delivery.”

Pranita Singh, Project Manager, Link Group

“I loved Michelle’s energy and guidance through questions and the framework. I will use the structure to build rapport and motivate the audience that was part of the overall framework. I will simplify my slides. And I will script and practice for important presentations. Thank you for patiently working with us over the 2 days. I appreciate your help and feedback.”
Satya Raina, Senior Project Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“The most practical training I have ever attended. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and 4Mat for presenting.”
Joy Dey Das, Fraud Analytics Product Owner, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“I loved the practical method – plenty of practice and good small class size.”

Renee van Vugt, Transitional Manager, 

“I loved the enthusiasm and genuineness. I will use the structure, tips, and 5-Step Analysis.”

Nikhil Chacko, Investment Analyst, Wellington Management

Westpac team members excelling in presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in December 2022

 “An interactive fun session that was informative and significantly improved the way I present. I loved receiving specific feedback for improvement. Thank you Michelle for running this invaluable session.”

Nicky Stafford, Wealth Coach, Financial Planner, Director, Your Money Matters

“WOW! I loved that the program made me more confident and realised I don’t have to live at the mercy of others. The techniques will make me a better human being personally and a confident professional. Michelle is exceptional, impressive, connected, worthy,”

Tejal Binjola, Release Manager, Link Group

“Michelle was amazing, I found myself actually looking forward to each session with her. Perhaps the most telling outcome overall, is that I’m actually looking forward to my next opportunity to present! I loved the discovery of a structured approach to presenting – that works! It is honestly one of the more exciting things I’ve learnt in a long while. I will use Everything! My focus initially will be the internalisation of the overall structure so that it’s application in my day to day work will be easier.”
Aaron Viljoen, Manager – Information Systems Team, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, Chief Operating Office, Westpac 

“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and genuineness. I will use the structure, tips, and 5-Step Analysis.”

Nikhil Chacko, Investment Analyst, Wellington Management

“I love how interactive and creative the course is, as well as Michelle’s enthusiasm. She creates a warm and encouraging atmosphere to turn a subject that makes most people cringe, into an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. I will use position shifting and I will stop saying, ‘sorry’ and ‘but’ in all aspects of my life and will definitely use the Storyboarding technique and 13 step Persuasion Blueprint to prepare future presentations. Michelle, thank you again for all your guidance over this course and your generous offer to review future scripts. You have changed my outlook on presenting and what I am capable of.”
Katie Martin, Senior Management Information Specialist, Data Platforms, Westpac

“Best program I have ever done!  I loved the engagement and the fact Michelle kept me listening.  I have a structure for my presentations.”

Katie Norton, Regional Area Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“The best course I’ve ever done!  It didn’t feel like one.  Great passion and fabulous coach!  Awesome!”

David Cucchiarelli, GM, Westpac

“Great interaction, very informative. I enjoyed the energy in the room. The technique and formulas will be bery useful. I will continue to use the 13 steps template. Michelle is an awesome presenter.”

Lucy Penisini, Link Group

“I loved the training. It was quite intense and touched all the skills that you need to be a good presenter. I will be using the Persuasion Blueprint in my future presentations.”
Rati Tandon, Network Infrastructure & Security Designer, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I loved the 4Mat structure and the Persuasion Blueprint. I will use these techniques as well as what we learnt about gestures.”
Vinh Thai, Specialist Engineers, Commonwealth Bank Australia

CBA team members excelling in presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in March 2023

“All the 4 sessions were fantastic, very engaging, clear and concise. Thanks a lot Michelle. Your passion and dedication is beyond words. Thank you for assisting and guiding me through the sessions. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint (this is a lifesaver blueprint when it comes to presentation). Thank you.”

Jagatha Vaidyanathan, Manager Business Analysis, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


“Thank you very much for the masterclass I enjoyed it very much. I loved that the masterclass was split into multiple half day sessions to help digest the course information. Energetic, engaging, and practical and I actually got to learn by doing. It was great to get feedback from Michelle and the team, to learn what was done well and what could be improved on from other participants. I will use the 4Mat, the Persuasion Blueprint, pace, pace, pace, lead and all the dos and don’ts during a presentation (either in person or in a digital environment).”

Sannie Yip, Lead Business Analyst, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“Michelle is a really engaging tutor, I loved the class. It was so insightful. Life changing isn’t an over statement! The tools Michelle has given me are amazing! I will use thePersuasion Blueprint, 4MAT, Storyboarding.

Konrad Whiting, IT Program Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“Just wanted to extend a warm word of thanks for the amazing course that you have put together Michelle. I found it immensely beneficial and looking forward to start applying what you have taught me over the two days. What I loved about this training is the various teachings and techniques that can be applied to be convincing and effective both in formal and informal settings. The program was inspiring and highly beneficial. It was taught in a highly interactive, engaging, and fun manner. Loved it. Thank you!!!  

Walid Haidar, Engineering Lead Data Centre Network, CBA

“Very valuable.  Michelle is a life changer.”

Steve Weston, Managing Director, Barclays UK Retail & Business Bank

“You’ve made me love public speaking!  I loved that the program was practical, applicable and engaging.”

Gail Jones, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“As a personal development junkie, I can honestly say that Michelle’s course on speaking with influence is one of THE best courses I’ve ever done! I use the techniques almost every day in interactions with clients, staff, management and even my spouse! Stopping to think – what do I want to achieve? What’s going on for them? And naming what they may be thinking – before you speak! The importance of framing, positioning your credentials as a benefit statement and articulating the consequences of not taking up your proposal is something else I learnt. I now do all my keynotes using the shift state, storyboard and Michelle’s 13 steps. I also use the methodology for preparing to get what I want from my boss, and planned and impromptu talks with my key referral partners, always conscious of what’s in it for them, reinforcing my role as trusted adviser to our mutual clients. I leverage the messages into articles, e-news and other day-to-day communication channels. Colleagues come to me to help sharpen their messages as well. Invest in yourself, your future and have fun – you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t know this stuff earlier!!!!” 
Stacey Martin, Senior Wealth Adviser, NAB Private Wealth Advisory NSW, National Australia Bank

“This is definitely eye-opening. I never thought presentation/persuasive skill can be thought of in a systematic way. I am impressed with the 13 steps, Persuasion Blueprint. It is a quick and logical way for us to put together a presentation. I loved the content of the course as it builds our knowledge step by step and provides us the opportunity to practice all things related to presentation. I will use the 13 steps, Persuasion Blueprint methodology and the 5 Step Audience Analysis process. Michelle is a passionate, motivating, trustworthy trainer and someone I can always lean on with all her unconditional offers to all of us.”
Yin Mei Lai, Data Scientist, Data Platforms, Group Technology, Westpac

