one-to-one11Do you feel there’s more to life than getting another ‘no’ in your sales meetings or missing out on the valuable budget or resources you need?

– Or have you wondered how to be one of those people who has the ability to say exactly what you mean with such confidence, clarity and influence?

– Would you like to influence people at work and home, all the time, no matter the circumstances?

This highly interactive, fun and informative session is tailor-made for people in sales roles and will motivate your people to rise to their selling potential through a combination of behaviourial science, the latest research findings, proven techniques that actually work, fun, learning and laughter.

You’ll learn SIX invaluable lessons to improve your ability to build relationships, influence your client and secure the business via Michelle’s PITCcH acronym. In short you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome some of the obstacles that get in your way when you are pitching
  • Some easy steps for getting into your customer’s shoes
  • How to reflect your client’s issues so you master sales influence
  • What NOT to do when building rapport
  • How to adopt the right mindset and the tools of influence that will inspire you to stand up and be heard every time so your clients want to buy your products or services
  • How to speak up and influence people