16 Aug Should I analyse my audience?

As you know, audiences are made up of a variety of different people with different ideas, different attitudes and different approaches to tasks and challenges. They attend your presentation with all sorts of things going on in their minds, distractions and agendas, many of which are not related to your presentation! So at this stage you need to step into your audience’s shoes and decipher what they are thinking about you and your message, so you can shift them to your way of thinking.

In this busy life we lead, it’s often difficult to find the time to reflect on your audience. However, if you do it, you will find that the rest of your preparation is quick and easy.

When you think deeply about who will be in your audience, what they might be expecting from you and what you are trying to achieve, you’ll be ideally placed to affect a change in their attitudes and behaviour.

I suggest you aim to take your audience members on a journey: one that transports them from their current mindset, to where you need them to go in terms of what you want them to think, feel and do. This approach will work much better than simply expecting your audience to adopt your views, interpret information or reach conclusions in the same way as you.