“Thanks for the fun and engaging training sessions.  I loved putting the audience at the centre of our communications. It was very practical and flexible. The Persuasion Blueprint template helps order and frame the presentation. I loved the checklist of what to say and how to say it (because, in fact) I learnt how to correct bad habits (e.g., stop saying ‘but’, ‘basically’, ‘thank you’) and I also learnt that presenting is doable and can be fun. It was easy to understand and apply the 4mat and Persuasion Blueprint. Doing the course in-person must be more powerful. I think that we missed out on some of the informal learning. I will extend and believe in myself, practice self-confidence, be thinking of my audience and adapt my delivery. I will also connect with my audience, use 4Mat in my communications every day, minimise slides and content, ask more rhetorical questions and I will also elicit and answer questions.”
Jennifer Griffiths, Senior Business Analyst, Data Engineering, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, COO, Westpac

CBA team members excelling in virtual presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in November 2021

“What an amazing masterclass! I loved everything! The structure, the 4MAT, audience focus, language and gestures, the blueprint. I will definitely use everything I’ve learnt. In the following weeks or months I’ll start focusing on ‘Why?’ and ‘What if?/ What else?’ more; try to avoid using words like ‘but’, ‘sorry’, ‘maybe’, ‘basically’; and I will make more eye contact. It was a great masterclass. Very intense and very worth it.”
Kylie Huang, Manager Business Delivery and Analytics, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I really enjoyed the last 2 days Michelle, it’s been a fantastic 2-day masterclass that has already changed my behaviour and presentation style for sure! I loved the print outs and pack sent by Michelle, it’s got everything we need for the workshop and future reference (thanks for the book!); I found the techniques that Michelle has shared with us are all very useful and applicable for my development areas. I recommend more breaks especially in the afternoon. I have to admit that I have been sick since Wednesday, so it must be the pills making me sleepy. I enjoyed the very good structure, great content and I have definitely learned a lot!”
Shupei Xie, Re-engineering Senior Analyst, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“It was the most excellent training that I have ever attended. I love how supportive and constructive Michelle was. I could say Michelle has enlightened my communication/presentation skills a lot. I am going to use the framework and a bunch of insightful tips that help you to specifically focus on the audience.”
Tran To, Software Engineer, Commonwealth Bank Australia

Westpac team members excelling in presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in December 2022

“Very informative and practical things that you can apply in your daily life. Very well structured program. Excellent! I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Saman Usman, Project Manager, Link Group

“This has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Very appreciative of the energy and expertise Michelle has provided the group! Michelle is at the top of what she does, the structure, focus and engagement was wonderful! Everybody had focus time as well as appreciation for individual pace of learning.  A definite value add for anybody who would like to learn and improve! Well structured, highly recommended and definitely something to invest in! I found it very useful and applicable not only for my role, but for any role where you would like to improve on the quality of your presentation and improve your confidence level to interact with multiple audiences.”

Mikey Tongco, Engineering Manager, Enabling Technologies & Practices, Global Technology Services, CBA

“I loved everything! This is the class I have been searching for! It is an awesome class, not only theory-based, it gave me the opportunity to practice what we learn in the classroom. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, the template to prepare for my next presentation and the online references that Michelle has provided eg. videos.”
Simon Johan, Senior Technical Business Analyst, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I loved Michelle, the energy, the structure, the confidence I gained, the way the content was taught, the script! and that it was achievable. I will use the script, the language and visual techniques, the resources provided during and AFTER the course and how to make AMAZING slides.”
Ashley Sami, Associate Markets Direct, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I loved the amazing energy and knowledge that Michelle provided. The framework and the Persuasion Blueprint is extremely practical and can be used for formal presentations or everyday’s life. Michelle is very generous with her time, offering to correct our scripts for life.”
Ling Zhou, Executive Manager, Community Practice, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“I loved that it taught me a lot, that I have a better understanding of how to write and learn things I never knew and the presentations. It was an insightful course and covered a lot of different areas. Hard to do when so busy with work but definitely will use in the future.”

Anthony Dickinson, Tax Consultant, DPM Financial Services

“I loved the great positive space, the great structure and skills which can be taken back to professional life. I didn’t feel embarrased or ashamed to put myself out there.”

Shane O’Neill, Senior Accountant, DPM Financial Services

“I loved the constant engagement of the course. The materials provided were super helpful and highly entertaining. Michelle always encouraged and showed us how to ask (and answer) questions throughout. She is a truly wonderful presenter and coach. The 4Mat and the Persuasion Blueprint provide a great high-level overview which can be applied to various meetings. And the tips such as how to write a great icebreaker and the do’s and don’ts to say in a presentation are things I would like to continue using in future.”

Olivia Tadros, Discovery Business Analysis, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I loved the presenter’s energy, content, and structure of the course. I will apply the 4Mat model, the Persuasion Blueprint and I will practice a lot more before presenting.”

Pankti Desai, Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“Thank you for the fantastic session. I really loved the Persuasion Blueprint and communication methodologies that Michelle ran through. This really helped me to gain an insight into the correct way to communicate with better structure. I am looking forward to implementing the 13-step blueprint.”

Xu Zhang, Manager Business Analyst, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I love that Michelle was very engaging and energetic for a virtual workshop. She’s great at keeping us awake and alive throughout the whole day course. The content was very informative and useful, not just for presentations, also writing! I will use the Blueprint to aid with constructing my presentation script as well as 4MAT for persuasive business writing. Thanks for the awesome teachings today Michelle!”
Jennifer Tran, Business Analyst, Commonwealth Bank Australia

CBA team members excelling in presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in November 2022

“I loved the practical nature of the course i.e we get to apply learnings as part of the course for future presentation. I will definitely use the Persuasion Blueprint in all communications including group emails.”
Michael Lafferty, Executive Manager – KYC Technology, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I loved the calming nerves techniques. I learned how to structure a presentation, engage the audience and how to be clear and concise. It was a great program that I would recommend to anyone who presents at work or wants to learn how.”

Will Carison, Tax Consultant, DPM Financial Services

“I think it’s great training for all those who need to present information to their stakeholders. It will definitely help in improving my skills. Very well paced training with useful tools and techniques. Probably the duration can be increased as sometimes, I felt we could have used more time in some of the sessions. It was a wow moment for me to learn that slides/PowerPoint presentation is such a small part of the overall persuasive presentation whereas my focus has been more on just building better slides.” 

Jitender Jindal, Senior Developer, CBA

CBA team members excelling in presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in March 2023

“I love that I have a framework to structure what I will say that I can give an argument to support the use of each step in the framework and when. I also love that I have the book with plenty of examples and that I could have the chance to see how I present from different viewpoints. I will use the audience analysis, pacing out objections, WIIFM, framing to stave off distractions and the overall Blueprint/Framework in day-to-day circumstances to tune my confidence in the fundamentals so that I feel that I can present it as my natural/authentic self.”
Nicholas Drewitt Smith, Solution Designer, Data Platforms, COO, Westpac

“I loved the structure, how it was demonstrated, and how it was hands-on and practiced. It’s good to have 1 more break even if for 5 min or less in the virtual meetings to rest the eyes. The nonstop stare sometimes really takes its toll and by the end of 2hrs, the headache has really jumped in due to the constant screen stare. I will use the 4MAT model, gestures and how to maintain or adjust your rhythm.”
Saniya Salimm, Senior Management Information Specialist, Data Platforms, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Westpac

“I loved the resources made available to me to become a more proficient presenter, formats, structures, finer points on body language and gestures. It was very interactive, and Michelle made it very simple to comprehend. Practical. I will use the structure and flow.”
Jaisman Majumdar, Manager, Supplier Delivery Management, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, Group Technology, Westpac

“Terrific – all Marshians who are involved in presenting should attend this course. I loved learning the small tips and tricks to overcome regular mistakes commonly made. It was an encouraging environment.”

