01 Jul A presentation formula that actually works!

In 2006 I developed a model to help you feel more engaging, persuasive and confident. This model will help you shift your audience from their current to your desired state. I call it the ‘13 Steps to Exceptional Presentation Design’.

My 13 Steps combine all of the key elements of an influential presentation (from start to finish) and help you know exactly what to say with precision, accuracy and linguistic mastery.

Here’s the low down:

Great presenters follow a formula – if you don’t know the formula you’re missing out on a powerful result from your written and spoken communication.

Specifically, my 13 Steps will help you:

  • Build deep rapport with your audience.
  • Stimulate your audience to listen actively.
  • Manage audience conflict or objections to you and/or your content.
  • Influence your audience to think, feel and do what you have planned.
  • Ensure that you answer the questions that audience members are asking (both unspoken and spoken) regardless of their personality.
  • Feel confident that you have prepared thoroughly for any audience.

Here are the 13 steps for you briefly:

  1. Build rapport with your audience.
  2. Assert your perspective.
  3. Motivate your audience to pay attention.
  4. Proactively manage audience objections.
  5. Control and relax your audience.
  6. Deliver the facts, figures and data.
  7. Explain the steps for implementing your ideas.
  8. Provide any other information.
  9. Summarise your three key points.
  10. Call your audience to action.
  11. Manage questions and answers.
  12. Highlight negative and positive consequences.
  13. Close with a sizzle!


If you want to know more about the 13 steps then please grab yourself a copy of my best selling book, How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley).

More Information

For more information on how to present with confidence, clarity and influence please read How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley). Or consider attending my public 2-day Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass to transform your persuasive presentation skills in business.

Who is Michelle Bowden?

Michelle Bowden is an authority on presentation & persuasion in business. Michelle is a CSP (the highest designation for speakers in the world), Founder of Speakers’ Club, co-creator of the PRSI (a world-first psychometric indicator that tests your persuasiveness at work), best selling internationally published author (Wiley), 11 x nominee for the prestigious Educator Award for Excellence, editor of How to Present magazine, producer of Michelle Bowden TV, and a regular commentator in print, radio and online media. Sign up for Michelle’s FREE How to Present magazine TODAY www.michellebowden.com.au