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5 must do tips for virtual presenting

We are all presenting very frequently in the virtual world. We’re using platforms like zoom, MS Teams, WebEx and lots more. 

Here are my top 5 tips for successful virtual presenting!

Tip # 1: Make sure that you set up your environment properly.

Put the things that you want in your background, sort out your hair and make up, and make sure that the lighting flatters you.

Tip # 2: Look right into the camera. 

It’s very important that you look at the camera and not at the faces of the people that you’re speaking to  on the screen. You  need to be disciplined and look right into that camera and give love as you talk into the camera. Imagine that you’re seeing your audience’s faces and make sure that you let your face do some talking. Let your smile come out, let your eyes sparkles, let your cheeks move. You want to make sure that there’s some animations in your features while you look into that camera. 

Tip # 3: Make sure that you prepare properly.

Just as you would in a live meeting, make sure that you prepare properly. Please plan what it is that you want to say. Think  about it from your audience’s point of view. Work out what they needed to hear, in other words, where are they and where do want them to be? Work out what is going to be that “shift”. 

Make sure that you are as economical as possible. You want to say your message in as few words as possible. In this virtual space, people are way less patient and they need you to get to the point quickly. Learn a formula, like my persuasion blueprint, or other formula that works for you and helps you to structure your message in the quickest way possible. That way, the audience can get the point and they can take the action that you require.

Tip # 4: Make sure that you interact with your audience.

It was never cool to do one-way communication where you would stand or sit in a meeting and talk to your audience while they sat patiently and wait for you to finish. It’s not cool in the year 2021 and it’s not cool when you’re presenting virtually. It’s important that you ask your audience questions and you get them to talk back to you.

Tip # 5: Make sure that you gesture.

You need to be animated on the screen. Bring your hands up when you gesture. In a virtual meeting, if something is important, you’d still need to do that near your face.

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