09 Aug Michelle Bowden’s Presentation Guiding Principles

A guiding principle is a principle that assists you to stay on track so you are more likely to achieve your goals and ambitions.

If you’re really serious about becoming an exceptional presenter who is able to influence your audience to think and behave as you require then these guiding principles should be your presentation mantra every day you go to work!

  • It’s not about me. It’s all about the audience!
  • I respect my audience, prepare in advance and strive to master my craft.
  • I am gorgeous. I will strive to be as good at being myself as possible.
  • It doesn’t matter how good my message is if no-one’s listening!
  • Presenting is a lot more than a nice voice, good body language and some PowerPoint slides.
  • Presenting is about connecting with people through the words I choose to say and the way I choose to say them. I will choose carefully!