Are you a speaker who ‘nicks off’ once the speech is over?

Cheeky question right?


I’m a people person. One of the reasons I became an educator and a speaker is that I love connecting with people and helping them. Sometimes I like the deep and meaningful chats with people after the speech more than the act of giving the actual presentation!  I’m often fascinated when I see a great speaker WOW a crowd and then completely disappear once the applause finishes. People are left wondering where they’ve gone.


I remember being a speaker at an event where the speaker before me literally astounded the crowd with their awesome content, delivery and contagious personality. There was a rousing standing ovation for this speaker and then the MC sent people straight to morning tea. Lots of people flocked to the front of the stage waiting for the speaker to come over for a chat. Nope. They had gone. Received the thunderous applause and high tailed it straight out to a limo waiting with the engine running! See you later!


What should you do instead?

Remember that audience members (and conference organisers) expect you to hang around for a few minutes after your presentation. When you stay after your presentation it allows a number of things to happen:

–        Audience members can ask in-depth questions that it wasn’t appropriate to discuss during your presentation.

–        Shy audience members will have time and space to ask you a question they need answered.

–        Both you and the audience members who may be interested in what you do will be able to exchange details. And good news, you might even get another booking!

–        You will have a chance to thank the conference organiser for including you in their conference.

–        You will be able to meet other speakers who are speaking at the event.


If possible, hang around. And the same applies to zoom. Once the MC thanks everyone for being there, they will inevitably all drop off the call. Stay there with a lovely smile on your face while everyone drops off, so that you can thank your Virtual MC and then off you go. If anyone really wants to ask you something once it’s over they won’t drop off the call and you’ll find yourself with a brilliant opportunity to really serve them, answer their questions, connecti That’s what it’s all about.


Food for thought….

Happy presenting!


© Michelle Bowden CSP is the best-selling author of How to Present (Wiley) and she’s delivered her Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass more than 900 times over the past 20 years. She helps professional speakers and businesspeople alike. Please join us at our next ‘live’ Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass.

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