Susanne Jones, Marsh

“I loved that it was practical, challending, structure, informative, logical, and engaging. Great content flow over two days. It all makes sense at the end.”

William Indrawan, Tax Consultant, DPM Financial Services

“Michelle made everyone feel comfortable very quickly. Safe environment. She provides great structure and tips. I loved that it covers a lot of content. Relaxed and fun.”

Juliet Addis, Chief People Officer, TAS

“Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your energy and wisdom with me, and for your offer to keep in touch when I need help with tricky presentations in the future. I loved the energy, structure, content, truly learning, Michelle, interactive nature, being on the journey with colleagues. I will cut out bad habits in meetings, the full 13 step Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, POO, pacing, consequences, proper preparation, enhanced PowerPoint understanding, the book, the blog, framing. And I will highly recommend the course to my peers.”

James Ward, Senior Business Analyst, Commonwealth Bank Australia


CBA team members excelling in presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in November 2022

“Great course – thanks! I loved that it will help a step change in my presentation technique, and the techniques can be applied more widely to working more effectively with people every day! I will use everything! 4Mat, building rapport, eliminating “um”. It’s an excellent course, and well worth the time investment.”

Mark Dougan, EM FX & Financial Market Operations IT Project Delivery, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“I really liked the structure of the masterclass, Michelle’s energy, attitude, and the way she communicated the material. Handout materials are great and very useful. Overall, I found the course very useful and full of ideas that I can implement in my future presentations. I admire Michelle’s ability to grab audience attention and to keep their focus even via Zoom though.” 

Elena Perchenko, Senior Technical Business Analyst, CBA

“Fantastic course! I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and the fact that she teaches various techniques and not a ‘method’. Every base was covered, from the proven 13 point structure, to breathing techniques to help minimise nervousness.”

Ben Connelly, Marsh

“Michelle was great in enabling me to see past my initial nerves and self-disbelief. The program sets up a structure for not only presentations but for general correspondence in working life.  The program was very informative and a great two days.” 

Joe Luca Donato, Eureka Real Assets

“I have a new found confidence! I loved the pace of coaching over the 4 sessions, introducing things gradually and based on direct feedback from presentations that had been given. I also loved the opportunity to present and display the learnings back during the class and the workbook to complete as we went along, and the overall positivity and energised vibe Michelle brought to every session. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint; thinking about my audience and their learning preferences; focusing on the script and the slides; applying all of it to more communication situations (emails, team stand ups, team meetings, presentations, etc.).”
Tom Miller, Data Engineer, Operations I&A, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, COO, Westpac

“Highly interactive and practical class that walks you through a blueprint for developing persuasive presentations. I love the fact that you leave with a script and so many resources to continue to build great presentations. Across the sessions I learnt lots of easy-to-implement tips and gained confidence. I will continue to use the Persuasion Blueprint and 4Mat, ensure I cater presentations to varying audience members, and that I restructure my meetings to take control of the message. I am much more confident about how my presentations land with the audience, thank you. It was a very valuable course and I look forward to continuing to learn from you.”
Zenna Nixon, Service Quality Manager, Operations I&A, Data Intelligence & Analytics Group, Data Platforms, COO, Westpac

“Michelle Bowden offers great courses in presentation skills and public speaking. I have attended a number of her courses and found them to be not only informative and insightful but also practical and innovative. I would recommend her courses above any other I have attended during my 22 years of corporate stock standard courses I’ve undertaken. If your preference is death by power point Michelle will cure you of this dreaded disease.” 

Doukesa Georgas, Solutions Design Manager, Insurance Australia Group

“Michelle’s knowledge on presentation skills has made an enormous difference to my presenting. It gave me the confidence to deliver a well received presentation to 250 people when I’d never presented to more than 30 before. Her tips, tricks and advice made all the difference!” 

Dave Rae, Member Technical Working Group 4, Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative

“I attended a 2 day speaking course with Michelle and found it invaluable. Michelle provides high energy training and effective tools to use when public speaking.” 

Jeremy Gordon, Institutional Business Development Manager, Challenger Limited

“Michelle is a motivated and engaging speaker who really walks the talk when it comes to brilliant speaking strategies!” 

Elizabeth Whiley, Protégé developer, MYOB

“Great program – feels exactly the right pace. I loved being forced/challenged/encouraged to actually prepare and then present something real and relevant in our day-jobs using this framework. Hugely beneficial to crystalising concepts. Also liked using the presentations as teachable moments. The vast majority of the course is transferable to our usage, which is great. When I enrolled I was hoping for a bit more emphasis on linguistic persuasion (e.g. directly usable in emails and other communication mediums) in tandem with the structured material. That said, in proof that this course is effective, I have edited out 3 buts in this email whilst composing it. Thanks!!

Niven Vanmali, Solutions Lead – Infrastructure Services, Global Technology Services, CBA

“Michelle’s workshops on presentation and influencing are powerful, providing tangible and sustainable techniques to help put the ‘words into action’. Michelle’s humour, passion and energy make it for a very enjoyable yet insightful workshop. I highly recommend her workshops.”

Catherine Gray, Financial & Operations Management, CPA

“I attended one of Michelle’s workshops to assist me in developing my presenting skills. From the moment Michelle first answered my inquiry about her course, to attending and completing the course, and the follow-up up afterwards, Michelle has been amazing. She is the ultimate speaking professional and coach, and my skills have improved 10 fold since. I would recommend Michelle as a speaking professional and I would recommend her course and book to anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking and presentation skills, no matter what level you are already at, everyone will benefit. I recommend Michelle as an excellent speaking professional if you want to actually get results.” 

Grant Howe, Managing Director, Zenith Wealth

“Thank you for an amazing two days. I’ve loved all the learning especially the practical application of the content in session and receiving immediate feedback to course correct. The content is useful in all communications and helps build my interpersonal skills to the next level. As you said, this is not a PowerPoint presentation masterclass. I was looking for something to make me more confident in speaking with leaders, larger audiences, you have given me a great toolkit.” 

Rani Singh, Facilitator, Business Banking, CBA

“Michelle presented at the Clubs NSW International Woman’s Day in 2012. I really enjoyed the presentation delivered it inspired me in my current role adding value to my success with my Members. I encourage businesses to hire Michelle as she truly entertains and keeps the audience engaged.”

Marianna Kinsey, Alliance Development Manager, Community First Credit Union

“Amazing!  So much fun – it helped calm my nerves about doing the presentation.  I loved that it was also challenging and I was able to practice all the techniques.  I loved that there was an overload of content, it was great learning and so many new techniques.  Thank you!  Great time, loved the program – really loved you Michelle – you’re a great and lovable person.”

