23 Aug Is there always a ‘feel’ and a ‘do’ in a presentation?

People often suggest to me that what the audience ‘thinks’ about the presentation message is surely the most important concern of a presenter, especially if they are professionals in research and development, legal, or finance and accounting, for instance.

Certainly the think aspect of your presentation is important, and I also believe that if your presentation doesn’t address the feel and do, because you believe that you really only need to inform your audience, then you should save everyone the effort of attending your presentation. Just send the presentation to them as an email that they can read on the train!

More than likely though, if you only focus on the think part of the Think/Feel/Do Model you are missing the opportunity to get some sort of action or result from your presentation. Do you know what I mean? Maybe you could be asking your audience for their support, to endorse you at the appropriate times, to talk with others about what you are doing, to come to you when they have questions, or to update you on their activities if they relate to your project.

I recommend you try to find the ‘do’ in your presentations and ensure you remember to call your audience to action. Consider grabbing a copy of my latest book Don’t Picture me Naked to learn how to call your audience to action persuasively.

Understanding your audience is the first phase in the design of any presentation. If you apply the Think/Feel/Do Model before designing your presentation you’ll be way ahead of the pack. How exciting!

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