27 Oct How do I warm up my vocal quality?

Vocal quality is what you may know as your tone or the resonance of your voice. And as already mentioned we associate authority with people who have a rich, resonant vocal quality. You can do the yawn and hum to warm up your tone.

To warm up your vocal quality you must yawn. Forget the manners you were taught by your mother. When I say yawn I don’t mean a polite little yawn with your lips together and hand across your mouth; I mean YAWN! Big open mouth. You want the air to come out unobstructed so you have an authentic sound and we hear the
real YOU! Allow your tongue to touch the back of your bottom front teeth, then move into a sigh.

The second thing you can do is hummmmmm! The thing to focus on when you hum is the vibrations you cause. Take a good deep breath and then direct the hum to the front of your mouth; if your lips and nose start to tickle, you know you’re on the right track. The key to this is to create lots of space inside your mouth. The roof of your mouth should be raised and not touching your tongue. In turn, try sending the vibrations to the top of your head, the back of your neck and to your upper chest, and put your hands on these spots to see if they are actually vibrating.