Naomi Hunt, DJ Hunt Investments

“I loved the content, the tips, the way it’s delivered, the presenter’s knowledge, the way to present, Michelle’s engagement with us and with each other. I will use it in my presentation, work communication(, personal life. Thank you, Michelle!”
Jessica Wang, Senior Business Analyst, Commonwealth Bank Australia


“I loved the Persuasion Blueprint for organising the presentation and the importance of starting a presentation from why? I will use the Blueprint for organising my presentations and other discussions, the tips given on simplifying the slides, and the tips that were given to relax and prepare me (and my tongue) before a presentation! Thanks!”
Sajith Vimukthi Weerakoon, Senior Engineer, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“Excellent energy and content. Michelle is very passionate about her content and very serious when she needed to be to bring people back in line so we could all learn. Allowed me to realise what I am currently doing vs what I need to be doing, whether I’m doing the right thing now vs needing to improve.  Michelle picked out particular pain points and drew our attention to them, whether it was general or specific to my own circumstances.  It is a lot to cram into 2 days. That said, I don’t think anything should be taken out/removed.” 

Aaron Byrne-Smith, Senior Project Manager – STR, Enterprise Services, Institutional & Business Banking ES, Global Markets IT, CBA

The best!  Great work Michelle.  You’re an excellent presenter/trainer.  Keep up the buzz that you bring to your course. The masterclass was excellent!  Very informative with lots of useful examples…. Very enjoyable.” 

Domenic Del Duca, Insurance Specialist RACV 

“I loved Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm. I thought the Persuasion Blueprint template was really helpful to structure presentations around. Will still take a lot of effort to plan it out and then get the actual presentations looking good, but a great pathway to doing that. Can see the value of doing the work. Definitely worth spending the 2 days to learn and practice it.” 

Daniel Cheang, Senior Investment Manager, CBA

“Michelle is an excellent trainer and I would recommend her to others. I found the course to be very interactive, full on, very interesting and a great learning experience which was well worthwhile.” 

Anthony Stanton, Manager, Group Insurance at AMP

“The masterclass was just what I needed. I want to get more! I found the course to be informative, practical, useful, relevant, well structured and well considered. Michelle was knowledgeable and well prepared and provided good follow up materials.” 

Kristy Ng, 

Corporate Client Manager, Perpetual Limited

“I loved that it was structured, providing the tools as the foundations for preparing future presentations.  It was massively informative, structured and yet relaxed and fun.  Loved it!”

David Brown, CEO, Stanford Brown

“I loved everything!  The models and toolkits are very useful and easy to follow.  Michelle’s expertise combined with her energy and fun meant the course was an excellent learning opportunity, which are rare in life.  Many thanks for having me.” 

Sunil Patel, Group Financial Controller, Thakral Holdings Group

“Michelle is clearly the benchmark in teaching the skills needed to present and speak with confidence and influence. Her book is great but it’s her courses where the magic happens. I thoroughly recommend anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills to experience the best there is.”

Mark Ainsworth, Accountant, Momentum Advisory

“I loved the clear steps that were easy to apply and the opportunities to practice the skills.  It was fast paced.  Thanks Michelle!  I feel very prepared for my next presentation. I love your guts!”

Theresa Dau, Director – Finance Strategy, Monash University

“Awesome…Fantastic…challenging…inclusive…so much more than just prep for your next conference.”

Matthew Spithill, CFO, Eureka Funds Management

“I loved Michelle, of course! And the practical, easily implemented techniques. Great flow and structure – exciting to see how you took us on the journey Loved it!! So great I found you – how lucky! I will recommend you to everyone!”

Leah Hudson, Business Development Manager, MFAA

“Loved this!  I loved the structure, easy to follow and remember; the size of the classroom (small); the facilitator (she’s fantastic); the interaction (keeps you awake); tools and tips to take away and learn. Everyone can take away so much – no matter the role or level.  There is something in it for anyone.”

Charlotte Selling, Allianz

“Brilliant course! I loved Michelle as a facilitator and learning the 13 Step Framework; Storyboarding; Clicking; POO and addressing questions. I have already seen a huge change in myself and am looking forward to implementing everything!”

Mark Smith, Associate – Group Strategy, Challenger

Janus Henderson team members excelling in presentation skills training Melbourne with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in December 2018

“The Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass was simply WOW! The masterclass was memorable and very practical!  I loved the structure of the model. The rehearsing and repetition to help embed the structure across the group was very useful. I liked listening to the group presenting with each presenter improving as we all went along because there was a lot of relevant feedback that we could all benefit from. Michelle is a fabulous and authentic presenter.”  

Marina Blyumin, Project Manager, CBA

“Michelle is a top quality professional. She is an expert in condensing massive amount of content into short amounts of time and more importantly paying critical attention to actual learning outcomes post course – not just ‘telling’, ‘learning’.” 

Richard Price, Digital Business Solution Manager, Suncorp Group

I loved how structured, interactive and simple Michelle’s Masterclass is. It is very efficient. An enjoyable program with a great trainer and it was engaging program with lots of fun. I feel I can use it not only in my professional life but also in my day day personal life as well.”

Nevein Nassef Baniamin, MD, Head of robotic process automation and Digitalisation, Allianz Partners Australia

“Michelle is always full of energy and enthusiasm in her quest to help rid the world of boring & uninspiring presenters. Her creative ideas and insights were invaluable in teaching me how to put together presentations that engage and wow my audiences, be it a few clients in a board room or a few hundred in a seminar.”

Scott Lynch, Director, Beanstalk Accountants

“I loved the supportive documentation, concrete examples and practice.  Very motivating.”

Sophie Chesneau, Allianz

“I wish I had received this training years ago – it is more than presentation skills training and can be applied every day in my life.  I loved the positive friendly attitude and being given a framework to produce a presentation that is tailored to my audience’s needs.  I also loved seeing and implementing tools to make presentations engaging.”

Susan Franks, Senior Tax Advocate, Chartered Accountants ANZ

“I found it impressive that this course could assist to a high level of improvement in just 2 days.  Concise, specific, relevant – overall very positive.”

Juan Manas, TH Real Estate

“Michelle, you are a fantastic, energetic and engaged presenter.  I felt like you already knew us well before the course started and responded to our objectives in a very special way.  Your insight on our performances was truly appreciated.”

Nick Lancaster, Claims Team Manager, CoverMore

“I enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot of techniques to use in my daily interaction.  I loved that it gives various tools to use in various situations, is interactive and engaging, and you can apply what you learn and are therefore able to retain more.”

Taf Mugwagwa, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Janus Henderson Investors

“Excellent! I was a sceptic, now a convert! This course had changed the way I think about structure and the build of presentations, especially the open and close. I loved the energy and pace as well as the progress and building blocks.”

Martyn Gilling, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“This was a very, very good program which provided great tools applicable to many aspects of my job. There was an excellent energy and pace throughout. I used to dread presentations before coming to Michelle’s program and now I am actually looking forward to putting these tools into practice and I want more please!”

Graham Warn, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“I found this a really enjoyable and useful program. Michelle was engaging and an excellent teacher. Everything made sense and I have found it really helpful. It was hard work and enjoyable. I have learnt lots of practical skills both for business and in life and I feel more confident now. Thank you very much.”

