20 Jun Are you using PowerPoint as a lethal weapon?

Are you guilty of the ‘kid in a toyshop’ syndrome, where your enthusiasm for your newfound slide mastery is clouding your judgement as a presenter? Have you thought enough about the need to concentrate more on your verbal and non-verbal communication than your visual aids?

Try the ‘will my slides cause death?’ test:


  1. Do you lack confidence as a presenter?
    Would you be horrified at the thought of presenting to an audience without the use of visual aids?


  1. Are you guilty of using PowerPoint slides to take the focus off yourself?


  1. Do you use PowerPoint slides as convenient palm-cards?
    Do you even turn sideways to your audience and read from your slides on the screen.


  1. Do you use PowerPoint to write your presentation?


  1. Do you try to use the entire functionality of PowerPoint as a way of professionalising your presentation?
    (Have you even sent your PA on a PowerPoint training program?)

If you find yourself answering yes to these questions then there is a good chance you will rely on PowerPoint slides to carry you as a presenter, rather than simply as a visual aid to support your presentation. You may have improved your technical skill in designing visual aids, but it may well be at the expense of developing your ability to communicate with your audience, and to properly connect with your audience.

If you don’t know how to design beautiful slides that reinforce your key messages then you need a copy of STOP! Your PowerPoint is Killing me available at http://www.howtopresent.com.au/products-page/

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