A complete learning solution because quick fixes don’t work

Michelle’s approach is fundamentally different to most presentation skills trainers.

There are literally hundreds of presentation skills trainers in Australia so when it comes to making a decision about who is best suited to you, it will help you to understand what’s different about Michelle’s approach, compared with the other choices you have.

Essentially, I take a strategic approach to presenting which involves three equally critical phases: analysis, design and delivery. This is quite different from most other presentation skills trainers out there.

I have attended many thousands of business presentations over the duration of my career. Some of them were sensational and most were pretty awful. I’ve also spoken with thousands of people over the past 2 decades including people who suffer from crippling nervousness and I know for sure that the main reason people are nervous, over-rely on their PowerPoint slides or fall back to bad habits is that they focus too much on their stagecraft, or delivery techniques at the exclusion of the first two phases of presenting: analysis and design.

Take a look at the content of most presentation skills programs and you’ll find they are strong on performance techniques with very little robust theory behind the models they teach for analysis and design. No matter how many performance classes you take, we haven’t seen any evidence that it’s possible to be a consistently confident presenter without undertaking all three phases thoroughly. I would prefer to show you how to understand your audience thoroughly, design a well-crafted, clever, persuasive message that you can feel confident delivering before you delve into how to use your body masterfully.

Michelle Bowden exemplifies professionalism, integrity and extraordinarily high standards for anyone interested in transforming their public speaking ability.

I passionately believe that business presenting is about achieving an objective, a shift in your audience. I have combined my world class research on persuasion with my expertise on presenting in business to create what is widely thought to be the premier option in Australia for learning business presentation skills.

Why should you choose Michelle as your trainer?

I have been nominated for the past 9 years for the Educator Award for Excellence for the way I facilitate my Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass and I one of approximately 40 female Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) in Australia. I am also an internationally published, best selling author on the subject of presenting. I have impressive experience in coaching executives for high stake presentations and multi-mullion dollar pitches and tenders. I also coach lots of high profile celebrities and international keynote speakers for the stage.

I have personally facilitated my Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass over 800 times with over 8000 people.

I would love for you to attend my 2-day Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass. You won’t believe how amazing you can be at public speaking until you take action and learn how to communicate your ideas with confidence and influence. It’s very exciting!