Use Fonts for Clarity

  1. Use a dark text on a light background so you avoid having to dim or turn off the lights. For clarity, it’s better to change the colour of the word to make it stand out rather than either underlining or bolding it.
  2. Half the people in your audience will like points to be revealed one at a time. The rest will prefer you flash all the points up at the same time and then go through them one by one. There is no strict rule, however if you have more than 3 points, then you are better to flash them up all at once because it becomes distracting.
  3. Ensure the minimum font size is 30pt.
  4. Times New Roman is the easiest font to read in print. Verdana is said to be the best font to use on web pages.
  5. Always use Sentence Case rather than CAPITAL letters because it is easier to perceive from a distance.
  6. Use simple text rather than shadows or outlining or embossing (embossing) that make it hard for your audience to read the words.