Nadine Gooderick, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“I found this course very helpful and enjoyable and now I just need to practice. I loved how everything was simple and logical with effective tools for preparation to allow me to focus on practicing and the delivery. The program also provided lots of opportunity to practice without being confronting.”

Mark Stewart, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“The program is concise enabling the opportunity to practice. I enjoyed that it is practical and can be applied to several work related aspects, not just presenting. I loved the 13 steps and the way the program covers aspect about the self; including how to extend yourself, body language and voice patterns. Overall this course covers all aspects of presenting.”

Feli Ferragina, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“This program is a great course that was good fun. It de-mystified the process of creating an amazing presentation and gave me all the skills I need to take my presentation delivery to a more professional level.”

Stafford Hamilton, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“A well run, insightful, specific, personal program that I would highly recommend! I loved learning the structure of presentations, becoming a more confident presenter, seeing the importance of facing the audience’s POO’s and learning self awareness; knowing what to work on – they are specific tangible points. I also enjoyed learning how to influence not just in presentations but in general.”

John Mok, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“Excellent! I loved the energy of the presenter, the practical advice and I thought that the participation was great. The model is easy to use and well taught.”

Andrew Katon, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

RGA team members enjoy virtual presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in September 2011

“I loved the information about how to structure presentations and deliver them effectively.”

Susan Looi, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“I loved everything. In particular, learning structure, what to do, what not to do, help with nerves, engagement with audience and extending the self. Overall it was great!  I loved the real life examples and real life practice.”

Rhoda Harrington, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“A really worthwhile exercise. I loved the good content and structure tips. Michelle is an engaging facilitator and we were challenged to try it for ourselves.”

Niall Fallon, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“Thank you so much! Great stuff. I loved the pace, the interactivity, how we were always thinking and that it was fun.”

Peter Tilocca, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“Michelle was professional, expert and challenging.” 

Gareth Evans, BCM Analyst, AMP Risk and Compliance

“I loved learning to conquer fear and doing a good job! It was interactive, team building and a fun exercise. I liked the manageable components and being able to acknowledge weakness and address it. I wish we could have a follow up session. I would like to practice techniques and then come back and see what more I can improve. Thanks Michelle!”


Kate Gillmore, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“Well-crafted and paced, thanks Michelle.  This is powerful stuff.  The program was motivating, educational and inspiring. It was also well adapted to the mixed audience.”  Thank you for your investment in our business.”

Andre Dreyer, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“Michelle is energetic and patient with us and provides relevant examples of why her model works.  The program reinforces what we have learned in Day 1 and 2.  I loved that we had the time to practice what we learned and ask further questions where we are uncertain of the model.  It was also great to receive feedback on my presentation.  I learnt to always have a goal and purpose – it makes presentations more engaging.”

John Mok, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“I loved the good flow, chance to practice and the introduction into framing.” 

Jerome Matrundola, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“Relevant, purposeful and effective.  It is more relevant now that I have had some experience.”

Kate Gillmore, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“I loved the energy of the presenter, the live feedback and that I learnt a lot about presenting.”

Andrew Katon, RGA Reinsurance of Australia

“I loved the format and useful content.  The delivery and structure was very different and much more effective for learning and retention.  The supply of cues, video access and reminders ensures ongoing value from the course.  Highly relevant for achieving my development/team goals.  Michelle brings the content to life and I can see improvement instantly in myself and my colleagues.”

Shan Kwee, Credit Strategist, Janus Henderson Investors

“Michelle is such a good presenter and that helps get the content across to her audience. Very good!”

Michael Sloan, the Successful Investor (TSI)

“Fun, fast, structured, digestible, good tools to cement the learning.  Practical and challenging.  A great platform for growth.”

Robin Payne, Sales Manager, Cortell

“The course was packed with content and all exercises felt relevant/had a purpose.  Michelle’s enthusiasm was infectious!  I loved the great takeaways to work on in the coming weeks and months.  A brilliant course and set-up.”

Scott McKay, Pricing Actuary, RGA

“A well run, insightful, specific, personal program that I would highly recommend! I loved learning the structure of presentations, becoming a more confident presenter, seeing the importance of facing the audience’s POO’s and learning self awareness; knowing what to work on – they are specific tangible points. I also enjoyed learning how to influence not just in presentations but in general.”

John Mok, Director, RGA

“Excellent! I loved the energy of the presenter, the practical advice and I thought that the participation was great. The model is easy to use and well taught.”

Andrew Katon, Chief Valuation Actuary, RGA

“It has given me more confidence.  I loved that we were forced to confront our weakness areas in presentations and address them.  Fantastic tips that I would never have thought of!  I also loved that Michelle would help you when you were genuinely stuck on an activity. An extremely practical course – thanks very much Michelle!”

Lai Yin Leow, Senior Operations Analyst, Janus Henderson Investors

Liberty team members enjoy virtual presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in May 2022

“I loved learning the 13 steps, Michelle’s interaction and the activities to help with learning.  Provides all the tools you need to really improve presentations.  Motivates you to practice what has been learnt.”

Debbie Rose, Head of Business Development, CFMG

“I loved the basic structures (i.e. 4Mat and 13 step presentation template) to refer back to, and the many simple tricks to use, i.e. star eye contact.  There is a lot of content, that seems confronting at first, then it all comes together.  Michelle is a great teacher.”

Charles Horan, Institutional Sales Director, Janus Henderson Investors

“A hugely engaging course that kept me focused and involved throughout the two days.  Engaging and interesting.  I loved the defined process to follow to improve communication and presenting and the vast list of practical tools that can be easily applied.  Excellent follow up tools to assist in applying skills after the course.” 

Marcella Wilder, Client Account Manager, Janus Henderson Investors

“The program was flexible enough to be tailored to the individual members.  The program was very beneficial and helped me understand the points required to be a strong presenter.”

Fawzul Ahmed, Client Account Manager, Janus Henderson Investors

“I loved evaluating my own presentations against the new skills and techniques over the last two days.  I loved the workbook and loved seeing everyone’s presentations.  Thought provoking, useful and enjoyable.”

Mark Fensom, Client Account Manager, Janus Henderson Investors

“The program gave me a functional structure to apply to presentations and it gave me confidence in my ability to produce high quality presentations.  The program was valuable, interesting and fun.”

James Drohan, Equity Analyst, Janus Henderson Investors

“It covered so much and the teacher was incredibly engaging.  I loved that it was practical and inspiring to use in the future.  20/10!  I wish I had done this years ago.  It should be taught to everyone in school.  I am thankful to the directors for this opportunity!”

Daniel Simpson, Business Development Associate, Janus Henderson Investors

“I loved breaking down my ad-hoc approach and remaining myself. I also loved learning that even the shortest presentation deserves a bit of love and good preparation. I loved the practical techniques and continual encouragement.  Achieving greatness is easy in this program.”

Nikki Rudge, Training & Development Manager, Holiday Coast Credit Union

“Awesome presenter with great content and fabulous ability to deliver.  Sensational!”

