05 Jul Michelle Bowden’s top tips for designing beautiful slides that reinforce your message

  1. Dramatically reduce the number of slides you use
  2. Aim for no more than 3 bullet points per slide
  3. Try for 3 words per point
  4. Use a minimum of 30pt font
  5. Use sentence case on slides
  6. Times New Roman or Lucina Sans Unicode are easy fonts to read
  7. Bold or change the colour of the text rather than rather than underline
  8. Use dark text on a light background
  9. Replace words with pictures as much as possible
  10. Use www.istockphotos.com for pictures and pay for your images
  11. Only reproduce the important parts of graphs
  12. Colours have meaning – use colour carefully
  13. Ensure any sounds/music add value to your message