29 May Managing your nerves

If you want to portray confidence when presenting you need to be aware of your body and how it moves.

Before you have to present, stand in the natural stance (feet under your hips).  Relax your body from head to toe, breathe, concentrate on your breath, see your breath and feel it flow in and out of your body.  This is called ‘centring your energy’, and it will help you become aware of your body so that your gestures are natural and complimentary to your message. It will also help you remain composed.  Some people imagine the breath coming in and forming a golden ball in their diaphragm.  As you exhale, the golden ball sends energy to every extremity of your body, filling you completely with the glow.  Then breathe it back into your centre. Visit underpinning services gold coast for more information.

Now you are ready to present. Happy Presenting!