Sue Howe, Branch Operations Manager, Holiday Coast Credit Union

“Energetic, expert, experienced training facilitated by Michelle.  I loved the engaging, practical and structured formula to presenting, 13 steps, 4Mat and storyboarding.  Very informative.  I learned an enormous amount of skills and techniques.”

Ka Lai Lam, Head of Investment Compliance, Pan Asia, Janus Henderson Investors

“This training gave me the world’s best practice tool for preparing excellent pieces of work for emails, memos and presentations, which I will use practically daily.  I would love this to go into the region so that the message permeates through the firm.  A well spent, if tiring, 2 days.”

Cameron Flett, Financial Controller, Janus Henderson Investors

 “I loved that it was easy to understand and brought out my confidence.  Michelle is engaging.  Two days is sufficient time.  It would be good to do it away from work distractions, and it would be worthwhile for all staff to do the course, especially senior management.”

Saffick Ramjahn, Investment Compliance Manager, Janus Henderson Investors

Michelle was an excellent facilitator and gave clear explanations of concepts.  The content was well thought out and can be applied to my current role.  Great info on structure and also small tips and tricks that I could use.  This program can be applied to all aspects of the business.”

Craig McDonald, Sales Director, Janus Henderson Investors

“I love that it taught a clear structure that can be easily applied to lots of scenarios.  Michelle was energetic and a great teacher and also provided constructive feedback to take away and improve on.  A helpful and practical program with lots to learn.  It would be great if senior management also did the course to better understand the application that we might want to start using at work.”

Ghezal Yon, Senior Product Development Manager, Janus Henderson Investors

“I loved the roadmap to 13 step presenting.  It was fun, entertaining and challenging and empowered me to improve my presentation skills.  Good for all levels of presenters with expert advice and coaching.”

Ryder Harris, Senior Operations Analyst, Janus Henderson Investors

“I loved the 4MAT (aligned with my view that we miss the ‘why’) and POO (great system or managing potential conflict).  Congratulations on creating an engaging workshop, it was as pleasure learning from you over the past 2 days.”

Tom Kelly, Sales Director, Janus Henderson Investors

“I loved the content and structure; the way it was delivered; the application and real experience, and encouraging/constructive feedback; and the team time.  Very helpful and useful.  Positive motivating presenter.”

Lynette Hickey, CFO, Australian Payments Network

“I loved the practical steps (explored in manageable segments), the forced participation (horrible but the only way to learn) and the valuable takeaways to keep the structure.  Informative, instructive and enjoyable.”

Gillian Kelly, Legal Counsel, Australian Payments Network

“Michelle presented at the Clubs NSW International Woman’s Day in 2012. I really enjoyed the presentation delivered it inspired me in my current role adding value to my success with my Members. I encourage businesses to hire Michelle as she truly entertains and keeps the audience engaged.”

Marianna Kinsey, Alliance Development Manager, Community First Credit Union

“Practical, challenging, honest, diverse and thoughtful.  An enjoyable and challenging learning experience.”

Trish McGinness, Compliance Manager, Australian Payments Network

“Michelle is always full of energy and enthusiasm in her quest to help rid the world of boring & uninspiring presenters. Her creative ideas and insights were invaluable in teaching me how to put together presentations that engage and wow my audiences, be it a few clients in a board room or a few hundred in a seminar.”

Scott Lynch, Director, Beanstalk Accountants

“I loved the interaction, challenge, application of real life presentation and, of course, Michelle!  Well constructed and a lot of thought to keep everyone engaged.  I learnt a lot and made good self improvements.”

Hugh Leonard, Director Repo Sales & Training, RBC Capital Markets

“I loved the structure, stage management, position management and second position.  It was great – thanks so much!”

Andy White, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Payments Network

“Michelle is an engaging and passionate presenter. She clearly loves what she does and enjoys sharing her experience, tips and tools with those seeking to improve their influencing and presentation skills. I had the pleasure of attending one of Michelle’s workshops on Effective Presentation skills many years ago and found it valuable. I would recommend anyone looking to build their confidence and/ or capabilities in Presenting or Influencing to contact Michelle.”

Sandra Gallagher, Sales Experience Manager, IAG

“I loved the strong structure for good reasoning to why we should follow the structure; the tips and advice across the whole range of presentation skills; and the engaging presenter who was able to practically demonstrate her expertise.  Excellent!”

Merric Foley, Strategic Policy Development & Regulatory Affairs, Australian Payments Network

“Good pacing and the 2 days were a good length.  I loved putting out a framework that I can stick around a presentation and make sure it has all the bits!”

Nick Cliff, Emerging Technology Lead, Australian Payments Network

“I loved the structural approach to persuasive presentations, and the ability to tailor an approach to the audience and format.  Excellent!”

Paul Anguita, Member Engagement Manager, Australian Payments Network

“Excellent!  Well-structured and well delivered.  I loved the structure; that it reinforced each skill; and the practical application.”

Leila Fourie, General Management & Public Engagement, Australian Payments Network

“I feel like it’s the first course that is so focused on ensuring that I continue to use all the awesome tools for evermore – not just for 2 days.  I loved the practical tools and the repetition.  I really think I will change the way I present.”

Lucy Anderson, Head of Payment Innovation, Australian Payments Network

“I loved Michelle’s Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass! So much content and lots of energy. Michelle is an absolute expert, and a delight to learn from. Michelle provided a practical and fun learning experience, with extensive tools to take away. Highly recommended!!”

Nancy Bryla, General Counsel, Australian Payments Network Limited

“Great, fun, educational.  I loved the formula of presentations, the cat and dog concept, the friendly environment and that it was fun.  The presenter was amazing. 

Martin Chau, Investment Banking Analyst, Capital

“It made me challenge how I approach pitches and presentations.  I learned techniques that I can use to improve my presentation skills.  Hands on, practical methods to improve your skills.”

Kris Karlsson, Director, Allier Capital

“I love that I will now have a structure on how to develop and deliver future presentations.  Also, I thought the learning technique Michelle uses is amazingly compelling and I’m left feeling I CAN DO THIS!!  Sensational to bring together people from all backgrounds and as a result I believe the message is reinforced.” 

Shane Lamprey, Lifeplanner

“Fantastic! Michelle was so engaging and positive.  Her belief that we could all do it was very encouraging.  I know that I have learnt new skills that I will use for a lifetime.”

Rebecca Rowe, Spry Roughley

“I loved the structured, well balanced, enjoyable, challenging training; the people I shared it with; your enthusiasm, patience, amazing knowledge and understanding.” 

Paul Mayhew, Guy Carpenter

“Very helpful and great new techniques.  I loved being given a clear structure.  Very engaging teacher who  made it fun to learn.  Really beneficial and would highly recommend.”

Gemma Weeks, ETFS Management

“I loved that it was interactive, thorough and valuable.  A very well thought out program – you clearly love what you do and it makes a difference!” 

Gemma Peat, Omers

“Outstanding – the most worthwhile course I have attended.  Great investment. I loved the depth of knowledge of Michelle.  I learned tangible strategies that can be used immediately to craft and deliver persuasive presentations and control nerves.”

Matt Morrison, The Practice

“Michelle’s awesome!  Engaging, interesting, practical, excellent content. A very well structured program.  Intensive but interesting throughout.”

Yajie Ren, Guy Carpenter

Westpac team members enjoy virtual presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in May 2022

“I loved the structure, practice sessions, Michelle’s enthusiasm and the feedback loop.  A great opportunity to consider your presenting style and reinvent it.”

Andrew Gaskell, RGA Reinsurance

“Best program I have ever done!  I loved the engagement and the fact Michelle kept me listening.  I have a structure for my presentations.”

Katie Norton, Regional Area Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“Great flow throughout the 2 days.  Was resistant at the start but loosened up throughout the time and learnt so much.  Great technician.  I loved the structure (easy to learn), length (just right), the practical use of all learnt (day 2) and the different focus on a well-established topic.”

Steve Mater, Head of Investment Sales, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“I attended one of Michelle’s workshops to assist me in developing my presenting skills. From the moment Michelle first answered my inquiry about her course, to attending and completing the course, and the follow-up afterwards, Michelle has been amazing. She is the ultimate speaking professional and coach, and my skills have improved 10 fold since. I would recommend Michelle as a speaking professional and I would recommend her course and book to anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking and presentation skills, no matter what level you are already at, everyone will benefit. I recommend Michelle as an excellent speaking professional to any individual or organisation that is considering hiring her, and whom is after someone who actually gets results.”

Grant Howe, Zenith Wealth

“I loved the process and steps provided which I can use for all forms of communication and speeches.  When setting up to speak in front of the group, using the techniques I learnt, I did not feel nervous at all.  It all works.  Great food!  There was a lot of content to learn over the 2 days which sometimes felt overwhelming but it all came together and worked for us.”

Shiree Hembrow, Polson Higgs Wealth Management

“I loved the clear framework, excellent facilitator, no role play/videos and easy to apply.  Excellent.  Thoroughly worth it!”

Peter Schliebs, Challenger

“Fabulous!  Michelle was fantastic.  So much positive energy and positive reinforcement and a huge amount of information to go away with, think about and learn from.”

Chantal Travers, Manager Investor Relations, Challenger

“Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm was constant and amazing for the full two day course.  She is clearly extremely good at what she does and inspires excellence in others.  A great interactive approach to delivering the course – very positive focus and at the same time she points out mistakes and encourages improvement.  I felt that she is a subject matter expert and am amazed that she delivers the course with such energy after so many years doing it.  Best of both worlds – experience, expertise PLUS unsurpassed energy!  I loved the great takeaways – good course materials (DVDs) and folder, and the good visual aids that were colourful, engaging and easy to remember.  I would certainly recommend to everyone!”

Laura Chambers, Finance Manager, Challenger

“Two thumbs up!  I loved the tools on how to set up a presentation.”

Shermal De Silva, Head of Middle Office, Challenger

“I loved structure, engagement level, size of group and organised meals.  A great and informative program that gives you the skillset required to become a great presenter.”

Philip Lawson, Portfolio Accounting Manager, Challenger

“I loved EVERYTHING – content, tips, structure, examples and enthusiasm.  A great program for all levels. I will be implementing ASAP!”

Marc Page, Fidante Partners

CBA team members enjoy presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in November 2022

“I loved learning about how to properly structure a presentation and use PowerPoint more effectively.  An excellent course, delivered with great energy and the additional resources were great.  Thank you!”

Simon Halliday, Fidante Partners

“I loved Michelle, the content, examples and pace of learning.  Absolutely fantastic program!”

Sylone O’Bey, Manager Investment Operations Support and Controls, Challenger

“I loved everything – techniques that I can use at work and in life generally; the energy (there was no after-lunch slump); the visuals and all the stories.  It definitely is a lot of content – I was warned prior and it’s all relevant.  Loved it!”

Sarah Sellis, Senior Business Analyst, Challenger

“I loved everything – your energy, professionalism and how well you have delivered it.  You are very passionate and authentic when teaching us and want us to get the most out of the program.  Thank you.  My friend will be joining you!”

Maggie Tran, Team Leader Portfolio Analysts, Challenger

“Very useful and practical.  I loved that there was lots of insight into things that are not that obvious, e.g. body language; lots of tips on how to behave and present/speak at the presentations.  Wasn’t bored for a moment.”

Joanna Sztandera, Finance Manager, Challenger

“I loved the 13 steps, the knowledge and the helpful tips from Michelle.  Loved every minute of it.”

Tracey Kellett, OTT Derivatives Manager, Challenger

“I loved that it was fun and interactive, yet not tiresome and stressful.  I also loved doing the presentation and receiving feedback – picked up some things I never knew.”

Michael McLean, Challenger

“The presenter was experienced and engaging.  I loved the smaller group so that all could be involved, and the practical advice that could be applied in everyday life.  Was a good learning experience and I would recommend to others.”

Janny Tze, Business Analyst, Challenger

“I loved the practical advice on all presentation aspects and the excellent templates.  The enthusiastic presenter was great.”

Dana Jenner, Challenger

“I loved the great energy and interaction and the great framework that is practical.  The day went by quickly.  We had all the tools we needed.  A great group of people.”

Will Trinh, Challenger

“I loved that the course taught practical skills.  I was constantly engaged and present.  It gave me the tools to use for the future.  Great!”

James Sharratt, Business Analyst, Challenger

“The enthusiasm and content was awesome!  I’ll definitely be using the content, framework and tips.  This content won’t be ‘put on the shelf’!”

Justin Lam, Challenger


“I loved the process that was very good; the thoughts around use of body and stage; understanding – practice is required; integration of group and access to resources and help post-course.  A bit more individual practice of tips would be great.  Excellent course.”

Ian Winn, Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers


“A lot of fun and incredible content.  Covered a lot of material.  Practical.”

David Hunt, DJ Hunt Investments


“Loved it. I’ve done presentation courses before and none have given me the confidence and skills to present what I want and do better in my interactions at work.”

Cammeron Blanchard, Contact Centre Communications Coordinator, Allianz


“I loved the supportive documentation, concrete examples and practice.  Very motivating.”

Sophie Chesneau, Allianz


“It took a lot of the fear out of presenting.  I now have demonstrated, proven techniques to at least fake being a great public speaker.  The program is intense and challenging and I have never been so impressed!”

Rebecca Whalen, Financial Performance Manager, Westpac


“I feel much more prepared and confident going forward now that I have a book full of techniques and tips.  The presenter was very energetic and passionate about the content and wanted you to develop from the course.  The program was very entertaining and kept my interest the whole time.”

Emma Hewett, Senior Accountant, Challenger


“The program is fantastic.  Loved every part of it.  Would definitely recommend it to others.  Great, interactive.  Lots of learning.”

Mandar Vaze, Challenger


“Engaging and fun.  The program exceeded my expectations.  Now that I have the tools, I know where to look.  I will be using the 13 steps from now on.”

Kevin Lim, CFO, Fortius Funds Management

CBA team members enjoy presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer in July 2023

“Michelle was amazing and personable and she used real life examples to bring the content to life.  It was really well structured.  I enjoyed doing this course with people outside my organisation to get a varied perspective.”

Elli Agathocleous Senior Analyst, Intra-Divisional Portfolio Strategy, Consumer Bank Finance, Westpac Group


“I loved the structure and clarity that Michelle has taught to harness all my knowledge and experience to be an effective trainer.  Michelle is energetic, fun, engaging, informative and just wonderful!”

Natasha Smith, Northern Inland Credit Union


“Engaging, inspiring, constructive, and an honest/safe space.  I loved the practical tools and practice.  It increased my self-belief.  Very worthwhile and motivating and extremely practical.  I can see us transforming our workplace as well as ourselves as individuals.”

Natasha Beer, Executive Manager Sales & Marketing, Northern Inland Credit Union


“I loved that persuasive presentation is not rocket science – it is an act and easy to apply in daily life.  Very informative and some of the techniques I learnt are exceptional.”

Anish Malhotra, Commercial Manager, AMP Services


“I loved the structure of 4Mat and the 13 steps, and the voice and body language tips.  I will definitely be using this in my job.  I felt the material was well paced and we needed the two days.  Overall, it was very worthwhile and I’m more confident in my skills now.”

Brent Stephan, Challenger


“I loved putting structure around something that doesn’t come naturally.  It will help in the future – both saving time and improving content/delivery.  Great!”

Steve Sutinen, Challenger


“Creative, free-flowing, interactive, practical, solution-oriented.  I loved the props, charts and materials.  I also loved the enthusiastic, energetic teacher who seems to be on absolute expert at presenting. 11/10!”

Sid Kumar, Challenger


“I loved the repeatable/practical formulas for presentation.  Wow! Did not know how little I knew about presenting!  Looking forward to using it in the field.”

Michael Bors, Challenger


“Michelle was a great educator, full of energy and enthusiasm. Her course on presentations was very professionally delivered, and kept interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

Jason Abraham, Team Leader, IAG

“I loved that it was interactive; had practical applications including use of real life examples; learning the little errors we do without realising; and the vibrant and engaging presenter.  Lots of content – might be hard to operationalise out in the real world.  Great for more than just presenting.”

Stephen Martin,  Challenger


“I loved the new concepts, accelerated learning style and safe, fun space.  Excellent, although definitely tiring.”

Samantha Gathercole, Manager CGU


“I love that this program provided great structure and made producing a presentation quick and easy.  It gave memorable trick and tips that I will remember for a long time – I know because I remember your CPA Congress presentation like it was yesterday, but that was 2 years ago.  It was great learning after each presentation which meant you did not switch off once you had presented.  Engaging and no scary at all.  Enjoyable to be part of.”

Hayley Francia, Allianz


“I loved Michelle!  I need to really be engaged in a workshop to learn and this was fantastic.  Huge amount to take in but not too much.  Pushed me out of my comfort zone.  So many new skills and tools to use every day.  Looking forward to using day to day.”

Tara Sorrenson, Allianz


“Great energy and great take home kit.  I loved the structure, tools provided and the cross functional attendance.  Michelle is an engaging and motivating presenter.  The content was not functional area specific so we were forced to think outside the box.”

Trudi Hollis, Allianz


“I loved the pace, content and fun!  I enjoyed the two days.  It addressed my learning requirement.”

Alan Buckingham, Allianz


“Michelle covers everything in such an engaging, entertaining and memorable way.  It was so easy to understand and therefore implement all the principles.  A must do!  Comprehensive, well presented and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Simon Fallon, Allianz


“I have been on many presentation and public speaking courses and this by far is  the best!  Application will be effective – easy to transfer to every day.  Engaging – didn’t feel like training.  Easy to absorb the content.”

Caitlin Quathamer, Allianz


“I loved the structure of the training; the techniques; and the learning from each other.  Awesome!”

Arun Kumar, Allianz


“Everything was excellent and helpful. I loved 4Mat, pacing and leading, being challenged, getting feedback, plus 5-step analysis and icebreaker.  This program is an opportunity no one should miss.  It’s not just about presenting; it builds confidence in influencing, communicating and rapport building.  So helpful for my development.”

Lisa Osborne, Allianz


“Lots of practical tips and feedback.  Clear and logical approach to structure content and delivery.  I loved the interaction.  Very well structured.  I would strongly recommend to others.”

Roelant Vos, Allianz


“It is practical and can be learnt and followed in just two days so that you are able to present persuasively.  I have improved my presentation skills and techniques so much from the positive feedback.”

Hwa-Lee Chong, Allianz


“I loved the structure; enabling; gave me confidence.  All AWP leaders need to do this because it will accelerate the way we do business.”

Vicki Spencer, Allianz


“I enjoyed the way Michelle interacted with everyone to make the course fun and informative.  I love what I have learnt.  The course is full of excellent techniques to present.  Each individual component can be used in day-to-day life.”

Joshua Curtis, Allianz


“Fantastic program!  I loved EVERYTHING!  So many fantastic tips, that are so practical and usable every day.  I loved the structure that makes it easy to keep putting it into practice. The more AWP people that can attend the better.”

Jane Hailes, Allianz


“Exceptional presentation of the essential techniques needed to improve my persuasion, presentation and everyday communications. I loved the new way to approach presentations; the thoughtful presentation of the information.  I was exhausted after day 1 with everything I learnt, but I was energised on day 2 to use all the knowledge. ”

Lauren Swift, Allianz

“I loved learning the 4Mat method – it was very helpful and I will utilise this on a daily basis.  I also loved learning how to extend myself as well as all the steps involved when presenting.  Very informative and useful.  Michelle is a vibrant and engaging facilitator.  Very inspiring.”

Jami Hamilton, Allianz


“Brilliant and engaging.  Provided tools to allow me to perfect my presentation skills.”

Linda Fairweather, HESTA


“An excellent course that was well worth the 2 day time commitment. I loved that it contained lots of practical information that we got to apply throughout the 2 days.” 

David Bruton, Marsh


“I found this course to be personally rewarding. This course was engaging and worth it. It was very well structured and I enjoyed the open environment where we were able to discuss and question.”

Will Cameron, Marsh


“This is a very high quality program. The content we learnt is meaningful and memorable while being practical enough to assist us in day to day presentations.” 

Paul Shardlow, Marsh


“Michelle’s can do attitude was very encouraging and motivating. The ‘activities’ were not intimidating and allowed us to want to participate actively. I loved the simple steps taught, which if used properly can make a massive difference (i.e. Improvement) to my presentation skills.”

Diane Theseira, Marsh


“I found the course to be a very worthwhile way to spend two days. I loved the engaging style and the good mix between practical and the theory that support this.  I also found Michelle to be open and honest.”

Cameron Laing, Marsh


“Great course! I loved the pace of the training, not breaking up into small groups and ‘reporting back’, the new and helpful techniques, the resources and the great explanations around the techniques and the 13steps. I enjoyed the honesty given by Michelle.”

Katrina Palmer, Marsh

“Great stuff – now it is just up to me to put into practice! I found the course to be hands on with a good balance of theory behind the tools and techniques taught, while benefiting from the practical applications. It was a challenge and stretch.” 

Martin Phelan, Marsh

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